Getting Fresh at The Bar Method Seattle (+ Giveaway!)

A couple of weeks ago, I took a barre class for the first time - and it kicked my ass in a way that no other workout has ever done before.

You can go to almost any gym now and take a barre class. The biggest common thread is that they all incorporate a ballet barre in the workout. What sets The Bar Method apart is the blend of interval training (fat-burning), isometrics (muscle-shaping), dance conditioning (flexibility & elongation) and the science of physical therapy with personalized attention and results.

The Bar Method Seattle

What's all that mean? Basically, a class at The Bar Method is an intensive hour, an extreme bang for your buck and a magnifying glass on what you're doing shone on you by people who know exactly what they're doing.

The Bar Method Seattle

The Bar Method Seattle

That's why we take workout classes, right? If we stayed content in our comfort zone, we wouldn't see results. My time at The Bar Method was tough on me mentally and physically, but left me with the determination to do better. I knew where my bar was set (no pun intended), and I know I can only get better from there. 

At a Bar Method class, you can expect: a warm-up, free-weight exercises & push-ups; leg, seat & ab work at the bar; then more ab work on the floor; with plenty of stretching in between. One of the key differentiators between Bar Method and other classes is the philosophy of the workout, which in the case of Bar Method is designed to sculpt muscle, putting the least impact on the joints an burning the maximum amount of calories. Bar Method instructors are purists who only teach Bar Method. They are handpicked from among our existing clients & go through over 300 hours of extensive training prior to teaching their first class.

The Bar Method Seattle

The Bar Method Seattle


They say that barre yields the best benefits when performed 3-5x per week. Lucky for you, I've got a month of unlimited classes* to give away! Want to win it? Just leave me a comment below & you'll be entered to win!

I'll draw a winner on Friday, November 23rd at 5:00p.m. Good luck!

*Seattle residents new to The Bar Method only.


awhitver said...

i am obsessed with barre classes! so happy more and more places are offering them. -awhitver@live.com

Nikki said...

Nice! I've been wanting to try this for so long!

Nikki said...

Nice! I've been wanting to try Bar for so long now!

Jessica said...

Awesome giveaway!! I've tried bar type classes before, but never Bar Method and would love to give it a go! Thanks so much!!


Denise C. said...

My friend LOVES these classes, and I can already see the results in her arms after just 1 month. Can't wait to try it!
Denise C.

Ashley said...

Love barre classes! Would die for a month at Bar Method - best barre classes in Seattle!

Amy Kate Horn said...

I've been doing Bar Method for 3 years--was there on opening day in Remond. Nothing else sculpts my legs and upper arms with such efficiency! LOVE it and would put the free month to good use!

Kate said...

What a great giveaway...fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome!!

Sonja said...

Oooh sounds great! Just what I need to get me in shape before the big 4-0 next year!

Laura said...

I have heard nothing but great things about barre and have been really curious to try! Always down to try a new workout!! Fingers crossed :)

Chelsea Langevin said...

I love barre! Great for cross training!

Ana Parada said...

I've always wanted to try it as a few friends from college are absolutely in love with it. Shoot even some of my guy friends do this! :) haha so I would love to get my butt in there!

Ana Parada said...

Many friends from college do it! :) Always wanted to try it myself! :) We'll see if luck is on my side!

Jess Estrada said...

Hi Nikki! You've won my Bar Method unlimited month of classes! Email me at info@freshjess.com with your info so we can get you set up. Congrats, and thanks to everyone who entered!