i have a problem

...and his name is robert pattinson

dammit i fell again, i tried to stay away from the twilight madness. ugh
p.s. cedric diggory is that you?



we're eating here this weekend

homegrown: a sustainable sandwich shop


urban yoga spa, a downtown sanctuary!

it's pretty rare to find a yoga & spa joint anywhere in the city, let alone downtown and right around the corner from one of my favorite spots (suite 410.) so this weekend bf and i decided to try out some yoga and spa treatments at the urban yoga spa - and were very impressed! if you're into a holistic sense of taking care of yourself - or you just love a good yoga session, facial or massage - definitely come check it out. for the thrifty, there's a couple of donation yoga sessions on the weekends. you can also take advantage of their grand opening spa specials and get 25% off all services thru april 4th!


AHHHHHH new trailer for harry pottah

can't wait!

happy international women's day!

one of my heroes, queen rania of jordan, encourages ladies everywhere to use our voice in support of girls' education.

for more information on international women's day, visit the official website here


b/c everyone's had one


a collective of tweets from people who've had dreams about everyone's favorite president ;P