the young & the banging

the young & the banging. no, i am not talking about myself. i am talking about my obsession of the moment. it started out with a crazed google search for nike sportswear (i know i'm late...whatever) and ended with me all over this project's website.


THE YOUNG AND THE BANGING is a co-created yearbook project and gallery show that exposes popular and interesting communities from cities across the globe with a focus on the young people that make them tick. We handpick and invite both people and companies within those communities to work with us as partners to make our yearbooks and gallery shows happen.

the young and the banging's first city subject - NYC of course - was featured in a gallery show co-produced with nike sportswear.

awesome. we must bring them here to seatown. they would have a fucking ball at sing sing.


heron preston - let me use this pic for my new blog cover! i will love you forever!