Fresh Features: handbags at NOVICA

There is no greater feeling than being able to help others and to give back to your world. That message resonates strongly with me, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a similar message behind NOVICA.

NOVICA partners with the National Geographic to provide a fair-trade forum for international artists to share their passion with the rest of the world. All of the goods on the site include the personal story of each artist and their creation. I love that they also include notes from past customers directly to the artists - you can see how lives are positively affected by the connections made between artist & customer!

NOVICA recently premiered a new handbags section, featuring designs from artists representing Brazil, Bali, Thailand, the Andes, Mexico and India among others. There are price points to satisfy every taste and budget. I love the vibrant colors and the use of fabrics like silk, wool and even soda pop tops in these bags! Many of them remind me of the bags my aunts & grandma bring me from the Philippines :)

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