Frank Ocean - Novacane video

If you follow me on Twitter then you know my love for Frank Ocean runs deep. This one's a little different from the rest (OFWGKTA.) Ocean's worked with John Legend, Justin Bieber and Beyonce and is rumored to be currently working with Hov and Yeezy on "Watch the Throne." He was even recently profiled on NPR! I'm a big fan of his music thus far & read his Tumblr on the regular. This one is destined for big things for sure.

Enjoy the video for his first commercial radio track, "Novacane." I'm not mad at the radio for getting him out there amongst the masses. Not too mad anyway :)

frank ocean [novacane] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

When you're done, here's another video for Acura Integurl. Currently on the Lonny Breaux Collection & rumored to be on his upcoming Nostalgia re-release.

Happy Saturday!