save our sonics!

the crazies in oklahoma city can have a team - they just can't have ours!

regardless of what you might think about the sonics and their new owners, i encourage you to think about what it's going to be like for the city if we lose them. the cost to the city in loss of revenue, loss of jobs, its effect on the local economy and sense of community - affects our future as Seattleites, not just Sonics fans! despite the current record, what's it going to be like when we don't have an NBA franchise in the city anymore? do you know how long and how expensive it will be to try and get another team here? has a lot of resources to help you see beyond the current team's record and everything you think you know from print and tv outlets...don't believe the negative hype...

What: Facing an urgent legislative deadline, Save Our Sonics has declared next this week "The most critical time in Sonics History." SOS Urges Sonics fans to call 1.800.562.6000 before this legislative session ends Thursday, March 13, and leave the short message, "Legislators must approve the Seattle Center and Key Arena legislation during this legislative session. Action after this session could be too late."

When: Monday thru Thursday, March 13, 2008.

Why: Washington State legislators must pass the proposed Seattle Center funding package THIS legislative session to ensure the NBA Board of Governors has proper recourse to vote "No" on the SuperSonics relocation to Oklahoma City when it makes the decision in April.

Statement: "If people have felt powerless and want to do one simple thing they should call this hotline, 800.562.6000" said SOS co-founder Brian Robinson. "There is still time to act and these calls make a tremendous impact. We encourage people not only to call but to encourage their friends and family to do the same."Save Our Sonics is a fan based, volunteer organization committed to saving professional basketball for the citizens of the Pacific Northwest.

Please direct any media inquiries to Brian Robinson and Steven Pyeatt, co-founders of Save Our Sonics.

Brian Robinson

Steven Pyeatt