help a sista & her animal friends out!

hi friends!

On September 6th, I will be walking in PAWSwalk for the first time!

If you have a pet or know someone who does, you know that it's not easy or cheap to care for them.
Imagine having to care for hundreds of abandoned or abused pets!

I'm walking to raise money for PAWS because I'm amazed by the work they accomplish every day for animals.

PAWS is well-known for their work with pets. In 2007 alone, PAWS Companion Animal Shelter found new and loving homes for more than 2,500 cats and dogs. That means literally TONS of cat litter, dog and cat food, toys, and treats.
And, that's why I'm asking for your support!

Your gift of $30 will feed every dog and cat in the shelter for one day.

PAWS is also a leader in educating our community on animal compassion. During the last school year, PAWS Humane Educators reached more than 4,000 students, ensuring that tomorrow's leaders are taught compassion for animals right from the start.

I love what PAWS does, and I hope you will support me in my walk to help the animals!

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support PAWS!

Thank you!


excuse me mrs. busybody

i am going to put this out there: work has me overwhelmed right now. i'm still doing the job of two and it has literally manifested itself into physical pain. i can feel the stress in my shoulders and i cannot relax - crazy huh? i've been trying to work out when i'm not completely exhausted - but then again i am also taking naps after work again. my nike friends know i used to do that all the time, but honestly i haven't in at least a year.

i know it probably won't ease up for me until we get a new teammate on board, and i'm okay with that. it's definitely a challenge!

what are your favorite ways to relax and de-stress?