get your city stimulus on

you know i am a big advocate for supporting local small businesses, as well as anything that has to do with shopping, eating, and having a great time.

Shannon Kelly feels the same way i do - so she got a few Seattle retailers, restaurants and bars back in december and created the first City Stimulus. Word spread like wildfire thru word of mouth and blogs like yours truly, and the first CS was a huge success!

City Stimulus is back with over 70 of Seattle's best and brightest, including some of my personal favorites like: Captain Black's, Clutch, Coastal, Goods, Havana, Homegrown, Kings, Oddfellows, Snowboard Connection, The Saint, The War Room and many more. YAY

Sign up for & print your membership card for FREE - then Sunday, July 12th thru Saturday, July 18th, go nuts at the 70+ retailers. Make sure to get your card marked off for every $10 you spend - because 10 stamps gets you free admission into the Havana/Butter London/Cupcake Royale closing party at Havana, 6-8p.m. on Saturday night!

Now is the best time to give back to your city and support your local retailers. you probably know an owner or two of the establishments on this list!