Seattle: Cinco de Mayo Around the City with Jose Cuervo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Yesterday I got a crash course on the oldest and most recognized tequila brand in the world.

Jose Cuervo has been family-owned for 10 generations and counting, and if he's not a part of your Cinco de Mayo, well, it's not really Cinco de Mayo then.

Tequila is the fermented and distilled sap of the blue agave. It's produced in central Mexico, and the aging and production process gives us the different classifications you see on your friendly neighborhood liquor store. Silver (or blanco) tequila is rested/bottled after about 2 months, while aged (or reposado) tequila spends at least two months to a year in the aging process. Gold is a blend of silver & aged tequila that makes it perfect for margarita-mixing. Jose Cuervo's classic

Tradicional is 100% agave, and aged for 6 months to perfection.

Stephanie of the Jose Cuervo team sat down with me to share some of the Seattle haunts where you can get your Tradicional on this Saturday: 107.7 The End's Taco Truck Challenge & 5k Run

Start your day off with the Fiesta Ole 5k Fun Run, then sample some of Seattle's best taco (and non-taco) food trucks. At the end of the day, the Top Truck will be crowned winner of the Challenge!

Barrio - Head to the Hill for Barrio's tented patio, special Barrio Brunch menu, followed by Cinco de Mayo menus and drink specials. For all of the Cinco fiestas on the Hill, check out Capitol Hill Seattle's list.

Belltown Pub - I know this isn't a Mexican bar, but the Belltown Pub will be turning itself into a cantina for Cinco de Mayo.

Coa - One of Seattle's only tequilerias, Coa also features healthy Mexican food (with kale, squash, eggplant and the like. Yum!

Laredo's - Always a favorite in Queen Anne, Laredo's is hosting Cuervo and other Cinco drink specials this Saturday.

Mama's Mexican Kitchen - The oldest Mexican restaurant in the Emerald City, this Belltown favorite will have their patio open, a DJ and drink specials flowing from 4:00p.m. to midnight. The Cuervo Girls will also be in the house!

Matador (West Seattle, Ballard, Redmond, Tacoma, Portland & Boise) - Jose Cuervo Tradicional is a featured special at all Matador locations this Cinco de Mayo. Tent parties will commence in their Redmond and Tacoma outlets.

Mestizo - The new Latin American establishment is also on the list of Cuervo Girls' tour stops this Saturday. Enjoy drink specials and food from various Latin American countries here.

Pesos - Because every Saturday is Cinco de Mayo at Pesos.

Tacos Guaymas Greenlake - TG in Greenlake have been hosting their tent party since 2001. Always a great time! Cinco drink specials & more.

Trago - The South Lake Union spot is blocking the street in honor of Cinco de Mayo. There'll be a tent party, Cuervo Tradicional and Platino specials, and yes, the Cuervo Girls will be making a stop here too.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Drink responsibly! Take an Uber home if you can't manage - use the FreshJess code for you first-timers!