Seattle: Craving Success Workshop with Melody Biringer

Starting your own business, going freelance or just chasing after your dreams can be a daunting task without a mentor or support system to help point you in the right direction. CRAVE founder Melody Biringer is opening her heart, mind and expertise to a limited group of budding entreprenesses who are looking for clarity in their business goals. I am so fortunate to have Melody as a friend; she has a real knack for asking the kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself but are afraid to. I'm so happy for her latest endeavor in this CRAVING SUCCESS 4-week intensive workshop.

Melody is a force of supportive energy. It has always been in her nature to create a community of people she can learn from and who can learn from each other in turn. She's introduced so many inspiring women entrepreneurs to my world. Watch her chat about "flipping it" - taking a completely different perspective on stagnant situations:

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