Fresh Faves: Birthdays in Portland

So what do we do to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday? Take the pup with us down for an impromptu overnight trip to Portland, of course!

Portland is always so much fun to visit. Being a longtime Nike fan and former employee, I've always made a beeline straight to the Nike employee store in Beaverton, then spent most of my time near Downtown and the Pearl District. Only in the last couple of years have we really explored other parts of the city.

Do you have any favorite places to visit in Portland? Let me know in a comment! In the meantime, here's a photo diary of our brief trip. 

Family photo. Look at that tongue!

First stop: The Grotto, an amazing Catholic sanctuary in NE Portland. I hadn't been there since I was a child and have always wanted to show my boyfriend. Luckily, they allowed dogs (on the lower level only.)

Wassup Portland!

We were so happy to find out our favorite Portland hotel, the Jupiter Hotel, is also dog-friendly! Spike made himself at home there.

The parking lot of the Jupiter / Doug Fir Lounge documents the history of bands that have come through and played or stayed there.

The Jupiter Hotel's chalkboard doors are so fun!

Drinks at Doug Fir Lounge

Mmm...burgers & cheeseboards

Alive & Well beanie / Kelly Wearstler tank / TOMS sunnies (similar) / Forever 21 shorts / Zara boots (similar) / vintage cross-body bag (similar)

I asked him to take me to see the Cullen house from the first Twilight movie. At Twilight :)

Late night pizza at Sizzle Pie

Cooling off inside the Brooklyn Industries store in the Nob Hill/Alphabet District

Yummy beet & carrot juice from The Greenery

My finds from Redux & Sloan

When I asked my Twitter friends where to eat in Portland, Tasty & Sons got the most votes. Unfortunately, they don't allow dogs, so instead we found the new Alberta Food Pod - such a great concept! Chicken katsu curry, ube fries and mango shaved ice hit the spot.

Where are you traveling this summer?


Get Swinked with Swink Style Bar's Big Contest!

Swink Style Bar is responsible for always keeping my hair and face looking fly! Right now, they're hosting a Get Swinked contest so that ladies all over Seattle can look super fly too.

All they ask is that you fill out the entry form on their Facebook page, and you're entered to win a prize from this amazing list:

SWINK HAIR: Drystyle or blowouts for you & a friend
SWINK MAKEUP: Start to finish makeup services for you & a friend
SWINK LASHES: Lash extensions at Swink Style Bar
HOTEL: A night's stay at Alexis Hotel
DINNER: $100 gift certificate to Purple Cafe & Wine Bar
JEWELRY: from the latest Brooklyn Grace bridal collection
FACIAL: Signature Facial from Calidora Skin Clinic
SKINCARE: Products from Budhi Teencare
PRODUCTS (found at Swink Style Bar): Antica Farmacista, FACE Stockholm, Emi-Jay hair ties, Davines hair products
FITNESS: One month membership with a personal training session at Club ZUM Fitness
CUPCAKES: One dozen cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes
MOVIES: Two one-year streaming memberships to Indieflix

Don't forget to mention Fresh Jess referred you to the contest on your form!

This contest runs for eight weeks, and as you can see, there are plenty of prizes to go around! May you be blessed with luck and a future blowout or lashes :)

(This is the day after a blowout style!)



Lookbook Love: Rich Kids Summer '12 Collection (Out Today!)

My dear friends at Rich Kids have released their summer '12 lookbook and collection TODAY! I've posted about them before, but for those of you who are discovering Rich Kids for the first time, the Seattle-based brand is all about wealth of family, friends, self-worth and loyalty: 

 "A lifestyle is not defined by the value of your assets or the status of those around you. It is defined by how much you appreciate what you do possess and who you surround yourself with. Rich Kids embodies the value of people focuses on investing in your own happiness. Possessions come and go, but your true friends and family do not." 

“Rich is not what you have, it’s who you have beside you.”

Shop the entire collection at RichKidsBrand.com, and wish them a happy first birthday (also today) on Twitter. Anniversary party details coming soon!

I'll be picking up a couple of these cute boxy tees myself!


Seattle: Socializing for Social Change Hosts Global Health Month with Jolkona

I attended Socializing for Social Change's soiree last year and am excited to see they're back with another great way to give back to the world!

The month of July is unique as they focus on health issues around the globe. S4SC is hosting a fun and fabulous evening celebrating Global Health Month with Jolkona. They'll have some fun prizes and giveaways, music, food and drinks throughout the night as well as a silent auction and raffle.

Enjoy a nice evening with friends, music, great food and drinks all while making an impact on global health issues!

One sweet bonus: your ticket of $10 (early bird price! $15 at the door) gives you the choice of three different global health projects to contribute to.
1. Kick it with Kenya – You can sponsor one student's participation in the annual Kick it with Kenya soccer tournament in a rural village which gives them access to HIV screening, education, medical visits, and eye check-ups.
2. Provide Diarrhea treatment in India – You can provide one diarrhea treatment for a child in India, including preventative education for the mother and child.
 3. Support Women Health Workers in Peru – You can provide 2 indigenous Peruvian women health training in order to promote public health in her community.

#S4SC Global Health Month benefiting Jolkona
Thursday, July 26, 2012 / 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Makers Space (92 Lenora, Seattle 98121)
Register on Eventbrite

Do you tweet? Use this hashtag: #S4SC

Follow @S4SC_, @jolkona and @MakersSpace on Twitter & toss your fabulous hosts a "Like" on Facebook, too: Socializing for Social Change, Jolkona and Makers.


Seattle's BadWill Market returns! Sunday, August 26th

Faithful readers of FJ will remember last year's BadWill Market, which went on once a month during the summer at HG Lodge (before it was shut down by the city.) I'm excited to join Osiris, Grace and Phil this year to bring you an extra-special resurrection of BadWill, coming Sunday, August 26th at Fred Wildlife Refuge. I'm handling all of BadWill's social media, including: Facebook, Twitter and our Pinterest & Google+ page coming soon. At the event, I'll be hosting the social media lounge where some of my favorite bloggers in the city and I will take you on Style Tours through the Market.

Did you miss last year's BadWill Market events? Check out the video recap below and read on for some background:

BadWill Market #2 from Treats Club on Vimeo.

BadWill Market is designed to provide Seattle shoppers with a unique platform to connect with local boutiques, vintage vendors, independent designers, up and coming brands, and DIY artists. The merchandise mix will range from categories such as apparel, vintage treasures, accessories, jewelry, music, art and home furnishings. The goal of the marketplace is to help local businesses establish and build relationships with new customers and the community. BadWill Market strives to give participating businesses maximum exposure through social media and real-life interaction that all come together for a unique, pop-up style, hospitality-driven shopping event.

Our Facebook page will be the most up-to-date resource for you until we our official website goes live. In the meantime, if you're a creative type looking to grab a booth for the event, or a brand looking to sponsor something amazing in the Emerald City - leave me a comment or email me at jess@freshjess.com for more information!


Kristen Stewart covers Vanity Fair July '12

Que Bella!

We packed up the pup and headed to Portland for the night to celebrate my bf's birthday. While in the PDX, I persuaded the boys to take me to the Cullen house from the first Twilight movie - at twilight. It was creepy but awesome and perfect. The house is in a great neighborhood in the canyon - not quite as desolate as it looks in the film. Anywho, I can't wait for the final movie in the series!


Lookbook Love: Zara Women's

Oh Zara, how I love thee. Your coordinates make every girl, from the super stylish to the simplistic, swoon. I'm gonna need every single one of these pieces, but this red studded jacket most of all. One day you'll grace us with your presence in the Emerald City. For now, I'm happy shopping you online. xoxo,

Full lookbook at Zara.com


3 Rules for Social Media & a Happy Birthday

Everyone has their own reasons for being present and active in social media. For many, it's a source of entertainment. For others, it's also a distraction from their everyday routine. For me, social media has been an integral force in my life for almost five years. I took what I learned in high school & college, plus my internships & service jobs, and combined it with the quickly-evolving world of social media marketing. Thanks to this blog and Twitter, I have had countless opportunities come my way. I've met amazing people I'd never have the chance to meet in real life, gone to places and events I'd never know about otherwise, and had exposure in front of brands in a way I'd never be able to before. I have been extremely fortunate to forge the next steps in my career from social media, and I'm finding a lot of gratification in helping neighborhoods, small businesses and big brands alike realize their potential.

All that said, I operate with only three rules when it comes to social media (for myself, on my personal accounts.) These are the things I tell people when they ask me about best practices or how to be active on social. Though they're simple to understand, these rules can be some of the hardest to stick to. But just like anything else that's worth it, sticking to these rules takes focus, determination and hard work. I am far from perfect, but staying true to these rules has helped me pursue the opportunities and connections that've come my way.

#1: Don't be negative.
Open up Twitter or Facebook and scroll through your friends' latest updates. More than likely, there is a fair amount of complaining and criticism about something or someone in their life. Yes, it's easy and can be comforting to air your frustrations out on social media. Remember that anyone in the entire world can see that post and that's what they use to paint a first impression of you. Nobody wants to associate with the Negative Nancys out there. Would you want to be friends with you if you read through your last week's worth of status updates?

#2: Stay positive
Think of this as the flip side of my first rule. With this rule, I mean to focus on talking about the stuff you like. What makes you happy? What are you grateful for right now? Who's done something nice for you lately? Is there a new book/movie/song/etc. you're into? For some reason, people are more likely to tell you what they don't like or aren't into. It feels like a lot more work to stay positive, but it sure beats whining and complaining all the time. Oh, and do this without ulterior motives or in an ingenuine way. What you think might be positive may come across as a backhanded compliment, fake or even offensive.

#3: Keep your relationships to yourself
In conversation, I say this rule as "Never indulge about your close friends, dating/relationships & family." This might be more of a personal preference for me, but I just don't like to share too much about those closest to me. Most of my loved ones are barely on social media as it is! If you care about someone, it's good to respect their attitudes and perspective about social media. If my boyfriend and I have an argument, fine. Y'all don't need to be part of it. If there's conflict with a friend or family member, that's to be resolved offline. Hardly anything is sacred anymore, and it's nice to have those parts of my life kept private.

Why am I sharing these with you? I hope you find these useful if you're wondering how to create your personal brand and reputation through social media. Another reason is because I don't normally talk about my boyfriend, but today is his birthday and I want to wish him a happy day!

Thank you for always telling it like it is, for saying things I don't want to hear but need to, and for always challenging me to be better. I might have done some cool things in life, but I'm just trying to keep up with you :) Love you. Happy birthday!


Seattle: Rally to Bring Back our Sonics! Today at 4pm

If you know anything about Seattle, then you know that we lost our team to another city in the most shady of ways. Please reference the Sonicsgate documentary for more information. 

Anywho, the city is rallying behind Gary Payton, Detlef Schrempf, Shawn Kemp, Chris Hansen, the Nordstrom family, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and many others today at Seattle's Occidental Park at 4:00p.m. to bring NBA basketball back to Seattle. We are so freaking serious this time. The energy is reaching the right people to put the right things in place to do this right. 

Follow the rally and all the action building around the new Sonics Arena at SonicsArena.com

Fresh Style: A gla.MAR.ous Night Out

The sweethearts at gla.MAR.ous sent me the Meadow chain headband from their new Pink Label collection, and I decided to take it out for a night out on the city!

gla.MAR.ous is a fun, playful, exhilarating fashion line created by designer Mary Beirne. I met Mary and her dear friend Nubia at IFB con in 2011 and we've kept in touch ever since. Mary gets her inspiration anywhere from classic movies to the pinup and bohemian eras. She also patented the gla.MAR.ous zipper headband in 2009, which can be worn in at least 7 different ways & are comfortable (i.e. prevents headaches!)

gla.MAR.ous is made for the chic, versatile girl, that not only turns heads but breaks necks while she's at it. As Mary puts it, "No one covers classy - fierce - fresh like us!" I'm down with that!

My Meadow headband came the same day as another sweet gift. Sneak preview here, and style post coming soon! :)

AlixRose and I drove out to Tacoma to celebrate our girl Nicole's birthday. This picture doesn't do justice to the birthday girl's dress & tan. She looked radiant!

Afterwards, we headed back to Seattle to dance the night away at Trashed, the monthly electro party at Baltic Room. This month's Trashed featured two of my favorite DJs, Four Color Zack & Tigerbeat

This is Brian Oh, a regular feature on Fresh Jess & official photographer for Trashed.

The Meadow stuck with me all night long with no problems. It was easy to adjust but didn't fall off my head, even with wearing it on sleek, long hair. I love the chain style, too. It fits perfectly with almost everything in my closet right now, so you'll probably see this a lot this summer. 

You can find gla.MAR.ous and the Meadow headband ($26) online, Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks ladies!