Frank Ocean covers Fader & Watch the Throne numbers

I have had Watch the Throne on repeat since the weekend. I can't stop listening to it! Jay-Z and Kanye have intertwined in each other's careers ever since The Blueprint and Jay signing Kanye to Roc-a-Fella Records. It's pure magic when they come together.

Obviously my favorite songs on the album include Beyonce and Frank Ocean. One track in particular, "Made in America," stands out above the rest for me. As soon as I hear Frank's voice, I get so proud for him. The guy has seen so much success these past few months. I just think it's so amazing to catch the eye of the likes of Jay, Beyonce & Kanye. Can't help but respect hustle & talent!

Frank on the cover of the latest Fader

And a sweet infographic on Watch the Throne numbers: