Fresh Style: Katniss in the Woods

After reading the first book on my cruise last month, rushing home to finish the other two then seeing the movie multiple times, I think it's safe to say I'm a little taken by the Hunger Games trilogy right now. I've even made a Pinterest board with some of my equally-obsessed friends.
So indulge me for a few minutes. 

There are scores of posts on fashion blogs and even an official Capitol Couture site - but what stuck with me was how very Northwest Katniss' woods and the 74th Hunger Games arena was. Who knows, maybe District 12 is where Seattle could've once been?

Katniss - Hunger Games
Image credit IMDB

I had a lot of fun with this style post, finding some stylish alternatives to the tributes' arena uniforms. While I hope I never have to go through anything like the Hunger Games, if I did I'd gravitate towards these pieces. Enjoy!

Katniss Style - Nike 6.0 Jacket
Nike 6.0 women's Msixo jacket (similar here)

Katniss Style - Burberry parka - Hunger Games
Burberry Showerproof Parka Jacket (similar here & here)

Notify Suede Skinny Cargo Pants Katniss Hunger Games
Notify Eucalyptus Suede Skinny Cargo Pants (amazing similar Balmain ones here)

J Brand skinny cargo pants Katniss Hunger Games
J Brand Maverick Skinny Cargo Pants

AllSaints Damisi boot Katniss Hunger Games
AllSaints Vintage Damisi Boot (similar here)

AllSaints Military Boot Katniss Hunger Games
AllSaints New Military Boot (similar here)

And if you're curious about the boots in the opening scene...they're Frye Melissa Tall Lace Boot!
Katniss Hunger Games Frye Melissa Tall Lace Boot
Image credit LA Times

Happy Hunger Games!

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