Seattle Event Picks 3/31/16

OMG. So much going on this weekend!

Youth Speaks Seattle
95 Yesler Studio Sale
520 Bridge

The new 520 Bridge is opening this weekend and you're invited to a whole lotta grand opening events. Details here.

Yoga Under Glass
CRAVE Seattle Co-Storm
Urban Craft Uprising HQ
Taste WA
The Mask You Live In

Looking for something to do this fine Saturday afternoon? Catch this powerful movie on masculinity. 

FEEST Seattle

Join FEEST at The Hillman City Collaboratory to find out what happens when youth take the lead on creative solution-making for their friends, schools and neighborhoods. Details here.

J Dilla Tribute Neptune Theatre Seattle
Kalsada Coffee Refresh Desserts

Kalsada Coffee and Refresh Desserts are partnering, and we get to reap all the sweet Filipino benefits! More details here.

City Sweats Seattle Spring Cleansing

If you're in need of a spa break, sample all that City Sweats has to offer in their Spring Cleansing event.

Natalie Wong Denali Fitness Seattle Yoga