Seattle: Alive and Well opens February 1 on Capitol Hill

The Hill is Alive and Well! 

Seattle's latest boutique, Alive and Well, premieres with a bang tomorrow at 11:00a.m. in the old punctuation art gallery on Pike. Marcus Lalario of Lil Woody's, HG Lodge, Captain Blacks and various other ventures is partnering with George Otto and Steve Gonzales on this "Northwest-centric skate shop."

“We have love and respect for our city and its culture,” said Marcus Lalario. “Alive and Well will showcase the very best of the Northwest, and beyond.”

I got a little preview of the space and I'm excited to see the finished product tomorrow. Check it out:
Alive & Well Seattle

Alive and Well is for the man who knows his brands. Along with an in-house line, the shop will feature Sausage Skateboards, Nike SB, Black Scale, Converse, Adidas and Seattle's Actual Pain.

Alive & Well Seattle

Sorry for the bad pic! The team is already has collaborations in the works with many of the brands they carry. This deck is a HUF x Haroshi collaboration - and Alive and Well is just one of 16 retailers in the world to carry the collection! I want this. I pinned this image a couple of weeks ago!

Alive & Well Seattle

Design & logo by the multi-talented Four Color Zack

Alive & Well Seattle

Alive & Well Seattle

"We’ve got some great things in the works,” said Steve Gonzales, who also serves as Youth Program Coordinator for the Bellevue Parks Department. “Funneling money back into our community is important.” One way will be through their Seattle Legends collection, which includes this amazing hoodie & hat:

Alive & Well Seattle

 Alive and Well opens at 11:00a.m. with DJs  BlesOne, Sean Cee, Cherry Canoe, Astronomar, and Lacao Time spinning throughout the day. You can shop Monday through Saturday 11:00a.m. - 8:00p.m. and Sunday 12:00 - 6:00p.m.

Alive & Well Seattle

 “We got next”


Pinterest Is Taking Over My Life: 1/29/12

I knew this was going to happen. Once I joined Pinterest I knew I'd be sucked in. But the addiction doesn't have to be a time-suck - I won't let it be! The wonderful thing about the vision board social networking site is that it's helped me organize myself and find things that inspire me. While it's common to search within Pinterest, I actually use it to work through my Google Reader. I now make a habit of reading through my favorite blogs, and I've found so many more to follow by keeping up on my reads. It's also helped me organize my thoughts and inspirations so that I can create better outfits, try new recipes and workouts and ultimately have more ideas for content for you to read!

With that, I've decided to post a few of my favorite pins from various boards on my Pinterest in a weekly roundup here on Fresh Jess. You will see outfit inspirations, recipe ideas, travel destinations, celebrities, art and other visual stimuli that inspires me.

For my first post, these are some of the top re-pins from fellow Pinterest followers. Enjoy!

This is my most-repinned image so far. I love the backless, floral & eyelet detail of this shirt.

Source: bohie.tumblr.com via Jess on Pinterest

 Make it happen!

Source: keanoross.tumblr.com via Jess on Pinterest

Mila's waves are insane.
Source: electrictigers.tumblr.com via Jess on Pinterest

This was my DIY project last weekend. Necklace organization!

Who wouldn't love to step out to this every morning?
Source: electrictigers.tumblr.com via Jess on Pinterest

Rainbow mani!

Source: electrictigers.tumblr.com via Jess on Pinterest

Yes Yeezy


This image is so intricate. I love it.
Source: thecoolhunter.net via Jess on Pinterest

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So You Want to Start Blogging

I've received a lot of emails & messages with a variety of questions from people who want to start a blog, so I thought I'd write a post with some of my general thoughts and tips!

First of all, kudos to you for wanting to start a blog! Fresh Jess has been an outlet for me to share with you the things in my life that inspire me. It's also been a great exercise in refining my writing style and ultimately learning about myself. I love it, and I hope you do too!

With that, here are some tips on getting started:

Know your passion(s)
Having an answer to the question "What do I want to write about?" isn't enough, especially if it's a vague, one-word term like "fashion" or "food." What is it about fashion that moves you? What do you gravitate towards when you find yourself thinking about food? Try to be specific in defining what it is your blog will be about, but be broad enough that you can write about a diversity of topics. Whether it's personal style, covering the latest trends or highlighting independent, unknown designers, knowing what you're passionate about will help guide you in writing blog posts. In turn, your readers will have the best possible idea of what to expect when they visit your blog.

Do your research
Now that you have an idea of what you want to write about, take some time and make a list of other blogs or online publications who are covering those topics. What are they doing well? What do you like about the layout, design, writing style, and content of these blogs? What don't you like? There's nothing like seeing what's already out there to conjure up - and focus - inspirations for what you want with your blog.

Make time for it!
This might sound like a no-brainer, but it's important to make the time commitment to writing and maintaining your blog if you're going to start one. It sucks to Google a topic, find an interesting blog about it and find out that the author hasn't posted anything since 2006! Carve out some time each week devoted to writing blog posts, promoting your blog, networking with other bloggers, and maintenance or analytics. If you don't work it into your current schedule, it's really easy to fall off and really hard to pick it back up again. Your readers also won't have an idea of how often you post, if at all.

Are you adding value?
This one is absolutely necessary. Does writing and maintaining a blog bring value to you? If it stresses you out to even think about sitting down to create blog posts, maybe you're better off with a less time-intensive social media platform like Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. You can still write and share what you want to there. Beyond that, think about whether or not you're adding value to your readers' lives. Are you sharing valuable information? Setting the platform for dynamic conversation? Hoping to inspire your readers through visual imagery or video? This is all part of really knowing why you want to blog.

Write, Write, Write!
Practice makes perfect. I created FreshJess.com then posted 25 blogs before telling anyone (aside from my boyfriend) about it. Doing that gave me time to get comfortable writing blogs, playing with different post formats, finding my voice and just getting in the habit of writing regularly. When I first started at my job, I got so busy that I nearly stopped blogging altogether. I reached the point where I was always working and never writing, and eventually it felt like writer's paralysis. I couldn't write because I felt like I didn't know how anymore. I got back to journaling (with pen and paper) and started writing for my agency's blog, and that helped me get back in the groove of posting here on Fresh Jess. 

I've also found a great resource for getting started over at What I Wore. The video below is from one of my favorite bloggers, Tac Anderson of New Comm Biz, on quitting the overthinking and just diving into it!

You don't need weeks or even hours to create something. sometimes you need to stop overthinking things and trust your creative impulses.

Happy blogging!

Do you have any questions on blogging? Leave a comment below, or feel free to email me at info@freshjess.com.


Fresh Faves: SoleStruck

I had no idea SoleStruck was based in the good ol' PDX, just three hours away from me. All this time spent perusing the Jeffrey Campbells, Dolce Vitas, Unifs, Opening Ceremonys and more online and I could've been face to face with them in real life with one car or train ride! This holiday season, my boyfriend and I went on our annual trip to Portland for some shopping and I discovered this sweet gem of a store on SW 13th next to the Pearl District. 

Needless to say, I pretty much lost all constraint in the presence of all of these beauties. I went home with a pair of JC Nightwalks & a unique blue suede pair from Irregular Choice.

Here are some of my other favorites:

Now I feel twice as nice shopping and supporting a Pacific Northwest business!

Find these shoes at SoleStruck.com.


How Bill Gates Has Saved the World (So Far) (Infographic)

Everyone's got their own perceptions of Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft and a pillar in the tech world. Though the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been around since 1997, much of the strides they've made have gone under the radar compared to his press for Microsoft. I thought this was a great infographic to show what they have done so far.

Mr. Gates, Melinda and Bill Gates Sr. are three of my biggest heroes. I admire their dedication to give.
He may not be a superhero in the traditional sense. He may be so much better.

microsoft infographic
Source: frugaldad.com


Fresh Faves: Rooney Mara

I'm obsessed with Rooney Mara right now. I'm fascinated with how much she did to get into the role of Lisbeth Salander for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie(s). It's a long way from playing Zuckerberg's girlfriend in The Social Network, that's for sure!

Couple her with these shots on the beaches I'm missing right now and well, I had to share these with you.


Fresh Faves: Gabe de Dios, Stylist

Sometimes the Emerald City is so small, you meet people and you can't remember how you met or who introduced you. All I know is that as long as I've known Gabe de Dios, I knew he was going to be a star. Back in the day, Gabe was a mainstay in the Seattle dance community. He would eventually follow his passion for fashion to L.A., where he now lives, works and plays as one of the most unique stylists in the game.

Gabe de Dios is a wardrobe stylist who has worked with such celebrity clients as Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Colton Haynes and Gilles Marini.

Gabe de Dios Stylist Nicki Minaj
Nicki! in the "Dance/@$$" video
Gabe de Dios Gilles Marini
Gilles Marini
Gabe de Dios Katy Perry
Katy Perry

Gabe de Dios Perez Hilton 
Perez Hilton

A lover of fashion, music, food and dance, he also designs for his own t-shirt line called J'TEES ME and is the founder of his dance crew Haus of Shablamcakes. You can find his perspectives over at 102.7 KIIS FM's The Stitch, where he contributes fashion posts regularly.

I asked Gabe for a few of his favorite outfits and to answer a couple of questions from my Seattle Style interview, then went over to his official Facebook page and pulled a few (okay a lot) of my favorite photos of his work. Check them out!
Gabe de Dios stylist Comme des Garcons Rojas Alexander Wang Kris van Assche Jeremy Scott Linda Farrow
Comme des Garcons army trench coat, Rojas tank, Alexander Wang pants, Kris van Assche shoes & Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow sunnies
How would you describe your style? 
hyper, sensational & kawaii AKA J'CRAY

Gabe de Dios stylist Commes des Cargons Burberry Dr. Martens Jeremy Scott Linda Farrow vintage Paige Bae Jewelry
Comme des Garcons lace shirt, Burberry pleated skirt, Dr. Martens boots, Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow TV sunnies, gifted vintage Rubik's Cube purse (best birthday gift ever!) & Paige Bae Jewelry necklace
What are your favorite shops?
LA: Joyrich, Wasteland and Freak City
Seattle: Urbanity, Goods, Zebraclub, Ian and Red Light
Online: Ssense, Luisa Via Roma, Fred Flare

Gabe de Dios stylist Gerlan Jeans Onch Movement LA RAP Dr. Martens Paola Loves to Shop Chanel Mickey SEE Eyewear Jeremy Scott
Gerlan Jeans pink monster tee, vintage Bone Thugs & Harmony camouflage jacket, Onch Movement custom teddy bear neckace, LA RAP making loot pants, Dr. Martens boots, Paola Loves to Shop Mickey x Chanel ring, SEE Eyewear glasses, Jeremy Scott x Swatch watch
What's your favorite thing about Seattle?
The friendly, genuinely nice and chill vibe - the gorgeous scenery (there ain't no mountains or snow in L.A.!) I miss Seattle!!

Find Gabe on Twitter, FacebookYouTube & The Stitch

Gabe de Dios - Rumi Neely - Revolve Clothing
Rumi of FashionToast!
Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Stylist

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

Gabe de Dios - Revolve Clothing

All images and so many more photos can be found on Gabe's Facebook page.