Fresh Tunes: A Soundtrack of Best Friends

My best friend Paula and I have known each other since we were fourteen years old. In some ways we are a lot alike, and in others we couldn't be more opposite. That's what I love about all of my close friends - just enough commonalities, but more differences to learn from. Anywho, Paula is arguably the nicest person in the entire world, and the best dancer to boot. Something I admire most about her is her impressively diverse taste in music. I'm so proud of her for turning her love of music & dancing into a job as a Zumba instructor. Over the years, we've accumulated many a song that will stay on repeat in the car while we're driving to concerts, fun nights out or on a road trip. These are just a few of our favorites!

Poison - Bell Biv Devoe
This song used to occupy us during 8th grade gym class waiting in line to play soccer and other fun gym things. We imitated BBD's dances and everything:

I Miss You - Incubus
Anyone who knows either of us knows that Incubus (and the heartbreakingly handsome Brandon Boyd) are number one:

You Owe Me - Nas & Ginuwine
The beat and Nas' "Yeahhh" are everything in this song:

Girls Dem Sugar - Beenie Man
Who didn't want to be one of Beenie Man's Girls Dem Sugar? Mya's cooing with Pharrell's production and "sim simmas" have kept this in our rotation for years.

Desde Que No Estas Aqui - Kumbia Kings
I had this thing in high school where I was obsessed with Latin music, especially los Kumbia Kings. It kinda just stuck.

Escapade - Janet Jackson
We just want to be in this video.

Hold - Saves the Day
When I hear this song, all I can think of is the first couple of years in college, driving around, going to shows and exploring the city.

Like Glue - Sean Paul
"Because I gotta stick to my girls like glue..."

Favela on Blast trailer - Mad Decent
This freaking trailer clip haunts me. I cannot for the life of me find a full track or recording anywhere on the interwebz. So we have to live with just under a minute of the most beautiful baile track I've ever heard.

Express Yourself - Diplo f. Nicky Da B
This track doesn't need any explanation:

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