Fresh Monday at Melvita

I kicked off this week with a fresh facial at Melvita, the natural & organic beauty line out of Ardèche, France. Though I was there on an invite from Melvita, I can honestly say that I've never met a team so knowledgable and informative about every product in the store. M. Didier Thevinin, Melvita's head of education and training, gave me a crash course in all things Melvita, from its humble beginnings in the Ardèche region to its leadership in ECOCERT certification for beauty products.  

I learned about the various oils and ingredients that go into Melvita's product lines, and their commitment to strict standards for organic & natural products. They make sure to avoid parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances and colors, paraffins and more (see the full list here.) 

Didier and Sebastian (Melvita San Francisco's store manager) then sat me down and asked me about my beauty routine & any goals I had to improve my regimen. They selected the products below based on my answers (which told them I have your textbook oily/combination skin.)

Sebastian was kind enough to walk me through each step of my facial and reiterate some of the benefits from the ingredients in each step of the process.

Feeling rejuvenated, I fueled up with an almond croissant and some seriously delicious juice from Boulangerie Nantaise, the French bakery in Belltown. I'm not sure what was in that juice but I will have to head down to the bakery sometime and get more of it!

After breakfast and a tour of the rest of the store, I headed out with what I later found out was the single best swag bag I've ever received. Not only did I receive all of the products Sebastian used in my facial, but I got day & night versions, some monthly treatments and a bunch of samples too! M. Thevinin was so kind to write out the facial selections he'd made for me as a reminder for home.

Melvita, thank you so much for having me and starting my week off on the right foot! If you're into natural or organic products, I recommend checking out Melvita online or in one of its 45 worldwide locations (Newport Beach, Seattle or San Francisco in the U.S.)