Playing to win with The Trump Card

"I refuse to let the opinions of others define how I see myself, how I carry myself, how I get through my days. It's just not relevant to me." - Ivanka Trump

Upon reading that line, I knew I was in for another inspirational power girl adventure. Ivanka Trump's The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life is a very private look into the passionate mind of the multi-faceted entrepreneur. Completely aware of her birthright as the daughter of one of the most successful real estate developers in the world, she makes it clear that she never planned to coast through life on Daddy's financial and social wealth. Instead, she carved a path to success built on sheer will, determination, and most of all - on her own terms.

I've never read about or known anyone as driven, motivated and dedicated to her goals as what I gathered about Ivanka through this book. Early on, Ivanka's vision was razor-sharp; eyes set on becoming just as successful as her father and possibly even more. She talks about growing up amid blueprints and construction lots to taking community college classes (post-Wharton School of Finance, and on nights after work at her first job) just to sharpen her skills in the industry she loved. It's apparent that her family lives and breathes business. She recalls her parents teaching lessons in etiquette, humility, networking and negotiation at every opportunity, with the children soaking up as much knowledge as they could bear. Ivanka herself honed her negotiation tactics to arrange for a decent modeling career while she attended college.

I am always inspired by women who set their minds on achieving their measures of success. The Trump Card is full of stories and experiences like this from Ivanka's life, and though my circumstances aren't nearly as well off, I picked up a lot of really valuable life lessons from her.

Watch The Trump Card trailer (are book trailers common now?) to hear about the book from Ivanka herself. Enjoy!

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