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playing catch up

WSJ.com: Playing Catch-Up, the GOP Is All Atwitter About the Internet

R.I.P. coastal village

on a sad note, i got an email today that announced coastal's closing of its village location. its original location on alki remains. i should have known when they never brought mens' stuff into the village that it wouldn't last. get your sale at the village coastal til the end of feb when they close for good - til then everything is at least 20% off!

goodbye and HELLO

university village is one of our favorite places in the entire city. you wanna know why jacob and i have lived in various hoods throughout the NEside during the college & post-college years - the village is why!

i loved buster & sullivan, but only to window shop, because really, why would i want to spend $200 on a porcelain water dish that my bully is going to fuck up with slobber anyways? i can't really say i'm surprised when thanks to my friend frank, i found out buster & sullivan. i ain't sad though...


trophy cupcakes is heaven on earth. for real, the patron saint of baking, martha stewart, has even blessed them with her approval. if you have the red velvet i guarantee you will never want to eat anything else for dessert ever again in life. the only problem with trophy WAS that driving down N45th to get to wallingford center was a pain at any given hour of the day. now i ain't even have to worry! i am going to have to learn some real lessons on restraint come springtime...


OMG! meaty x beefy

i am dying, i want to hug everyone in this picture

LOL, check the background!

i really love rob dyrdek


some of my favorite news finds today

van asselt & APP, you live in my fondest memories

it always amazes me how the income gap in this country makes so many fortunate people so ignorant and unaware of how bad it is for the less fortunate

and finally...




there is a very good explanation for why i've completely neglected my blog, and it's name is twitter.

twitter is like crack. it's like a soap opera and an RSS feed all in one. thanks to twitter i no longer have to visit any other website ever again, b/c i can see everything depending on who i'm following.

i know the second that freakin idiot blagojevich says something new and fantastically dumb. i know when rush limbaugh figures out a new way to insult the president and make every situation about rush limbaugh. i know what questlove has for dinner. i know that erykah badu LOVES youtube. i know diddy <3 ciroc (and so does chester french.) i find out about articles on social media, fashion, seattle, UFC, doggies and your mom, all in one handy little place! it's freakin AWESOME

sorry blog. i am not leaving you i promise


get them situps right @ Y.E.S. bootcamp - feb 7 (do it!)

i am a proud board member of Y.E.S. Seattle and it is my pleasure to share our 2009 kickoff event - bootcamp! that's right i know you want to keep your resolutions :) see you on the green


another fave!

“We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense.”

yes! i LOVE my new president

today was a GOOD day

On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false
promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas, that for far too long have
strangled our politics.


i think the political landscape is in for a cultural and generational roller coaster over these next four years that it's never seen before. about time!

full text of president obama's inauguration speech here - chicago tribune


also via cnn.com

holy cow this is a trip

CNN.com: the moment - photosynth of the inauguration

you can pan 360 degrees, zoom in and totally change your focus. photosynth took pictures from attendees at today's inauguration and created a 3d moment out of it. awesome!


girly whirly

i'm not sure if i'm up for a bunch of girls having a day out together, but this looks kinda fun:

your girls' day out
10am - 6pm
northgate mall
saturday, january 24th

seattle chef's table 2009

this is an awesome idea - six of seattle's best chefs banding together for six fun nights on the town!

Six Seattle Restaurateurs are collaborating on the ultimate progressive dinner package.

Six Chefs, Six dinners, Six Restaurants, Six Wonderful Evenings...$90/per person (excluding wine, tax and gratuity).

Seattle Chefs Table No.1 begins at Rover’s on Wednesday, Feb 25th.

Six Course Tasting Menu $90 (excluding wine, tax and gratuity)
Wine pairing will be available

This evening begins at 6pm, Dinner to follow...

Hors d’oeuvres & Sparkling
Chef Thierry Rautureau

1st Course
Chef Maria Hines

2nd Course
Chef Joseba Jimenez
The Harvest Vine

3rd Course
Chef Jon Sundstrom

4th Course
Chef Holly Smith
Café Juanita

5th Course
Chef Jason Wilson

6th Course
Chef Thierry Rautureau

Please call Rover's directly to make your reservations (206)325-7442.

Seattle Chefs Table No. 2 at Tilth on Monday, March 16th. Call Tilth at (206) 633-0801 for reservations.

Seattle Chefs Table No. 3 at The Harvest Vine on Tuesday, April 14th. Call The Harvest Vine at (206)320-9771 for reservations.

Seattle Chefs Table No. 4 at Lark on Monday, May 18. Call Lark at (206)323-5275 for reservations.

Seattle Chefs Table No. 5 at Cafe Juanita on Monday, September 21. Call Cafe Juanita at (425)823-1505 for reservations.

Seattle Chefs Table No. 6 at Crush on Monday, October 19. Call Crush at (206)302-7874 for reservations.

Pre-Purchase all 6 dinners for $500.00/person.

more sign of the times

PSBJ.com: Arctic Club Hotel downscaling


new style for new times - jan 22

it's back! girl power hour @ hotel 1000 - tomorrow night

i don't get to make it out to many non-Chamber functions, but this is one i make time for! darnell is just a sweetheart

The first of a four-part series on "The Power of Focused Intention," we'll be discussing Happiness and How to Find Yours with Molly Hoyne of Stratejoy.

Swag Bags, Door Prizes and the chance to make invaluable connections with your peers over a cocktail or two!!! Cocktail Specials and Munchies will be on-hand.

RSVP at girls@girlpowerhour.com

$10 online
$15 at the door

my very late resolutions

tonight i had a really great meeting with my YPN creative council, and i asked them all what some of their new year's resolutions were. one of them said that he didn't make resolutions that would span the whole year - instead he's planning on monthly resolutions, challenging himself to commit to one new thing every month. tight, eh? i like that plan.

i did make myself a couple of resolutions during the holidays. if anything, this year will be about doing for self and for those i love!
  • eat right
  • body tight
  • poppin vitamins
  • drinking lots and lots of agua
  • getting good sleep
  • not slaving away at work
  • taking the time to go out more often & be with friends!
  • spoil meatball (done)
  • try as many new things as possible
  • expand my professional horizons
  • go where i am valued
  • live out of my comfort zone
  • appreciate my love, my family and my LIFE
of course this list will grow and change throughout the course of the year. i'm proud of where i've been but i'm looking forward to the even greater things to come!



sorry friends...new year's resolutions (among other things) are f'ing up my blogging:

drink more water (pee every 5 mins)
work out more (home time = sleep & wii fit time)
volunteer commitments
spending time with puppy

resuming blogging soon i promise


my new favorite quote

from my friend sarah lawer:
"seattle gets the fashions but we don't always get the editing"

-during a conversation about leggings


i'm all about it

i love multi-purpose things!

NYtimes.com: Beauty Care's Swiss Army Knives

absinthe minded

i'm scared to try it, but so curious...i can barely handle hennessey anymore

NYtimes.com: The Diluted Mystery of Absinthe

i heard you can find it at the polar bar & vessel here in seatown. does anyone know of other places?