Frank Ocean's 'The Lonny Breaux Collection'

Ever since my friend Andy Fortson introduced me to Odd Future while we were at SXSW, I've been absolutely enamored with Frank Ocean, the R&B/blues crooner of the group. His 'Nostalgia, Ultra' LP has been on my very limited rotation for weeks now.

What would this place be without my muse? Nothin' special...

14 tracks only holds you over for so long though. Thankfully one of my Twitter friends, Nate (@mmmkowski) posted this gem on his Tumblr:

From the post's originator, Dead Freak:
After releasing an impressive mixtape the other month, which recieved great feedback and so much praise for the project, I went to find out if I could get my hands on some of Frank Ocean’s earlier material. ‘The Lonny Breaux Collection’(named after his previous alias) is a collection of 60+ unreleased tracks which was made prior his ‘Nostaligic, Ultra’ mixtape. The collection does sound completely different from his last mixtape; this compilation sounds more like the R&B we have heard before, whereas his latest mixtape is more like what R&B should be sounding like, if there was blues rather than just rhythm. but nonetheless, it is good music.

Amazing. It's almost too much to handle - almost. Even though I agree with DF in that most of it sounds like "R&B we've heard before," it's still pretty impressive coming from such a young talent. I don't know of any other singer who's given us a look into his portfolio of work as much as Frank Ocean. And for that, I THANK YOU.

In case you care - my favorites (thus far): Bricks & Steel, Can't Be the Last Time, The City, If I'm in Love, Lost Angel, No Bonnie, Ohh in Love, Ready and So Fresh. I've only made my way through the whole thing a few times, so I'm sure I'll have more with each new listen.

For the fans of the Odd Future singer and songwriter that haven’t heard his previous material, go ahead and cop that ‘Lonny Breaux Collection’.

p.s. go get Tyler the Creator's Goblin - out today!!!

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