i crave kicks

i have been seriously feenin for a new pair of kicks lately. ever since i left nike i don't think i've bought myself any sneaks at all - okay maybe one - and i've focused on building my wardrobe with "i got a real job now" gear. work jess and non-work jess are two completely different people and non-work jess has fallen off of her sneaker game!

i still love kicks so much. i love the sneakerhead culture even though i don't consider myself part of it. i can respect a hot pair when i see one, but honestly haven't been paying much attention these past couple of years. one of my many dreams is to own a boutique - not sure if i want it to be primarily sneakers but i will definitely be buying for women. there are not enough women's sneaker boutiques in the world and the stores in seattle sure as hell don't cater! except for you, goods :)

on my mission for my next pair, i went to the first spot i could think of: kendo in L.A.

i swear, if i went down there solely to shop, kendo would be my first stop. i am so drooling over these, please get me them:

but these i think are my favorites:

saw these at goods today but wasn't super-crazy about them...i might get them if i can't find those 90s: