Wedding Guest Steez

Summer means weddings every weekend! Choosing the perfect outfit for attending a wedding is always a careful, mindful choice to make. You want to look fancy, comfortable and stylish all while not upstaging the bride on her big day. The formula of knee-length dress and dependable heels always works for me.
La Rousse green & black heart-shaped corset dress
Steven black peep-toe heels
Sustalux vintage bag
Vintage bracelets from Sustalux & Urban Xchange
Bulldog ring from Moksha

I keep it light on the makeup in the summer time too: bronzer, neutral eyes & rosy lips:


Gym Jones & the Hauteness: Michi

Whenever I work out, I refer to it as a visit to "Gym Jones." Why? Mostly so people don't know where it is I get them situps right, but also inspired by the workout regimen of the muscled men of "300":

It's pretty funny calling working out "Gym Jones." Some people think it's a play on words I made on rapper Jim Jones (ballin!), while others have taken to referring to it in the same way. One of my lovely friends Carrie even started a blog called "Gym Jones & the Hotness." I believe there is now an actual Gym Jones franchise, but I don't work out there :)

Anyway, here's some hotness to keep you cool and stylish while lighting the hearts in your very own Gym Jones afire. Michi via Oak & High Snobette:

Images via Michi & High Snobette. Photo credit Gian Carlo Drueco


Nike CEO Mark Parker's office

If this was my office, I'd be motivated to run the largest sportswear company in the world too


Block Party Babe

I bought this chiffon maxi skirt in March after eyeing it all over the fashion blogs and L.A. style vixens, but quite frankly there hasn't been a perfect occasion to wear the thing in Seattle.

In the sea of cutoff denim, sundresses, plaid, & hippie chic, it just felt like the right way to stand out :)

I keep it HollyHood.
Vintage Levi's denim jacket
Dior vintage belt
Nine West strappy sandals
Vintage bag & necklace

Thank you AlixRose for the pic & dancing the night away with me!

Sleep is for the Successful! Arianna Huffington TEDtalk

I see way too many people forgoing sleep in order to get in more hours for work, partying or whatever they deem a higher priority. I just can't agree with that lifestyle. Sleep is so important for your health and being able to focus! Most of us need 6-8 hours per night to function properly.

Think I'm nuts? Check out this infographic on sleep at FastCompany, and Arianna Huffington's TED talk below:


Showing Up For Life - Bill Gates Sr.

Simply put, this book impacts me so much I will likely read it at least once a year for years to come. Bill Gates Sr. is probably most famous for being the father of one of the richest men in the world, but he is also a former UW student, Boy Scout, lawyer, law firm partner, and current father, grandfather, husband and all-around proud family man. He now helps his son and daughter-in-law carefully choose where their money and efforts go as one of the leaders at the helm of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In Showing Up for Life, Mr. Gates dilutes a lifetime of changing our community locally and globally into one extremely simple message: show up.

Bill Gates Sr. is so full of love, humility and perseverance. I cannot help but be inspired by him every time I hear or read about him, and most strongly when I read this book. Showing Up for Life is filled with Gates Sr.'s many life experiences, from summer trips with his family and others to visits to Africa to various speeches he's given around the world. His love for family and tradition shine throughout - it's clear that his children, wife Mimi, former wife Mary and his grandchildren are the driving force in all that he does.

The stories told in Showing Up for Life are short but incredibly impactful. Gates Sr. implores life lessons on everything from: instilling tradition in your children; responsibility to community, neighbors & family; and the importance of a lifelong education (stay learning!) All of these lessons tie back to his overarching message: for everything in life, nothing can be until you show up.

Show up for opportunities that are given you.
Show up for your family.
Show up by educating yourself always.
Show up for your local, national and global community.
Show up for your beliefs, your opinions and your rights.
Show up for life!

Check out this interview with Mr. Gates Sr on Showing Up for Life. It's an hour long, but totally worth it :)


Fresh Eats: Revel

My boyfriend treated me to Revel, a gem in the Fremont neighborhood for my birthday dinner and it was nothing short of awesome. Seif Chirchi & Rachel Yang, the husband & wife chef team who also own Joule in Wallingford, crafted Revel's distinct menu inspired by Korean cuisine with a modern twist. Their partners in Revel & adjacent bar Quoin, Chad Dale, Bryce Philips & Ira Gerlich, designed the restaurant with simple but comfortable metal, glass & wood.

BF and I sat at the chef's table so we could watch the team do their thing. Seif even came over & chatted with us for a bit and treated me to a couple of birthday treats! You can really tell that Seif and Rachel put as much heart into Revel as they do for any dinner party I imagine they'd have at home. The team was so welcoming and Seif coming over to chat with us really put the icing on my birthday meal. Thanks!

Dark & stormy!

403 N 36th St, Seattle 98103
Reservations: 206.547.2040 / info@revelseattle.com
Follow Revel on Facebook / Twitter

Summer hours:
Brunch: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Lunch: 11:00am - 2:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm - close

Happy hour: 4:00 - 6:00pm / $1 off wells, beers & wine glasses; $7 rotating selection of cocktails


All Beyonce Everything

Beyonce is everywhere and then some for her album and other various projects! Your hustle is so admirable...

Behind the scenes & shots from her "4" album photoshoot in Paris via StyleCaster:

Complex Mag's Aug/Sept issue cover & gallery:

Jay-Z & Kanye's Watch the Throne documentary:

I pre-ordered "4" after watching this mobile video Jay-Z took of his wife backstage at American Idol. He's so proud of her, and she of him. SWOON

RIP Amy Winehouse

Sadly this isn't much of a surprise. I remember seeing her "Rehab" video for the first time and just being enamored by her voice. I really wanted her to get better, but addiction is a beast I just can't even begin to understand. May you find peace now miss.

This is my favorite Winehouse performance: "Love is a Losing Game" with Mos Def on MTV Unplugged.


Gilt City Seattle! Launch Event & Invite Code

Gilt City has arrived in Seattle! The mega-popular Gilt Groupe flash sale site is expanding into local deals, from private spa parties, tasting menus, salon treatments and preview movie screenings. What's unique is that each of these deals is super limited, so if you don't act fast, they'll be snatched up in the blink of an eye. Still in beta, most of the Gilt City Seattle deals are sold out with a long waitlist. I have no doubt that Seattleites will be clamoring for these sweet experience deals in droves!
Want in on the action?
Enjoy 20% off your first purchase with this FreshJess invite code!

Tonight's launch event was held at the lovely Rover's restaurant in Madison Park. Thierry Rautureau and team produced a beautiful setting, with wine and food tastings both inside the restaurant and spilling out into the garden below. I'm not sure if it was our setting or the excitement for Gilt City, but everyone in attendance brought their style A-game tonight with beautiful dresses and men in suit jackets. Well done Seattle :)

A few photos with my ladies & fellow bloggers: Jaymee, Alix, Mollie, Birdie & Anisa

We took home these sweet swag bags filled with Seattle elements: an umbrella, coffee, alder salt, Theo Chocolate and Thierry's Moroccan spiced salt. What a great tote!

Sustalux dress & vintage bracelets
Dior vintage belt
Steven heels
Tiffany bar necklace


Emma Watson on the Harry Potter premiere circuit

I cried like a baby when I saw Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows pt. 2 this weekend. I'm surprised at myself, I mean, I've read all the books and I know what happens. Oh well. It's hard to say goodbye to something that was part of your life for 11 years! We've all had the pleasure of watching Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton and more grow up before our very eyes.

Speaking of which, check out Emma's various looks on the HP worldwide premiere blitz. Tres chic Hermione!
Bottega Veneta

Oscar de la Renta

All images and the rest of Emma's looks from Fashionista via Getty Images


Happy Birthday, Moksha!

Sometimes you meet people and you just want them to succeed. You have seen many of my inspirations covered here on Fresh Jess, and one of those I'm most supportive of especially. Moksha Clothing on the Ave in the University District has held it down for nine years, celebrating their anniversary last weekend. It's difficult for many small businesses to survive a couple of years, yet Moksha has stood strong throughout a recession and more.

I am incredibly humbled and honored to have the Moksha team (Elvia, Aleph et. al.) support me - keeping me stylish from my days as a brokeass college student to my life now. It has been a pleasure growing up with you, Moksha. To many more!

Shop Moksha now through Friday, July 22 and enjoy 30% off most everything in the store.

Here are some of my favorite outfits from Moksha over the last couple of years:

Dress & earrings from Moksha - HollyHood

Skirt from Moksha - SXSW

Dress & earrings from Moksha - illin on the Hill

Dress from Moksha - SAM Remix

Our event together in 2009!

Happy birthday Moksha! Love you!

Follow Moksha on Twitter, Blogger and Facebook


Fresh Faves: Shocking Goat watches

The Seattle fashion scene is fairly quiet compared to other metropolitan areas of the world - so it's awesome to see a brand like Shocking Goat find success right out the gate!

Shocking Goat watches have quickly established themselves as the new, high-impact trend in wristwatch fashion in America. Seen on pro-athletes, hot models, artists, and young trendsetters across the country, Shocking Goat watches have caught the eye of the public with bright and bold colored faces and bands. Everybody is reppin Shocking Goat, from World Poker star & vegan humanitarian Prahlad Friedman to Skateboard Legend Gershon Mosley and fan supporters from the UFC, MLS & the NFL. The young brand's already caught the eye of Extra TV.

Shocking Goat watches
A recent shoot for Shocking Goat's latest collection

Shocking Goat watches have interchangeable bands and faces, allowing wearers to mix and match, making a different statement with every ensemble. The watches are made of high quality materials and are durable, making them a valuable timepiece in addition to a serious fashion statement.

TigerBeat Shocking Goat watches

TigerBeat Shocking Goat watches Moe Bar Mondays
TigerBeat illin at Moe Bar Mondays in Shocking Goat

In addition to elevating your wardrobe, Shocking Goat LLC has teamed up with Rainier Scholars and similar organizations across the country with their Get One, Give One campaign. For every watch purchased, the brand gives a watch to a student who is excelling in personal and academic life)

Shocking Goat watches DList Magazine
Shocking Goat in DList Magazine

For the months of July through September, Shocking Goat is giving back 50% of their profits to The Mona Foundation. It is their intent to create a long-lasting, well-funded relationships with exceptional educational organizations that inspire students to be self-aware and community-oriented while achieving personal excellence.

Shocking Goat watches
Hot off the presses! Shocking Goat's most popular collection, The Fresh (named after FJ :P)

Shocking Goat Watches are popping up in boutiques throughout the USA, England, Australia and Canada. Take a look at ShockingGoat.com to find out where you can get yours, and follow SG on Twitter & Facebook.


Dream Room

I always told myself that one day I'd have a home complete with a Belle library. As in, the one Beast gave Belle in Beauty and the Beast:

While my dream isn't a reality just yet, I've found a perfect prototype in Karl Lagerfeld's library/studio:

Oh my God. I can't. This is the most amazing room I've ever seen in my life.
I would never leave it!

Are you giving tours, Mr. Lagerfeld? Eh? :)

Lagerfeld images via The Selby


Introducing Fresh Eats: Madison Park Conservatory

Inspired by The New York Times' recent coverage of Seattle's food scene and a few nudges by my friend AlixRose, I'm now sharing my food adventures on FreshJess. I'm not really sure why I never blogged about food before. I sure love to eat and I take tons of meal pics on my phone. However, I don't consider myself a foodie and highly respect those who devote their blogs to food, like my friend Frank (Going for Seconds.) What you'll get from me is perspectives on some great Seattle establishments and savory experiences with amazing people. Hope you enjoy!

Last month, I took my boyfriend to Madison Park Conservatory for his birthday dinner. He and I have been fans of Brian and Cormac since their Tako Truk days on Eastlake in the summer of 2009. We were totally heartbroken when the Truk closed after the season, so it was a delight to hear they were opening the Conservatory in the heart of the Madison Park neighborhood. MPC is decidedly different from Tako Truk of course, but every bit as wonderful. The menu is based on local & seasonal fare, changing often. The ambience is simple but perfect for anything from a birthday dinner date for two to a rousing feast with a big group of friends. Here are a few pics from our meal, which included salmon, sliders and pork chops:

I'm happy to report that Tako Truk lives on at MPC, at least for summer Sundays! You must get down there immediately in the name of coco piggy, tako (Japanese for "octopus") and sweet potato + lentil tacos, and their signature "green drink." 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Madison Park Conservatory
1927 43rd Ave E, Seattle 98112
Reservations: 206.324.9701
Follow MPC on Facebook / Twitter

Summer hours:

Dining Room
Tuesday – Saturday: 5:00 pm – 10:00pm
Saturday Bloody Mary food: 11 am – 3:00pm

Library Study Lounge
Tuesday – Saturday 3:00pm – close
Happy hour: 3:00pm - 5:00pm, Tue-Sat: Bar & patio menu w/ snacks, $1.50 oysters

4:00pm - 8:00pm every Sunday through Labor Day
Follow Tako Truk on Facebook / Twitter