Seattle! Sugar Plum Spa Grand Opening this Friday

Seattle! Sugar Plum Day Spa is moving, and you're invited to the new location this Friday evening for some mini-services, cocktails and fun.

Sugar Plum Day Spa Seattle

Enjoy an evening of special sugarplum cocktails, treats, complimentary mini spa services and an opportunity to meet the creator of OHA BioActive Skincare, Martha Buldain. Ask Martha all about skincare and learn more about the OHA signature facial at Sugar Plum.

Save 20% off all products (including OHA) and future services booked at the event.

Oh, and the first 25 guests in line will receive a swag bag filled with goodies and free services!

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Known for it's renowned facials and sugaring services, Sugar Plum is the first spa in the Seattle area to offer organic facial treatments using OHA BioActive Skincare. Sugaring is a least painless method for removing unwanted hair without the irritation that waxing or shaving can leave behind.

OHA BioActive Skincare is made locally in Bellevue using organic and vegan ingredients which help promote healthy skin and natural beauty.

Hope to see you there!

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Seattle: Mid-day Concerts at Nordstrom Downtown Seattle

Work days can be long. Take a break, relax and check out some of Seattle's top up-and-coming musicians! Nordstrom is bringing back its lunchtime concert series at its flagship location in Downtown Seattle. Stop by at noon on the last Thursday of the month to hear an awesome band (for free!) and enjoy some midday relaxation before you go back to your day.

Nordstrom kicks off the 2013 series tomorrow (Thursday, January 31st) with Ballard-based musician and songwriter, Bryan John Appleby.  Appleby, praised for his passionate songwriting and sweet folk melodies will perform some of his favorites songs including hits from his full-length album, Fire on the Vine.

The musical joy will continue in February with a very special acoustic performance by Jessica Dobson from Seattle's Deep Sea Diver on Thursday, February 28th. She’s toured with The Shins, performed on Saturday Night Live and Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon. This will be her last live appearance in Seattle until Deep Sea Diver returns from extensive touring this summer in support of their new debut album History Speaks.

Both performances will take place on the first floor of Nordstrom Downtown Seattle. No need to R.S.V.P. Take a break in your day and enjoy!


Beauty & the Brand: Beyonce

If there is one thing I learned from Beyonce's GQ article, it's that she is incredibly good at documenting every move she makes. Through her massive personal archive of photo and video - some of which is featured on her Tumblr and new BeyHive Blog - it's clear this is a woman who took her career by the reins. She's got full control of her brand and likeness, and she manages to use that to bring her fans in for a closer look. I love to cover her on Fresh Jess because of her unparalleled hustle and laser-like focus on her brand. She knows she's sacrificed a lot in order to realize her dreams. Such an amazing role model for women everywhere.

Whoever her photographer is, Beyonce and the camera make a great team. She really knows how to capture many an emotion in an image. Case in point: this photo of Bey and Jay-Z at the Inauguration is the picture of hip-hop royalty. 

p.s. My thoughts on the Inauguration lip-synch scandal are this: musicians pre-record vocals over the track all the time, especially for outdoor, public events. You can read and believe what you want to, but at the end of the day, she sang the shh out of The Star-Spangled Banner in the bitter DC cold. She may or may not have had some help (from her own voice) but she did her job.

All photos via Beyonce's Tumblr


Nike's Be Bold. Be True Video

Whenever I need a pick-me-up or some motivation, I like to watch Nike's YouTube channels (NikeSportswear and NikeWomen.) This is their latest and greatest vid, celebrating Black History Month with some Kevin Durant, some spoken word and a whole lot of inspiring words.

It requires heart to acquire an absence of fear. 
You can become potent when your potential is embraced.   
The power to change your surroundings is right here in your palms. 
Pulverize any paradigms and leave no standards standing.   
Success isn't meant to intended to be in the posession of a select few.


Lookbook Love: Saint Laurent Pre-Fall '13 w/Sky Ferreira

Hedi Slimane does it again. I'm really loving the black & white aesthetic that's shaping his style for Saint Laurent looks. Sky Ferreira is his muse for the pre-fall '13 collection, lookin' like a young Madonna or Christina Ricci. Her hair and makeup against each of these outfits makes for an insane collection of looks. I couldn't choose favorites, so I'm posting them all.

Any of these looks stand out to you?


Artful Homes in Burkina Faso

If the Kassena people of Burkina Faso can do it, I can find the inspiration to decorate my apartment.

Rita Willaert Burkina Faso

Rita Willaert Burkina Faso

Rita Willaert Burkina Faso

Rita Willaert Burkina Faso

Rita Willaert Burkina Faso

Rita Willaert Burkina Faso

Rita Willaert Burkina Faso

All photos credit Rita Willaert. First spotted on Messy Nessy Chic. See all of Rita Willaert's amazing photos on her Flickr.


Resolution Challenge: On Falling Off the Wagon

So that beautiful weekend cabin trip I had last weekend? While I had a wonderful time disconnected from the digital world, I also may have disconnected a bit from my Resolution Challenge. NOOOO!!!

I've been so good. I have been following Jenn/For the Glow's Challenge to a tee. I stuck like glue to the detox approved foods list and most of the recipes, have done the workouts, sat across from bf, friends and clients as they chowed down on huge, delicious meals at restaurants, and worked out of more than a few Starbucks with a bottle of water over my normal nonfat chai latte. I even prepped food that I brought with me to the cabin. Though I had most of it, I also ended up partaking in family dinner and breakfast. We're talking taco soup, sausage, bacon, french toast - the works.

I was so guilt-ridden as I drowned my sorrows in a green smoothie on Sunday afternoon. What have I done? All that work down the drain. I mean, the meals were delicious. I didn't get physically sick like I thought I would, but the mental beating I was giving myself was enough.

After an afternoon of that, though, I decided the most important thing to do was to pick up and keep going. Yes, I had a meal or two against my diet. That was in the past now and I've still got over a month left of the Resolution Challenge (not to mention I'm a For the Glow lifetime member so I'll be involved in her fitness & food workshops going forward.) Like a runner tripping over a hurdle, I just have to keep on and finish the race. I can't hang up my towel up over one weekend relapse. My willpower needs some more work, I get it. I need to get right back onto my diet regiment and work extra hard on our daily workouts.

I know I'm not perfect, but I need to own this and keep persisting. That's what it's all about right?

Follow all of my Resolution Challenge posts here. Interested in learning more? Head over to Everyday Glow for the scoop.


Seattle: Venice is Sinking Carnival Ball Feb. 9 (+ Giveaway!)

Seattle! Want a fabulous reason to dress up in costume? Celebrate Venice's Carnival in Seattle at the 6th annual Venice is Sinking: Venetian Masked Carnival Ball, Saturday, February 9th at Bell Harbor Conference Center.

Venice is Sinking is a feast for the senses where around every corner there is something new, sexy and alluring. Attendees will be entertained all night with Cirque du Soleil-inspired music and entertainers.

Seattle Venetian Ball 2013

Festivities begin at 8:00p.m., and the red carpet will be ready for you at 7:45p.m. All guests must wear a Venetian mask in order to gain entry (masks will also be sold onsite.) Semi-formal or formal requested (Women: cocktail dresses or gowns. Men: suits or tuxedos). Masquerade/Venetian era costumes are encouraged. Prizes for Best Female & Male Costumes will be awarded. 21+ only.

Seattle Venetian Ball 2013

Venice is Sinking is packed full of entertainment, including: dancing and world music all night by FRACTAL (DJ Sorbello and musician Brian Fischer); Geoffrey Castle, electric violinist; an aerial troupe; Atomic Bombshells Burlesque; Fleurs d'Egypte Belly Dancing Troupe; contortionists; acrobats; jugglers; stilt walkers and so much more.

Seattle Venetian Ball 2013


I've got two tickets to Venice is Sinking to give away! Want 'em?

1) Leave me a comment below or:

2) Tweet me!

I'll pull a winner on Thursday, February 7th at 5:00p.m. Good luck!

For full details, visit CarnivalSeattle.com.

Good luck!


On Going Offline & Recharging

Last weekend, bf and I joined his family for a night up at their cabin a couple of hours outside of Seattle near Crystal Mountain. Close enough to civilization, but far enough out of range of phone or internet service. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I "disconnected" like that, and to my surprise, it was more of a welcome sense of relaxation than a panicked anxiety that washed over me.

Fresh Jess Cabin Recharge

I've seen friends unplug while away on vacation or as a routine part of their week or month. As a blogger and social media consultant, that notion always felt unnecessary or impossible - until I actually did it. Last weekend I realized I need more disconnection in my life!

Fresh Jess Cabin Recharge

Social media has brought countless fascinating people in my life. Being in the game for over four years, I've seen Twitter and Facebook take off in popularity and "newcomers" Instagram and Pinterest grow huge communities of their own. With growth comes a lot of...noise. I still love social media as an information resource and to keep up with my family and friends, but there is a LOT of complaining, ranting, veiled condescendence, sometimes mean-spirited ignorance and just general negativity to sift through as well. It's easy to get caught up in absolute nonsense and other things that have nothing to do with me, and inversely, that much harder to stay focused on my task at hand or my goals.

Fresh Jess Cabin Recharge

Fresh Jess Cabin Recharge

Our night at the cabin reminded what it's like to truly be in the moment, from watching movies, taking walks through nature and playing board games. Being in the moment is one of the most fleeting, difficult things to master when you spend a lot of time in the digital space. With my 2013 theme "Be Responsible," being present in my physical space is one thing I'm spending a lot of time working on. I know I need to do this to focus better, be a better listener and to quiet the chaos fighting for attention in my mind. Finding that sweet balance between a blogger's life online and a girl's need to be offline is very high on my list of priorities!

Fresh Jess Cabin Recharge
Oh yes. Spike came too!

Fresh Jess Cabin Recharge


Freshest Sounds: So So Def, JT & Calvin Harris

The new year has brought such great music news already. A Destiny's Child reunion, the return of Justin Timberlake & So So Def? 16-year-old me couldn't be happier!

Here's what's on heavy rotation in my world lately. What's on your playlist?

"I be on my suit & tie..."

Trinidad hits with the "All Gold Everything" remix, bringing a few of my favorite ATL boys in the mix.


I'm late to the game with this one, but after randomly catching the music video, I can't get enough of Florence Welch in this. Her voice paired with Diplo & Grandtheft are pure perfection.


I just love this So So Def track. Jagged Edge and Da Brat take me right back to high school :)


Lookbook Love: Mara Hoffman Resort Swim '13

Mara Hoffman is running the swimwear game right now. I know it's still cold outside, but these beautiful images had to be shared. I'm a big fan of these bold prints and bright colors. I'm thinking one of these suits might be my reward to myself after this Resolution Challenge is well and done. 

Peep the rest of the collection at MaraHoffman.com.