Report Shoes Bellevue Square Anniversary (Recap)

Last weekend, Report Shoes celebrated the first anniversary of its Bellevue Square location. Though Report itself is known worldwide among fashion and shoe aficionadas, the 15-year old, Bellevue-based brand's only retail outlet is in BelSquare. So for once, we Seattle style fiends are lucky!

Per their website, Report Shoes are inspired by the art, architecture, music and dynamic urban culture of its home city, Seattle. Report Footwear boasts cutting-edge styles for a wide range of women who appreciate quality and stylish comfort. This rang true at the anniversary event, with an incredibly diverse crowd of women (and men) young and old with a broad palette of personal styles.

It was great hanging with AlixRose and seeing Becky of Tres Chic Bellevue, Darnell & Zong, two of the Power Ladies behind Girl Power Hour, and meeting the beautiful Dianne of Dianne's Delights and creator of these lovely (and tasty) Report Shoes-themed cake pops:

The Report brand includes two distinct lines: Report, which offers trend-oriented yet functional styles for the modern girl; and Report Signature, more sophisticated fashion-forward styles for the most confident, independent and stylish women. The two pairs I own are both from the Signature line, but I was a fan of pretty much every shoe in the house at the party!

Here's a look at their first styles for the fall collection, which should be arriving in the store and online this week if not already:

Thanks for having us!

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