Get Right with For the Glow's Resolution Challenge

Wanna get a head start on looking and feeling your best in 2013? For the Glow is hosting the Resolution Challenge for the new year, and you're invited!

One of my biggest struggles this year has been working out and eating healthy on the regular. With lifestyle changes (settling back into my relationship, going freelance, adopting a dog) came a constant battle with being productive - one that I lost often.

For the Glow_Resolution Challenge

I've been stalking Seattle-based Jenn Jordan's For the Glow site for over a year now. (Her actual site is down for a complete makeover during the holidays. She'll be back in January, but in the meantime, her blog Everyday Glow is also a fantastic resource.)

For the Glow_Resolution Challenge
She's got delicious, mostly gluten-free healthy recipes that take the overwhelming sense of fear and lack of knowledge away from eating better. Little changes lead to big changes! She's also got a bank of workouts which, when paired with a habit of eating better, can lead to incredible changes in your energy, metabolism and maybe even noticeable transformations in your body in a short amount of time.

For the Glow_Resolution Challenge

I've got a few girls to sign up already and join me in the Resolution Challenge (I've got a lifetime membership to For the Glow and will be participating in RC.) Now, I've got my own affiliate link as well. The Resolution Challenge is just $49 for a little over a month's worth of workouts, menu plans, healthy detoxing and accountability to get you started right for the new year. $79 if you've got a BFF who wants to join too.

Hit this link to find out more and sign up!

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