I thought I’d share a few of my New Year’s resolutions. Though I’m not really a fan of the concept of “New Year’s resolutions” (I mean, shouldn’t you always be working to better yourself, not saving it for a certain time of the year?) – here are some things that have been on my mind. “Like to hear it? Here it goes…”

Say “no” more.

If 2010 has taught me a damn thing, it’s that I really cannot do it all. At least, not well. If I’m gonna be a superwoman, I’m going to do a few things very well, and all other requests will have to take a walk. So what are those things, you ask? Right now I am focused on marketing the hell out of Banyan Branch, more FreshJess blogging, and helping out my friends SPUN Sustainable Collective and Tigerbeat. Maybe this year I might even have time for myself :)

Say “yes” more.

Yes to all things that make me happy. Yes to taking a breather every once in awhile. Yes to a spa day. Yes to doing nothing on a Sunday. Yes to a good book. Yes to an amazing meal. Yes to another set of squats. Yes to my family. Yes to my friends. Yes to life.

Next level Gym Jones

I work out maybe 3x a week if I’m not super busy. This year I’m about to get serious about being there more. I’m subscribing to fitness blogs like nobody’s business for tips on some good workouts that I can keep myself on track with. I’m talkin bout mixing in more yoga, hot yoga, bikram yoga, maybe some hikes with my beautiful family. Maybe some Sassy Fit. Maybe some trapeze. I don’t know. I’m down for whatever. Except for running :)

Get my mind right.

I am cursed/blessed with the mind that runs a million miles a second, and a laziness that’s too slow to write all of my ideas down. Sometimes I blame this on the nature of working at a social media agency, but ultimately I take responsibility. I want to find an organization system that works for the many facets of my life. I’ll find you soon dammit!

Get my money right.

I think that speaks volumes in and of itself.


I can count the number of times I’ve opened my Google Reader in the past year on two hands. I can count the number of books I’ve read this year on one. Yes, I’ve been that busy, but I’ve also been that miserable and lost without making any time for myself. That changes ASAP. I’ve challenged myself to read as many of the BBC’s 100 Greatest Books (that list is subjective - look it up and you'll find at least 4 variations. I'm just gonna pick and choose amongst the lists :)) I’ve started to organize, update and add to my Google Reader and soon it will be so on point with some of my favorite social media, fashion, music, design and lifestyle blogs I won’t be able to resist it. Hella looking forward to filling my brain with awesome reads! Always learning, always growing.

Eat more tofu.

Because tofu is freakin delicious! Don't believe the haters. I don’t have enough of it in my life. I got it from my mama!


There are work and blog things that will have me around the country this year, but I really want to travel more. Who doesn’t, right? First and foremost, I need to pay some homage to the motherland and make my way to the Philippines. I want to see my grandparents’ house, where my parents grew up, and hopefully meet some of my cousins who I only have the pleasure of knowing thanks to Facebook. Aside from that, I have a laundry list of places and things I’d love to do and see. Time to start racking up those frequent flyer miles!

the world is...

Happy new year! Looking forward to sharing many more posts with you in 2011.

Fresh Jess

2011. Get ready for it. I came to win.

I wasn’t going to write a New Year’s post, but after reflecting on the past year and talking about next at two different parties last week (thanks to the amazing Melody Biringer of CRAVE and Hazel Grace Dircksen), I sort of talked at blueprint of this post out for myself.

2010 was definitely a challenging year. Some of that I brought upon myself; other challenges life decided to toss my way. I’d left my events director job for a social media agency (then in startup mode) and took on CRAVE Seattle at the same time. Both opportunities were such amazing learning lessons and culture shocks for me, but eventually the stress of trying to keep up with both got to me. For the first time in my life, I realized I’d reached the point of doing too much. Despite my stubborn, overachieving side denying anything was wrong, my lack of free time, my irritability and overall unhappiness told me it was time to finally say no. I can’t do it all anymore.

the deep end.

I also made some changes in my personal life this year that were incredibly hard but so necessary for me in order to figure out who I am. Couple that with the most devastating heartbreak I’ve ever experienced, and this year’s made for quite the tumultuous ride. Many things that defined me at the beginning of the year aren’t there or don’t make sense anymore. I am staring at redefinition of self square in the face.

Luckily, I continue to have so many things to be grateful for. I’ve attracted some amazing, incredible people who color my life with great conversation, tons of laughs and unnerving support. I have the best family in the world. I love my job and work with some truly talented, intelligent, sincerely kickass people. Opportunities come to me thanks to the wonderful world that is social media.

With that said, I can’t help but look towards 2011 with confidence, a strong will and a giving heart. I’m still dealing with figuring out what joy and love look like with no Meatball in my life (maybe I’ll always be?), and I’m in the midst of trying to figure my shit out. Regardless, I know that whatever I do, I do it well and I aim for nothing but excellence.

"Get ready for it. I came to win." – Nicki Minaj


Happy Everything!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, anti-holidays or sheer ignorance of all things commercial - I still wish you love, happiness and lots of cheer. Hope you're surrounded by those that you hold nearest and dearest to your heart this season.

Happy Everything!
Fresh Jess & her little angel baby Meatball


Shake ya hairfeather: Featherlocks hair extensions

A few weeks ago, Swink Style Bar invited a few girls in to try out hair tinsel and Featherlocks hair extensions. Initially I went in to get some tinsel but as soon as I saw my stylist Megan's hair, I knew feathers were the way to go.

Featherlocks by Condition Culture are actual feather extensions that are easily and inexpensively applied to your hair without using chemicals or damaging your hair. Think of it as a sweet and simple way to add some swag to your hairstyle :)
Featherlocks feather hair extensions Jess Estrada Jen Joyce
Feather sisters: @JessEstrada & @KnitPurl
Featherlocks can be washed, dried, flat-ironed or curled. I'm told they can stay in hair up to 4-6 weeks - though the feathers last well beyond that and can be reapplied without losing their original shape or color.
Featherlocks feather hair extensions
Feathers out on the town: Reina & me at the Grocery fashion show
Swink itself is a fabulous place to get your hair done for your birthday, wedding, gala or any other special event for a really reasonable price ($30 gets you a choice of different blowout styles.) For the Featherlocks treatment, $45 gets you a style and two feathers, with each additional feather just $10 more. Insider's note: Enjoy $10 off hairstyles on $20 Tuesdays! Sweet deal, yeah? I'm feeling a little addicted to the place already. I mean, who couldn't use a boost to their hairstyle even with nowhere special to go? Swink is absolutely darling and the staff is super nice. They also offer makeup, lash extensions and coming in January - facial waxing as well. Peep their service menu here.
Thanks to Natalie, Keridwyn, Megan, the Swink team and Featherlocks for my feathers!
Featherlocks feather hair extensions Jess EStrada


Lady in Grey: Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior

I am not supposed to like commercials this much. But it's Marion Cotillard. It's Ian McKellen. It's Dior, for goodness sake!

The design house premiered its fourth chapter of its Lady Dior saga, Lady Grey this week with a short feature film starring Cotillard and McKellen.

It's kind of amazing. I'm sick to my stomach how much I love it.

Check out the stills below and watch the film at LadyDior.com (you can share the film on the site too. Love that Dior incorporated a little social into the campaign :) baby steps)


Give the Gift of Love with Krochet Kids - and FreshJess!

FJ fave Krochet Kids is bringing back their highly successful "Give the Gift of Love" holiday campaign. At this time last year, the Kids employed a group of 10 women in Uganda, but thanks to continuous support they've now given jobs to 87 women through their programs. Their goal for the campaign is to sell 10,000 hats thru the month of December.

It's been awesome to see Krochet Kids grow from a small Spokane operation to a California warehouse that stocks hats, tees and accessories in the likes of PacSun and Nordstrom. In just a year!

I have something extra sweet for you to help Give the Gift of Love this season. FreshJess.com readers can enjoy 15% off at KrochetKids.org with discount code FRESHJESS.

Buy a hat. Spread love. Change a life!

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