Fresh Jess Loves Uber (Special discount for you!)

I'm 5'1". While I love a great pair of Nikes, TOMS or studded flats, I am usually wearing some kind of heel when I'm out and about. I also live in the city and spend a fair amount of time walking and sometimes catching buses or cabs to get around downtown. As most Seattleites know, getting a cab can be spotty and downright difficult at times. Unlike cities where cabs are prevalent, we call for cabs here in Seattle only to see they never show up on time, and sometimes don't show up at all. For these reasons, I'm so happy to have Uber in town!

Uber is a private towncar service available via mobile app. While some might argue for its premium price, the ease of requesting a car on the app, seeing where my car is on its way to get me and while I'm in it, super friendly service and the ability to call my driver if needed make it worth that extra couple of dollars. Oh, and no money is exchanged in the whole process so you don't have to worry about cash. Just input your card info in the app and you're ready to go!

Uber is so perfect for a date night, girls' night, fancy event, birthday or just a nice ride to a night out dancing with friends. I'm thankful I'm not trudging around town ruining my heels :)

Haven't tried Uber yet and want to give it a go? 

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You can use Uber now in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Boston and Paris. More cities soon!

Happy Uber-ing!