i'm like rev run - a small reflection on '08

i got less than two hours left til the new year and i don't want to spend it blogging, but i did want to share one small reflection on the past year. if i can take anything away from 2008, it's that thinking and exuding positive vibes is a powerful thing. so simple yet so hard to master, right?

we all have our bad days (especially these past few months) but negativity is time and energy mad wasted. looking out for the best possible outcome in everything, even when you can't see it, is an amazing motivator to do better for self, for others and for the world. it's a lot more work to look for the positive than to feel sorry for yourself or to blame others, but the outcome is soooo much better in the end!

please keep that in mind as you encounter challenges, downfalls, downturns (:P) and just shitty days. be fortunate that you will be a better person once you overcome it! be fortunate that you have the life that you do, because there is always someone out there who can use your help.

i wrestle with this every day, in my work and in life. challenging myself to think and stay positive has led to some things i can really be proud of looking back: taking on an events director promotion, joining the board for dress for success' young execs for success (YES), and being nominated for the Puget Sound Business Journal's 40 Under 40 list among the major things; navigating my relationship, dealing with stress and managing my time among some of the smaller things.

i look forward to great things in '09 and wish you much success, happiness, prosperity and POSITIVITY!

i now only have good days and great days
-lance armstrong


GSP, canadian athlete of the year - recognize

georges st. pierre, aka french-canadian jacob, was announced yesterday as the 2008 Canadian Athlete of the Year. because he the shhh...

SI.com: St-Pierre wins award in Canada
After garnering 89 percent of the votes from fans, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was named Sportsnet.ca's 2008 Canadian Athlete of The Year, beating out Chantal Petitclerc, Jarome Iginla, Justin Morneau, and Daniel Nestor.
his MMA record is 17-2, and he's about to destroy BJ penn in UFC 94. holla, hollahollaholla, can i holla at cha


pac-man christmas tree

this is awesome...thank you kanye


one of my many purchases last night

earlier this year, i lost out on a sweet vintage black leather jacket at nasty gal vintage's ebay store. never again! NG now has its own online boutique complete with tons of vintage offerings, new stuff by rojas & 80%20 and a sick blog. i snagged this lovely number last night - only one in stock foo
p.s. cabin fever is dangerous


pdx x jess

every time we go down to portland, we have to hit three of my favorite places on the planet...

compound is a gallery/boutique with a very urban japanese vibe. here you can pick up exclusive kicks, stussy jewelry, anap & married to the mob for her, orisue & hundreds for him. i think when we build that house we are always dreamin up, we will fill it only with art from compound's gallery. their artists are that awesome. check it: justbecomplex.com

the doug fir is the place to be for food and for some of the best shows in town. i can't describe the feel of the place - the best i can say is that it's the dopest log cabin i've ever been in! if you go, you have to have the keiko coffee, it's bomb: dougfirlounge.com

end your night at the jupiter hotel, adjacent to the doug fir and another one of the coolest places i have ever stayed. the owner took a motel 6-type building and made it uber-hipster. you can rub elbows with the bands staying the night after their show, just outside of the door/chalkboard. each of the rooms are designed and outfitted with a balance of retro and simple modern chic. i wanted the sam flores shower curtain! jupiterhotel.com

bella umbrellas

these are amazing and based here in seattle...a little out of my price range for an umbrella, but worth it if you want to stand out in a sea of black totes umbrellas