IT'S ON!!!


goodbye and HELLO

university village is one of our favorite places in the entire city. you wanna know why jacob and i have lived in various hoods throughout the NEside during the college & post-college years - the village is why!

i loved buster & sullivan, but only to window shop, because really, why would i want to spend $200 on a porcelain water dish that my bully is going to fuck up with slobber anyways? i can't really say i'm surprised when thanks to my friend frank, i found out buster & sullivan. i ain't sad though...


trophy cupcakes is heaven on earth. for real, the patron saint of baking, martha stewart, has even blessed them with her approval. if you have the red velvet i guarantee you will never want to eat anything else for dessert ever again in life. the only problem with trophy WAS that driving down N45th to get to wallingford center was a pain at any given hour of the day. now i ain't even have to worry! i am going to have to learn some real lessons on restraint come springtime...


OMG! meaty x beefy

i am dying, i want to hug everyone in this picture

LOL, check the background!


some of my favorite news finds today

van asselt & APP, you live in my fondest memories

it always amazes me how the income gap in this country makes so many fortunate people so ignorant and unaware of how bad it is for the less fortunate

and finally...



today was a GOOD day

On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false
promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas, that for far too long have
strangled our politics.


i think the political landscape is in for a cultural and generational roller coaster over these next four years that it's never seen before. about time!

full text of president obama's inauguration speech here - chicago tribune


my new favorite quote

from my friend sarah lawer:
"seattle gets the fashions but we don't always get the editing"

-during a conversation about leggings