CorePower Yoga Ballard & Benefits Beyond the Workout (+Giveaway!)

I'm fresh from a week in New York, where I had some Fashion Week fun and got to explore Manhattan and Brooklyn too. I had a blast getting some major networking, learning, shopping, sightseeing and eating in. Now I'm exhausted and ready to get my mind and body in order! CorePower Yoga's opened a new studio in Ballard this month, and I'm looking forward to heading there soon to get back in touch with me.

While yoga is popular with many, most only go for a good workout. Though they feel better overall, not much time or thought is spent on the mental and spiritual benefits yoga has to offer. I like that CorePower Yoga focuses on all three. Their Ballard studio is packed with classes all day long, striving to help each student achieve their individual goals.

I asked Sarah Goble, manager of the new CPY Ballard, to share some tips with my readers on the benefits of yoga beyond the workout. Read on, then enter to win a $20 gift card to CPY to try it out!

Six Ways You Had No Idea That Yoga Could Benefit You

1. Promotes better posture and more restful nights. Practicing yoga builds core strength which, in turn, allows you to sit straighter and stand up taller. This minimizes back pain that can be caused by sitting with a rounded spine. Furthermore, nights can be more restful when you take time to practice yoga for yourself and find your relaxation.

2. Slows down the aging process. Philosophically, age is defined by the flexibility of the spine, not by the number of years. Over time, yoga gives your spine flexibility and elasticity, reducing the effects of aging. In his book, The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards, William Broad discusses how researchers have found that yoga may actually slow down your biological clock and keep you looking and feeling younger longer.

3. Makes you better at sports. Yoga is a great way to cross-train regardless of your sport of choice. For marathoners, it can lengthen your stride; for cyclists, it can improve your balance and for weightlifters, it can increase your deadlift strength and lower back flexibility.

4. Diminishes road rage and induces compassion. Practicing yoga, whether daily or weekly, gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself and find your center. When you appreciate yourself, you may be surprised to find you are better at appreciating others as well.

5. Boosts your immune system. Being actively involved in yoga helps to calm the nervous system and reduce stress, both of which can compromise your immune system.

6. Helps you have better sex. Yoga is known to improve body awareness and sensitivity, making you that much more in tune with the physical side of your body.

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Check out CorePowerYoga.com for a great blog with tips on living a yogi life, and for more info on CPY.


Ruzielle said...

I have a postcard with an Eleanor Roosevelt's quote


It helps me move forward with a smile when school/work/life gets me down.

Jess Estrada said...

Congrats to Casey, who posted an amazing Instagram entry: http://instagram.com/p/Piygv2J7aL/ Thank you to all of you who entered!