What Are Your Favorite TED Talks?

Lately I've been trading in listening to music while I work for TED talks. For anyone who might not be familiar with T(echnology) (E)ducation (D)esign, it's a non-profit that spawned from a 1984 conference with the goal of bringing people together over "ideas worth spreading." TED has inspired thousands of talks and many spinoff conferences (if you're in Seattle, keep an eye out for TEDxRainier, TEDxSeattle, TEDxPuget Sound among others.)

I've got a few favorites in my TED profile, but wanted to share this one by actress Thandie Newton because it's one I watch almost daily. Thandie talks overcoming insecurity from growing up bi-racial and finding beauty within herself.

If you've got any favorite TED talks, please leave a comment with a link to them! I'd love to see what inspires you.

Happy Thursday! Take a break from holiday chaos and enjoy.

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Brian Nelson said...

There are a lot of good ones, but one recent Tedx talk that I like was done by my former professor at UW, Phillip Thurtle, about Superheroes.