Get Trashed this weekend w/Lst Bys & TigerBeat

Seriously - why do you need to look anywhere else

p.s. This might be one of my favorite flyers ever.

And in case you forgot - my favorite dance party in all the city (get your mixtape here):

Have a great weekend! xo


Fresh Faves for Earth Day: SPUN Fanciful & Frilly Collection

I'm a big fan of Seattle-based & eco-friendly SPUN organic clothing, designed by my dear friend Sara Seumae. Sara is absolutely amazing. I'm always inspired by her strong will and determination to make things happen for SPUN while balancing family and life. Since meeting her last year via Twitter (I'm not a stalker), SPUN has enjoyed lots of great mentions in magazines, top fashion and eco-centric blogs and even a TV spot - not to mention every Twitter lady in town now has at least two SPUN pieces in her wardrobe.

I happen to be nuts about SPUN, not just because of Sara, but because of how freaking comfortable and flattering each of her pieces are. Seriously, SPUN somehow manages to flatter every body type. It's like magic, I promise you! Who knew a t-shirt could be so sexy? I didn't - til I put that deep v-neck on. Don't even get me started on the beater tank. It's kind of life-changing, trust me on that one. Her most popular piece, the 3/4 sleeve top, is a hit with just about every city girl I know. Her Diane wrap dress is the creme de la creme of the whole collection, oozing serious comfort and sophisticated style all at once.

Sara's got a new collection named "Fanciful & Frilly", in which she gives some of her most popular styles a makeover with pretty ruffles, dainty rosettes, precious poppies and more. One of my personal faves is the cardi vest, which you can wear with almost everything in your closet. I also love the ruffled v-neck, whose ruffle you can wear in lots of different ways. Take a look at the entire Fanciful & Frilly collection here.

Who said eco-friendly couldn't be stylish & savvy?

**Look out for SPUN on Twitter tomorrow for Earth Day giveaways!


SXSW Video Vixens

LOL, not quite...but here are a couple of vids from SXSW, one from my girl Jill of Zaxy.com and the other an interview we did for CLEAR with Boy Eats Drum Machine's Jon Ragel. I am praying his turntables don't end up in my lap. Ha! Enjoy!


Krochet Kids keeps spreadin the love - spring 2010 collection

Those of you who read FreshJess on the regular know that I am a big fan of style with a conscience. One of those nearest and dearest to my heart is Krochet Kids, which was started here in Eastern Washington and relocated last year to sunny California.

Krochet Kids works with women in Uganda to produce knit hats that inspire entrepreneurial spirit in the women while keeping the heads of stylish kids everywhere nice & toasty. KKi has grown over the past couple of years to include limited-run tees, tanks, hoodies and accessories.

The Kids are premiering something extra special alongside their spring 2010 line. Soon, on Thank (You)ganda, you can personally thank the lady who created your KKi hat with a note of appreciation - through video, song, etc. All submissions will be sent to Krochet Kids' compound in Gulu, Uganda. So awesome!

Here's a peek into their spring line:


styleXSW: black, white & freezing

austin has a secret i was never expecting yet got hit in the face with on my last day there. it does, in fact, drop to temperatures i would have never guessed. how naive of me to think it never gets cold in Texas! my luggage was puking out summer attire: tank tops, sandals, tees, and one jacket. needless to say, we were absolutely miserable in 30 degree weather.

what you see in this outfit is my meager attempt to get some style points. eventually i gave up completely on style, went back to the hotel and put on about 7 thin layers to stay warm while braving the elements in the name of Diplo and Mad Decent's Carniville. but before that, this was my getup for a leisurely stroll down 6th Ave for one last day of SXSW fun.

despite the disgustingly cold and windy weather, this day was really fun. Jill and I checked out the Market Publique party, Carniville, the American Apparel rummage sale (a chaotic mess in itself) and tasted some true Austin fare at Iron Works BBQ. i had a great time in Austin but the face-numbing cold reminded me i love nothing better than being at home in my sweats :)

vintage leather jacket
plaid shirt: Hurley
SPUN tank
leggings: f21
gold sparkly goodness: TOMS shoes


styleXSW: structured comfort

i really liked Austin. for some reason, it reminded me a lot of Seattle & Portland. it might've been because Waterloo Records, where much of my time was spent, is at the same intersection as Whole Foods HQ & next to Lululemon Athletica. i especially loved this wall along the side of lululemon - it's like an inspiration board all in itself. there are quotes of positivity and encourage all over it. an unexpected gem in the middle of rockstar SXSW chaos.

as for my outfit, i guess you could call it something different from what i'd call the official SXSW outfit; sundresses, cowboy boots and as much leather as possible. my style is so random and all over the place, so i never quite fit in anywhere i'm at. oh well, who cares right? i'm in love with every piece in this outfit. structured zipped & striped skirt, SPUN tank, vintage accessories...<3

SPUN tank
owl necklace: Bombshell Vintage (portland)
structured skirt: Moksha (seattle)
sandals & sunnies: see previous post


styleXSW: fierce florals

i never pack right when i travel. this is proving even more of a problem on work trips - not only do i not have what i need, i also have no time to go shopping for it. yikes! i did okay for the first couple of days down in Austin for SXSW, but more on my/our epic packing fail in a later post :)

before my NYFW trip and again for SXSW, i made it a point to visit my favorite indie boutique in Seattle and quite possibly in the whole universe: Moksha Clothing & Art Repository in the University District. aside from my online & vintage finds, i shop almost exclusively at Moksha - mostly because i love Aleph, Elvia, Rose & every great soul who works there, but also because i am pretty sure that i will never be caught in the "same outfit, same party" situation. a stylish nightmare!

working at SXSW all day (and staying at a hotel a good 30 minute cab ride away) meant all of my outfits had to last from day into night. this is my first sunny weather outfit of the year and i absolutely love it. the lace floral tank top is beautiful and though i bust a hole into it, i'm still planning on wearing it all year. it's a versatile piece that works with everything, yet the detail helps bring some pop to the outfit. the flower print bubble miniskirt was the total clincher for me. it poufs out in a perfect bubble and has a stretch waistband. i'm usually really lazy with accessorizing but i threw on the vintage mustard yellow stretch belt over the skirt to bring it together and it worked! top it off with my black gladiator sandals and Cole Haan purse and i was set.

this last pic is of me and my girl Jill of Zaxy.com fame. she's probably the most gorgeous gamer girl on the planet!

sunnies: Redux (portland)
sling purse: Cole Haan
lace floral tank, gold spike bracelet & bubble skirt: Moksha (seattle)
belt: Katie Kay Accessories
sandals: Bliss (seattle)