Kristen Stewart covers Vanity Fair July '12

Que Bella!

We packed up the pup and headed to Portland for the night to celebrate my bf's birthday. While in the PDX, I persuaded the boys to take me to the Cullen house from the first Twilight movie - at twilight. It was creepy but awesome and perfect. The house is in a great neighborhood in the canyon - not quite as desolate as it looks in the film. Anywho, I can't wait for the final movie in the series!


Jenny said...

I'm a little too old to say this but I LOVE TWILIGHT! That house is so amazing in the movie, and I bet it was just as impressive in real life.

<3 Jenny

Sarah the Stylist said...

That's awesome! We were in the Portland area last year and discovered that St. Helen's is where they filmed several of the scenes in the first Twilight movie. They actually filmed at my sister's high school in Vancouver, too :)

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