Nordstrom Flagship Spring Cosmetic Trend Show 2012 (Recap)

Nordstrom held their spring 2012 Cosmetic Trend Show last Saturday and as usual, it was quite the show! It was my second time covering the Trend Show as social media press, and really enjoyed tweeting each of the looks from the front row. 

Even though the Trend Show highlights what's hot for spring and summer beauty and fragrance, Nordstrom didn't fail to support with spring fashion looks from various departments in the store. Feast your eyes on all of this amazingness from DvF, Rachel Roy, Citizens of Humanity, Elie Tahari and Derek Lam:

All of these avid beauty fans were up bright & early for the show!

Nordstrom always sets a clever theme for their Trend Show, with each scene featuring essential makeup pieces from all the great brands in the store. This spring's theme was "Getaway", featuring "Glow Getters" golden, healthy radiance; "Sun-Dressed Eyes" with rose gold and shimmery yellow palettes; and "Splash-Glam Lips" with luscious corals and reds.

This year's Trend Show counts these trends among this spring & summer's beauty getaway essentials. You can see them demonstrated in the various looks in my photos:
Sun-dressed eyes
Splash-Glam lips
Effortless lips
Carefree cheeks
Flirty lashes
Glow getters
Imperfect brow
In the nude nails
Deconstructed hair
Fresh scents

Bond #9 Central Park West fragrance with:
Truth & Pride citron double-breasted jacket
Ted Baker multi rose bug cuffed shorts

Bare Escentuals' bareMinerals foundation with:
Vallete grey-silk sleeveless top
Theory natural white "Nayilla" wide-leg pant

Nars' Larger than Life lip gloss & pure radiant tinting moisturizer with:
Derek Lam ivory silk short sleeve blouse
Diane von Furstenberg grey "Charlotte" sequined short

Front row with AlixRose!

Philosophy Oxygen Renewal Set & Purity Made simple one-step facial cleanser with:
Remain rose gold scoop neck sweater
Hinge rose memoir tank top
Citizens of Humanity petite rose skinny pant

M.A.C. extra-dimensional eye shadow & zoom waterfast mascara with:
Marc by Marc Jacobs red hot silk top & normandy blue multi-print skirt

Chantecaille coral reefs palette & gel liner with:
Rachel Roy green/blue print dress

Nordy's Sanda Belaire with the Trend Show bloggers! Me, Ilsay of The Ultimate Makeup, Alyson of Crushing on Clothes & AlixRose

Thrifted yellow wool blazer (via Value Village Fashion Ambassador program!)
Grey low v-neck tee
H&M green denim
Topshop studded flats

And the sweet swag bag filled with goodies!


Getting Pretty with Gene Juarez Happy Hour

Last week, I was invited by Gene Juarez Salons & Spas to their GJ Happy Hour at the Downtown Seattle location. Gene Juarez designed these happy hours a few years ago as a fun ladies' night concept, with mini-treatments, bubbly, yummy goodies to eat and the like. Each salon location now hosts at least a couple of these happy hours a year. 

This was my first time at one and I'm told the flow of the event has evolved a bit to be a little more flowing (versus being shuffled from station to station) and now includes a fancy Facebook Beautification Project photo shoot at the end! Needless to say, it was fun being worked on by some of the best in the Seattle beauty industry.

My stylist, Leonardo, leads Gene Juarez's Team Artistic, which does the hair for almost every photo shoot and fashion industry event in the city (and more.) Leonardo worked some serious magic on my hair, giving it volume like I've never had before!

I then had the honor of sitting in Tracy Marie's chair for makeup and nails. Tracy is Gene Juarez's Makeup Education Director, a.k.a. the makeup artist that teaches all of the other artists! A seasoned pro in the makeup industry, Tracy didn't just do my makeup and tell me what product she was using. She went into more detail about why she chose the look that she did for me than any other makeup artist I've ever worked with. She went way beyond face shape and skin type, asking me a ton of questions about my lifestyle, my personal style and my attitudes toward makeup. Tracy then created a look with Gene Juarez's Flash Face concept (read: quick & easy) that played with some of the season's hottest colors while keeping the overall effect minimal. Thanks to her, I found out how to best highlight my features, tame my combination skin, and that I should spend more time with cool-toned makeup for pops of color.

I probably spent way more time than usual with Tracy, but I was so inspired by her clear passion for educating others about her passion. So great to have a new friend from this happy hour!

Special thanks to Alyson, recently departed as Gene Juarez's marketing coordinator and fellow blogger at Crushing on Clothes, for inviting me to attend!

She takes the best laughing pictures! I don't look that cute laughing!

I'm ready for my Facebook Beautification Project photos!

Even got a couple of pics with my girl, the lovely AlixRose!

The best things about this happy hour were the makeup tips I'm able to use every day now, and the fact that my hair held up for a couple of days after the event! Waves for days!

Thanks Gene Juarez! To find out about the next Gene Juarez Happy Hour in the Puget Sound region, sign up for their email list at GeneJuarez.com.

One quick note: I recently became one of Value Village/Savers' latest Fashion Ambassadors! I've been scouring the Value Villages around the Puget Sound region for years, and now my thrifting adventures are a little sweeter. The black & white ikat print top you see in the Gene Juarez shots are actually a thrifted t-shirt dress, and this beautiful coral knit sweater is also a Value Village find. These are both current staples in my wardrobe. You'll see a lot more of my Value Village finds weaved into posts going forward!


Black/white thrifted t-shirt dress (worn as tee - similar)
Levi's Perfect Fit denim
Zara booties

Thrifted coral knit sweater (similar here)
Studded necklace
Topshop studded flats
Arm swag from various trips


Fresh Monday at Melvita

I kicked off this week with a fresh facial at Melvita, the natural & organic beauty line out of Ardèche, France. Though I was there on an invite from Melvita, I can honestly say that I've never met a team so knowledgable and informative about every product in the store. M. Didier Thevinin, Melvita's head of education and training, gave me a crash course in all things Melvita, from its humble beginnings in the Ardèche region to its leadership in ECOCERT certification for beauty products.  

I learned about the various oils and ingredients that go into Melvita's product lines, and their commitment to strict standards for organic & natural products. They make sure to avoid parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances and colors, paraffins and more (see the full list here.) 

Didier and Sebastian (Melvita San Francisco's store manager) then sat me down and asked me about my beauty routine & any goals I had to improve my regimen. They selected the products below based on my answers (which told them I have your textbook oily/combination skin.)

Sebastian was kind enough to walk me through each step of my facial and reiterate some of the benefits from the ingredients in each step of the process.

Feeling rejuvenated, I fueled up with an almond croissant and some seriously delicious juice from Boulangerie Nantaise, the French bakery in Belltown. I'm not sure what was in that juice but I will have to head down to the bakery sometime and get more of it!

After breakfast and a tour of the rest of the store, I headed out with what I later found out was the single best swag bag I've ever received. Not only did I receive all of the products Sebastian used in my facial, but I got day & night versions, some monthly treatments and a bunch of samples too! M. Thevinin was so kind to write out the facial selections he'd made for me as a reminder for home.

Melvita, thank you so much for having me and starting my week off on the right foot! If you're into natural or organic products, I recommend checking out Melvita online or in one of its 45 worldwide locations (Newport Beach, Seattle or San Francisco in the U.S.)


My Shopbop Giveaway Winner Is...

Thank you to everyone who entered my Shopbop $100 gift card giveaway! I decided to take the old-school route and toss everyone's name into a fishbowl to find my winner:

So who's getting a little love from Shopbop?

Kim's heading to a wedding this month and said she'd love to wear this Rebecca Taylor textured rose strapless dress:

Happy shopping Kim! And thanks again everyone!


Pinterest is Taking Over My Life - 4/6/12

I've decided to post a few of my favorite pins from various boards on my Pinterest in a monthly roundup here on Fresh Jess. You will see outfit inspirations, recipe ideas, travel destinations, celebrities, art and other visual stimuli that inspires me. Enjoy! 

We are all creators.

I love everything about this outfit & pose.


Moon smiles

Currently obsessed with all things Hunger Games. Mostly Peeta.

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Do You Really Need to 'Check In'?

Jolie O'Dell posted the article "Why You & Your Girlfriends Should Stop Checking In" last week on VentureBeat. As an avid user of FourSquare & Facebook Places check-in (with many girlfriends who are just as geeky as I am), this article was long-overdue wake-up call.

Why the hell do we use LBS (location-based services) like FourSquare & Facebook Places so freely? Why am I using it?

My friends and I checking in while waiting for dinner. Typical
I started "checking in" a few months after FourSquare's launch at SXSW just over three years ago, drawn by the appeal of learning about places in the city and competing with my friends for points, badges and mayorships. The game factor is fun, and for a long while it's kept all of my friends and I checking in wherever and whenever we can. I've left a lot of tips at various venues, held my share of mayorships, and collected my fair share of badges.

Over time, though, I've cut my check-ins down significantly by stopping to ask myself what I'm gaining out of sharing my location with others. I'm not sure how much longer it'll be before I lose interest in FourSquare altogether. More than anything, I just try to be smart about how I'm checking in. I am thankful nothing has threatened my livelihood, although I've had my share of creepy "I saw you check in here on FourSquare" introductions.

I know this doesn't even apply to most of you since just over a tenth of the U.S. population even uses location-based services. Jolie's article sheds light on creeper apps like Girls Around Me (though FourSquare has since pulled that app's API access.) We are incredibly lucky to live in a country and culture where we have the freedom to say and go where we want, but maybe we take our safety and security for granted.

If you're 'checking in' constantly (especially you, lovely ladies!), I offer a couple of tips to keep in mind:

Choose your friends wisely. Like any other social media network, you approve friend requests and have the option of adding them or not. Do you know who you're friending? Take a look at who your mutual friends are, where the person is located and why you'd want to share check-in information with that person. If any of that makes you feel unsure - it's best not to friend them at all.

Never check in alone! This might sound like a no-brainer, but it has to be said. I only check in at events where I'm with a bunch of people I know, or with my boyfriend.

Hide your check-in location. FourSquare has the option of making your location public or not. If you absolutely must check in everywhere, use that option when you are checking in places alone.

Think twice. Ask yourself if checking in is worth the awkward or even scary encounter. Because it's really not.

Do you check in on FourSquare, Facebook or Yelp? What are your thoughts?


Fresh Style: Katniss in the Woods

After reading the first book on my cruise last month, rushing home to finish the other two then seeing the movie multiple times, I think it's safe to say I'm a little taken by the Hunger Games trilogy right now. I've even made a Pinterest board with some of my equally-obsessed friends.
So indulge me for a few minutes. 

There are scores of posts on fashion blogs and even an official Capitol Couture site - but what stuck with me was how very Northwest Katniss' woods and the 74th Hunger Games arena was. Who knows, maybe District 12 is where Seattle could've once been?

Katniss - Hunger Games
Image credit IMDB

I had a lot of fun with this style post, finding some stylish alternatives to the tributes' arena uniforms. While I hope I never have to go through anything like the Hunger Games, if I did I'd gravitate towards these pieces. Enjoy!

Katniss Style - Nike 6.0 Jacket
Nike 6.0 women's Msixo jacket (similar here)

Katniss Style - Burberry parka - Hunger Games
Burberry Showerproof Parka Jacket (similar here & here)

Notify Suede Skinny Cargo Pants Katniss Hunger Games
Notify Eucalyptus Suede Skinny Cargo Pants (amazing similar Balmain ones here)

J Brand skinny cargo pants Katniss Hunger Games
J Brand Maverick Skinny Cargo Pants

AllSaints Damisi boot Katniss Hunger Games
AllSaints Vintage Damisi Boot (similar here)

AllSaints Military Boot Katniss Hunger Games
AllSaints New Military Boot (similar here)

And if you're curious about the boots in the opening scene...they're Frye Melissa Tall Lace Boot!
Katniss Hunger Games Frye Melissa Tall Lace Boot
Image credit LA Times

Happy Hunger Games!


The Underwater Project

I saw these striking shots on Because I'm Addicted and couldn't help myself. Mark Tipple took water photography to his own level with The Underwater Project. Tipple's images are both moving and calming. And since I can't swim well - a little anxiety-inducing too. Anyway, it's not often you see what's beneath the surface. Enjoy...