Kelly Cutrone's Normal Gets You Nowhere

After reading People's Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone's "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside," I was hooked and inspired by Kelly's no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is style. I'd been anticipating her next book ever since, and was delighted I only had to wait for about a year for another read full of Kelly's words of wisdom.

In "Normal Gets You Nowhere," Kelly takes readers beyond the PR world and shares her thoughts on much deeper, personal topics. Sex, religion, family, friendships, holidays, relationships - you name it, Kelly shares her opinion on it in this book. All of this translates into real, honest advice for ladies like me. Kelly really strives to instill positive, confident thinking for women who strive for personal and professional success. If anything, she encourages us to break the mold of conventional beliefs and intelligently decide what's important in our lives.

Just like with the many power girls I like to cover on Fresh Jess, I draw inspiration from Kelly's fearlessness, confidence and will. She tells her story from a truly honest vantage point of wanting to help women succeed in business and life. This book must be like mentoring the masses to her! I appreciated learning many of her stalwart beliefs, shaped through years of experiences. I hesitate to use the words 'success' and 'failure' when summing up her storytelling style, because every experience she's had has taught her valuable lessons about who she is.

I only wish us ladies had more power figures like Kelly to learn from!

Check out her trailer below (she's unorthodox in every way, shape and thought - even in marketing her book!)


Pottermore & The Deathly Hallows pt. 2 trailer 2

Can we talk about this right now? Actually, let's not. Let's just watch this trailer and SQUEEZE EACH OTHER WITH EXCITEMENT

I can't believe this is the last trailer. I'm sad but at the same time Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson are like mid-twenties right now. I'm sure they're ready to put this project to bed and move onto different things. In any case, July 15th can't come soon enough. In related news, sometimes I hate that I'm so busy. You know why? Because then a sista misses out on opening night tickets at the IMAX and has to wait til opening weekend to see it! Booooo

J.K. Rowling upped the frenzy tenfold last week with the release of this teaser video for Pottermore. What the hell is Pottermore? I'm not sure either but it promises to be amazing, with unreleased content and crowdsourced ideas for making the Potter universe even more multi-dimensional than it already is. Whatever form this happens to take - social network, e-books, what have you - Pottermore will definitely keep the mania alive for quite some time after this last movie. So sorry to all of you who have never had the sheer joy of reading the series. Us Potter freaks aren't going anywhere!


Seattle: Body Art 4 Bulldogs - July 31

LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! How could you resist that face?

Liberty Tattoo in the University District is hosting a Body Art 4 Bulldogs charity event on Sunday, July 31st.

$50 tattoos. Proceeds go to Bulldog Haven NW & Cascade Bulldog Rescue. Food & drink specials at neighboring Pizza Mart.

I'm telling you now so you can have some time to figure out what your next tattoo will be.

Coincidentally - Liberty is where bf and I went to get our Meatball tattoos. <3

Cascade Bulldog Rescue FB page
Bulldog Haven NW on FB, Twitter & YouTube

DJ Scene's The Mint CD

Mama be bringing you some serious bangers for the summertime! Here's another, from Seattle-bred, Vegas-based DJ Scene:

Download here


Coolin at Coachella

In April, my year of travel brought me to Coachella, one of the largest music festivals in the world. If you haven't been, I highly recommend you make the trek to Palm Springs at least once if you're a big music & art fan. Even though I was only familiar with a handful of the musical acts that performed, I had a great time and went home with a bunch of new artists to add to my iPod.
So Coachella takes place in the middle of the California desert. This means 100-degree weather even in mid-late April. My style plan for this festival was all about staying comfortable and cool under that desert sun.

I've been making very real efforts not just to incorporate more color in my wardrobe, but to try colors, cuts, combos and patterns I hadn't before. Day 1 at Coachella spoke to all of that: neon yellow cropped tee & nails, high-waisted cutoff denim shorts, big floppy hat and vibrant royal blue sandals.
"Yellow rims, yellow MPs, yellow watch, yellow charm, ring, chain..."
H&M neon yellow cropped tee
Vintage sunnies & anchor necklace (Sustalux)
TopShop Moto high-waisted denim cutoff shorts
Royal blue ruched sandals (Urban Outfitters)

By the time Day 2 came around, I'd already given up on cute hair, opting for the perennial hipster bun on top of my head :) Water, shade and frozen lemonade had become our best friends, and Jennine from The Coveted took some time away from covering style for H&M to go on a ferris wheel ride with us!
With Jennine after Erykah Badu's set
White button-down shirt fr somewhere on the Santa Monica Promenade
Black tiered crochet shorts (Strut - Austin)
Strappy sandals (Dream - Fremont/Seattle)
Necklaces - In God We Trust, bulldog & vintage from Sustalux

By Day 3 there was no avoiding getting sweaty and gross at the festival. I took this as soon as I got there so I wasn't a mess for this outfit pic. Despite the heat, I was having a blast with my friends and hearing some fantastic music.
Obey strappy tank
H&M high-waisted denim skirt
Vintage bag & leopard belt (Sustalux)
In God We Trust necklace w/bulldog

My partner-in-crime at Coachella, Anisa and I enjoying a pedicab ride on day 2. Thanks for spending this weekend with me!

p.s. Check out my blog post for Banyan Branch on Instagram at Coachella!


Craving Success by Melody Biringer

I'm not your regular. Soon after I graduated from college, I started my job as part of the great events team at the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce. I had the supreme honor of working with the literary legend Kim Ricketts, through whom we were able to bring acclaimed authors like Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Gates Sr., Madeleine Albright, Chris Brogan, Daniel Goleman and more to share business acumen and general life wisdom with our members. Through my time at the Chamber, I'd accumulated a personal library dominated by biographies and non-fiction, mostly business & marketing-related books. This trend continues to this day. I'm more fascinated by the stories of trials and success by real people than I am with fiction works.* Powerhouse entrepreness Melody Biringer is no different.

Melody is the founder and face of The CRAVE Company based here in Seattle. She's behind the famous CRAVE parties, CRAVE city guides and events in over 25 cities around the world. A self-described "startup junkie", CRAVE is actually her twentieth business! In her new book, CRAVING SUCCESS: a startup junkie's path from passion to profits, Melody takes us through a lifetime of valuable lessons from those twenty businesses. Each chapter is neatly wrapped with "Uh-Ohs" and "Ahas", summarizing Melody's successes and learned lessons.

Passing the time along at UW graduation :)

I've been a fan of CRAVE long before I could even attend the parties, and had the pleasure of working with Melody last year on CRAVE Seattle. Something I really admire about her is her raw honesty. Driven by her passion of helping women entrepreneurs find success, she will often ask the kinds of questions you know you need to hear but either don't want to or don't know how to answer just yet. The kinds of questions that need to be answered. Though I'd heard many of the stories in CRAVING SUCCESS, I was excited to read through and absorb it. You can tell that Melody poured her heart out into this book, and into each of the lightbulbs that went off in her mind to eventually become a full-blown business. I definitely recommend adding this to your summer reading list!

*This rule does not apply to Roman & Greek literature nor the Harry Potter & Twilight series :)


Seattle Weather Mood Swings

Seattle weather is absolutely, ridiculously bi-polar. Exhibit A:

This particular day started out beautifully sunny and warm. So I work out, run my errands then make my way over to the BadWill monthly flea market at HG Lodge. I shop through fun booths with my friends, pick up some sweet vintage finds & say hi to my favorite boutique, Moksha:

Then I enjoy an afternoon treat at (new to Seattle) YogurtLand, one of my current obsessions:
H&M neon orange tee
f21 high-waisted striped shorts (gifted from Clutch 22)
Vintage necklace (Sustalux)
Full-finger ring (Nasty Gal)
Jeweled ring (gifted from AnisaLeyla)
Diamond drop earrings (Moksha)

With my lifetime obsession:

By the time I leave YogurtLand, it's finna downpour! Thank goodness for this sweet $5 find from Midnight Mart Vintage at said BadWill Market:

Raincoat (Midnight Mart Vintage)
Grey TOMS shoes
Vintage shoulder bag (Sustalux)

So I end up walking home looking like a confused beach bunny trapped in a rainstorm.



Frank Ocean - Novacane video

If you follow me on Twitter then you know my love for Frank Ocean runs deep. This one's a little different from the rest (OFWGKTA.) Ocean's worked with John Legend, Justin Bieber and Beyonce and is rumored to be currently working with Hov and Yeezy on "Watch the Throne." He was even recently profiled on NPR! I'm a big fan of his music thus far & read his Tumblr on the regular. This one is destined for big things for sure.

Enjoy the video for his first commercial radio track, "Novacane." I'm not mad at the radio for getting him out there amongst the masses. Not too mad anyway :)

frank ocean [novacane] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

When you're done, here's another video for Acura Integurl. Currently on the Lonny Breaux Collection & rumored to be on his upcoming Nostalgia re-release.

Happy Saturday!



Vegas Vixens

This year I made a resolution to travel more, and so far I've stuck to it - domestically, anyway. I've collected tons of photos, experiences and memories in the last few months with some of my absolute favorite people with trips to L.A., New York, Austin/SXSW and Desert Hot Springs/Coachella. The downside of having so much fun is not blogging so much! I especially have an aversion to posting outfit pics, but since I've been spending a lot of time with some of my favorite blogger gals like AlixRose, MollieInSeattle, Clutch 22 & SPUN, I figured I might as well do it.

So here we are. I'm going to go backwards thru my travels and start with my latest trip - a weekend in Vegas with some of my best girlfriends. My girl Jaymee had instructed us all to be ready to show a lot of T&A, and as I was shopping I tried to stick to that - but with a lot of reluctance. Turns out that's just not my style. I'm more drawn to pieces that are unique, versatile and most of all - comfortable. I can be all of those things and still be Vegas sexy right? Here's what ended up out & about:

Night 1: This is me at like 3am, tired from our first night of dancing but refusing to take off my sky-high stilettos nonetheless. Ladies if you can't wear em all night, pack some flats or don't wear em at all. Please don't be that chick walking around barefoot in da club or casino lobby!
Lace overlay bodycon dress (Nasty Gal)
Vintage Gucci clutch
Report Signature heels
Stacked bracelets (Moksha)

Night 2: I'd wanted to wear this dress on Saturday night (our "big" night out) because it was my favorite piece in my luggage. This just also happened to be the night of the supposed Rapture. Coincidence I swear!
Dimepiece Designs Cross Fitted Dress

Night 3: I had so much fun bonding with these power girls in Vegas. What you see here is a collective of very driven, talented, creative, confident, graceful and most of all, supportive ladies each with their own distinctive style. I'm truly honored to call them some of my best friends. This night I was playing costume in this get up. It's an old dress I bought for a Jersey Shore-themed party :)

Iridescent ruched body con zip dress
Nine West strappy sandals
Vintage clutch (Sustalux)


Recap: Seamless in Seattle

Last week I had the privilege of attending Seattle Magazine's first Seamless in Seattle fashion show at the Seattle Art Museum, directed by Eduardo Khawam.

Seamless in Seattle is an annual event that features some of the city's up-and-coming designers. Applicants submitted their portfolios to a judging panel of esteemed individuals in the Seattle fashion community, and twelve lucky finalists saw their pieces strut down the runway at SAM. Awards were handed out for Best Emerging Designer, Best Student Designer, Best Bridal Wear & Readers' Choice. The award recipients will receive all kinds of coverage from Seattle Magazine, Seattle Bride and at Fashion First in September.

For a city that isn't normally recognized for its fashion and style, it was really special to see some of Seattle's best and brightest designers in the same room together. One of my favorite elements of the night was sponsor VitaminWater's Color Challenge, where each of the finalists was tasked with designing a piece inspired by a VitaminWater flavor. As you can see in the photos below, each of the designers had their own unique take on the flavor assigned to them. It was fun to see how they took to the challenge with their personal style and personality. Take a look, and check out the designers below:
Enjoying the show w/my ladies Anisa and local designers Sara Seumae & Cameron Levin (not pictured)