West Elm Seattle Urban Garden Event (recap)

I was invited by West Elm to an urban garden demonstration in their South Lake Union store tonight. Being a downtown dweller and self-proclaimed plant killer, I was intrigued and hopeful I'd walk away with some tips on making life a little greener.

Tiare, West Elm Seattle's resident green thumb, showed us a few quick and easy ways to bring plant life into city life. Turns out, all you need are some decorative glass bowls, a little bit of rocks & garden soil, some household items and a few succulents (cactus plants!) Thanks West Elm for a great night. Enjoy the photo recap!

Lavender sticks + mason jar = gardening
Got chopsticks, pasta rods & paintbrushes? You've got gardening tools!

Tiare showing us how it's done

Aren't these gardening shears awesome?

The finished product! Rocks, garden soil, succulents, more rocks & moss

More decorative ideas 

So many beautiful plants to choose from!

A printed how-to for an indoor garden (Click on the photo to zoom in on the fine print)
The breathing wall is my favorite thing in the store!

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