Seattle: HollyHood w/DJ Ayres, FourColorZack & TigerBeat – Fri Sept 10

What can I say...you know where you can find me every Friday. Join me for a very special HollyHood, next Friday at The Chapel. TigerBeat will be there with special guests DJ Ayres (NYC) and FourColorZack. Get your dancing shoes ready!


Where the hell have I been?

Don’t call it a comeback!

I’ve been on hiatus – obviously, and involuntarily. It’s been a ridiculously busy few months. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much stress, so many challenges and taken as many risks as I’ve had in the past few weeks. For the first time in my life, I finally reached a point where enough was enough. I left no time for myself and I’d completely lost track of the things that made me happy. So what did I do? I turned my world upside down and made a few changes.

For those of you who are wondering, I made the decision to put CRAVE Seattle in the more than
capable hands of the lovely Sydney Chavez (Seattle Boutique Blogspot, Beauty by Sydney & Sydney Loves Fashion.) I did this so I could focus solely on my work for Banyan Branch. CRAVE Seattle has incredible potential, but with anything else in life, you have to put some into it to get something out of it. It was such a pleasure working with the CRAVE ladies and helping women business owners in the city. I’m excited to see what Sydney has in store!

Over at Banyan Branch, I’ve recently moved over from client management to director of marketing and training for the firm. We are growing so fast and expanding beyond Seattle! We’ve gotten where we are purely on word-of-mouth – I’m looking forward to actively putting the firm’s brand out there as “the face of Banyan Branch” and in creating a strong resource base for our employees.

A couple of weeks ago, I almost lost my shh when I found out that BizTechDay included me in their list of "25 Influential Business Women in Seattle You Should Follow on Twitter." My tweets are mostly personal now (I also tweet for Banyan Branch) - but then again, the lines between my personal and professional lives are blurred/borderline invisible. I'm honored to be in the company of many women I know and admire!

Made a few changes in my personal (read: private) life too. Without going into too much detail, I needed a shock to my system to remember I need to always think about what I want out of life!

A fun side hustle I’ve taken on is helping out with HollyHood, Fridays at Chapel with two wonderful friends and amazingly talented DJs – TigerBeat & Marty Mar. Seattle, if you haven’t been to HollyHood, your Friday nights and dance party experience is sorely lacking! Get ready for the most diverse set of music you’ve ever had the pleasure of dancing to. I know you want something different ☺

It feels really good to be blogging again. FreshJess has always been about sharing some of my favorite things, what I’m interested, and the incredible people in my life – and will continue to be so. It’s good to be back!