Beyonce - Run the World performance & Millenium Award speech - Billboard Music Awards

watch the whole thing. her acceptance speech is my favorite part: "i love me some Jay-Z"

Seattle: 80s Dance Party - Sun May 29

it's free. it's 80s. it's Four Color Zack & Soul One. come onnnnn

Nicki & Britney: Super Bass/Till the World Ends Remix @ Billboard Music Awards

two of my favorites!


Made Her Think Jewelry. Need You in my Life

I stumbled across Made Her Think jewelry out of NYC while catching up on fashion blogs. And all I can say is...one of everything please!


Four Color Zack's The-Dream Live Set

Aside from Frank Ocean, this mixtape by Seattle legend FourColorZack has been dominating my iPod. A half-hour of the greatest from The-Dream. It's a problem, in the very best way. Repeat repeat repeat

The absolute best part? It's a live set! I lost my damn mind on the dance floor workin it out to this at Back to the DJ Round 4.

Download this for a really great mixtape for the sunny days ahead!


Birthday Steez

For someone whose closet is vomiting clothes, shoes and accessories and who takes a ridiculous amount of pictures with her damn iPhone, I sure do not do enough outfit posts. Shame on my style blogging! Here are a few from my birthday HollyHood last month.

One of my dear friends, Jaymee, made sure I got the royal treatment & dolled me up for my birthday. I'm in a Pencey bandage dress and she's in Badgley Mischka:

Nails done, hurr done, everything did...

My gorgeous friends

Rings x coral Shellac mani

I got a weave from the I BeWeave Hair Salon

Super bummed I didn't get a pic of my shoes from that night, but I copped these sweet wedges from Aldo. I saw them at NYFW in February and had been dreaming about them since!


Frank Ocean's 'The Lonny Breaux Collection'

Ever since my friend Andy Fortson introduced me to Odd Future while we were at SXSW, I've been absolutely enamored with Frank Ocean, the R&B/blues crooner of the group. His 'Nostalgia, Ultra' LP has been on my very limited rotation for weeks now.

What would this place be without my muse? Nothin' special...

14 tracks only holds you over for so long though. Thankfully one of my Twitter friends, Nate (@mmmkowski) posted this gem on his Tumblr:

From the post's originator, Dead Freak:
After releasing an impressive mixtape the other month, which recieved great feedback and so much praise for the project, I went to find out if I could get my hands on some of Frank Ocean’s earlier material. ‘The Lonny Breaux Collection’(named after his previous alias) is a collection of 60+ unreleased tracks which was made prior his ‘Nostaligic, Ultra’ mixtape. The collection does sound completely different from his last mixtape; this compilation sounds more like the R&B we have heard before, whereas his latest mixtape is more like what R&B should be sounding like, if there was blues rather than just rhythm. but nonetheless, it is good music.

Amazing. It's almost too much to handle - almost. Even though I agree with DF in that most of it sounds like "R&B we've heard before," it's still pretty impressive coming from such a young talent. I don't know of any other singer who's given us a look into his portfolio of work as much as Frank Ocean. And for that, I THANK YOU.

In case you care - my favorites (thus far): Bricks & Steel, Can't Be the Last Time, The City, If I'm in Love, Lost Angel, No Bonnie, Ohh in Love, Ready and So Fresh. I've only made my way through the whole thing a few times, so I'm sure I'll have more with each new listen.

For the fans of the Odd Future singer and songwriter that haven’t heard his previous material, go ahead and cop that ‘Lonny Breaux Collection’.

p.s. go get Tyler the Creator's Goblin - out today!!!


Thandie Newton at the Met Gala

Stellar in Stella McCartney!

Image via PopSugar


Mamas and Meatballs make my world go 'round

Mama & me at my 28th birthday at HollyHood! Yeah she came to the club!

My mom is amazing. She has dedicated her life to making sure her children are happy and taken care of. She gives so much to us and asks for little to nothing in return. She is never one to stir the pot, always minding her own business and keeping to herself. Sometimes I think we are so different, but then I remember one of my favorite things she's ever said to me. It was when I was about to leave the house for good, heading to my first year of college. Everybody was telling me what to major in and why. All she said was, "I don't care what you decide to go to school for. Whatever it is, just make sure you don't have to depend on anyone else to make you happy."

I don't think she knows how valuable her words (not just those, but all) have been to me. I've taken that piece of advice far beyond choosing my major and navigating my career. That's a life lesson for me.

I love you so much Mama. Thank you for everything.

She loves this song :)

I know you're shining down on me from heaven my sweet Meatball. I miss you every single day and if I could give up everything to be your mama here on earth again I would in half a heartbeat. My whole soul revolves around you still. I think about you all the time and I hope you are okay, and that you are happy. You live in my heart baby lovebug. You always have and you always will. MOMMY LOVES YOU! <3



iTunes tells me i've listened to this song 1259 times. i ain't lie

<3 <3 <3 SUMMER <3 <3 <3


Stratejoy presents The Joy Juice - Thurs May 5

A couple of years ago, I met Molly Hoyne (now Mahar) through the power of Twitter. It might have sounded even weirder than it does today, but back then it was the same - I was drawn to other get 'em girls. In fact, Molly founded Stratejoy for that girl. Via her homepage:

You’re most likely a Gen Y babe who refuses to settle for a ‘good enough’ life. You want the whole enchilada. You want the energy that comes along with being authentic, the “I love my life” sparkle, the inner calm that surfaces when you’re on the right path.

You want to Rock Your Right Life, Right Now.

You’re here because you want something more. You’re willing to examine your life with honesty. To throw out what’s not working and face your Quarterlife Crisis head on. You’re gutsy enough to embrace the authentic you. To go after the big dreams. To take a chance on glimmers of intuition. And most of all you’re bold enough to do it NOW.

This is your life, after all. Jump In. Make it Count.

...goosebumps right? If that struck a chord with you, you might want to tune into Stratejoy.com on Thursday, May 5th. Molly's debuting The Joy Juice!

Joy Juice Teaser: Why Do You Do The Juice? from Molly Mahar on Vimeo.

As one of those ladies who wishes she would sit down, unplug and write it out in a journal more often, The Joy Juice could not come at a more perfect time. I'm so excited for these prompts to get me journaling and talking shit out again. I get so wrapped up in my day-to-day that doing stuff like this for myself often falls to the wayside (aka "I'll do it when I have time.") I'm sure we've all felt like that sometimes!

Since I am one of Molly's biggest fans, I've signed up as a Stratejoy affiliate. Make sure to sign up for The Joy Juice using the banner below:

I'm so excited for this!