What a Tattoo Reminds Me to Do (by Emma Eekhoff)

This past winter break I turned the big 1-8, and as new privileges coursed through my veins, I decided to get a tattoo. The idea was a little last minute, but I scheduled the appointment and went, without telling my parents until it was a done deal.

I have anxiety. I have anxiety about things I can’t control, important dates, deadlines and anything that seems too unknown for my comfort zone. Something my dad used to remind me of was “to stay in the moment,” or “remember be present.” I would usually brush him off with an eye-roll or an annoyed “OK, Dad.” I did try at times use these bits of advice, but usually the same gut feeling of anxiety would creep back into my mind.

Emma Eekhoff Tattoo

I’ve been working on it a lot lately on my terms and I feel I have made great improvements in the ways of not fast forwarding the time at hand, or be incredibly nostalgic, because both feelings won’t help progress anything.

More recently, I’ve been feeling like a child who’s waiting for their acceptance to Hogwarts, but instead I’m waiting for letters from the colleges I’ve applied to. At times, I have no patience and lose hope in receiving them, but in those moments it’s been most beneficial to look down at my wrist and be reminded, ‘You are here,’ and there is nothing else I can do other than enjoy the last few months I have with my family and friends in Sequim.

I got this tattoo because it took too much energy and focus out of me to worry about whatever is next. What is best is to enjoy and be fully present in the time that you do have.


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