Fresh Faves: Shocking Goat watches

The Seattle fashion scene is fairly quiet compared to other metropolitan areas of the world - so it's awesome to see a brand like Shocking Goat find success right out the gate!

Shocking Goat watches have quickly established themselves as the new, high-impact trend in wristwatch fashion in America. Seen on pro-athletes, hot models, artists, and young trendsetters across the country, Shocking Goat watches have caught the eye of the public with bright and bold colored faces and bands. Everybody is reppin Shocking Goat, from World Poker star & vegan humanitarian Prahlad Friedman to Skateboard Legend Gershon Mosley and fan supporters from the UFC, MLS & the NFL. The young brand's already caught the eye of Extra TV.

A recent shoot for Shocking Goat's latest collection

Shocking Goat watches have interchangeable bands and faces, allowing wearers to mix and match, making a different statement with every ensemble. The watches are made of high quality materials and are durable, making them a valuable timepiece in addition to a serious fashion statement.

TigerBeat illin at Moe Bar Mondaysin Shocking Goat

In addition to elevating your wardrobe, Shocking Goat LLC has teamed up with Rainier Scholars and similar organizations across the country with their Get One, Give One campaign. For every watch purchased, the brand gives a watch to a student who is excelling in personal and academic life)

Shocking Goat in  DList Magazine

For the months of July through September, Shocking Goat is giving back 50% of their profits to The Mona Foundation. It is their intent to create a long-lasting, well-funded relationships with exceptional educational organizations that inspire students to be self-aware and community-oriented while achieving personal excellence.

Hot off the presses! Shocking Goat's most popular collection, The Fresh (named after FJ :P)

Shocking Goat Watches are popping up in boutiques throughout the USA, England, Australia and Canada. Take a look at

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