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It's true. I left my job a few weeks ago and am freelancing full-time. I thought about keeping low-key, but I've realized I don't owe anyone anything. Except myself, of course, and I owe everything to the opportunities that have come my way thanks to blogging and social media. I have wanted to do my own thing for so long and for me to not put myself out there is doing myself a severe disservice.

I am extremely thankful for my friends and family who've told me I should've been doing my own thing all along. It's humbling and encouraging to hear things like "I'm so excited to see what you'll do!" and "It was only a matter of time!" I am grateful to the agencies and brands who've reached out to me about full-time gigs, but I know this is the best thing for me right now. I've taken the last few weeks for some personal time, the Lucky FABB conference, and organizing my thoughts.

So what is it that I'm doing? Quite simply, stuff I've already been doing. Blogging mostly, because what I've wanted more than anything is to grow FreshJess.com to the amazing blog I know it will be. I am also writing, strategizing, creating, speaking, mentoring...doing. In short, helping tell amazing stories, launch awesome campaigns and bring fantastic ideas to life through words, networking and media.

One of my favorite Russell Simmons quotes is "Only do shit you believe in. Period." I can't tell you how excited I am to create a work life that weaves seamlessly with my blog and personal life, and most of all, to work on things I truly believe in.

  Jess Estrada Fresh Jess Freelancer
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For a full run-down of my services, you can take a look at my new Freelance Services page and contact me at jess@freshjess.com for more information.


Anni said...


I keep thinking about doing the very same thing... I´m just not "brave" enough yet ;)


Anonymous said...

Awesome. To quote G-Dep; "Let's get it."

denise, the prime magpie said...

Go, YOU! Everyone should try this just once in their life - congrats. It's liberating and scary at the same time, but you gain such great perspective and focus. You also prioritize things and realize how much you can cast aside. It keeps you completely surrounded with only things you love.

mrsmoy said...

Congratulations, Jess!

Thanks for sharing the Russell Simmons quote. That is an excellent guiding principle.

Great things are in store for you.


Ashley said...

So awesome, Jess! Congrats :)

Alix Hernandez said...

Go get it.
It's inspiring to see you go after what you want. So proud of you!

Synthiea said...

Why am I not surprised? You go girl!

vuesociety said...

congrats sweetheart xO

Osiris Navarro said...

Congrats! Very inspiring and paving the way. I'm tying to do the same thing myself but like Anni said above...just not brave enough yet. Get em!

Cameron Newland said...

Keep up the good work, Jess! And congratulations on your 'freedom'! :-)

glam.spoon said...

congratulations, Jess - very well put. You have such a great intuition, there's nothing you can't do. Thanks for coming out to my trunk show tonight! :)

Jess Estrada said...

Thanks everyone! It's a scary but exciting time. That Russell Simmons quote is one of my favorites.

Sarah the Stylist said...

I always got the vibe you were doing your own thing anyway, so you are now living your reality! So exciting.

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