Pinterest is Taking Over My Life: 2/26/12

I've decided to post a few of my favorite pins from various boards on my Pinterest in a weekly roundup here on Fresh Jess. You will see outfit inspirations, recipe ideas, travel destinations, celebrities, art and other visual stimuli that inspires me.

I love this style. I wish it'd warm up in Seattle already!
Source: electrictigers.tumblr.com via Jess on Pinterest

Source: fitasfuck.tumblr.com via Jess on Pinterest

I'm about that juice life!

I love this.

Candy & spikes
Source: ciaobella50.com via Jess on Pinterest

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Stylemindchic~heather said...

Hi Jess- Love your blog! Your attitude of mixing great lifestyle with doing good for others really resonates with me. I'm a school psychologist and recently started my own lifestyle blog. We have tweeted each other before. I'm also addicted to Pinterest! Would love to have you follow my boards (and blog!). Keep up the inspiring posts! Heather at stylemindchic.

Jess Estrada said...

Thanks Heather! Looking forward to checking out your pins!