three totally different things going on - this saturday!

hot import nights seattle (i'm only doing this because indo is my friend)

Free breast cancer screenings (in honor of KING 5's Jean Enersen) - get your healthy on, ladies

the blue angels - official Seafair show and The Museum of Flight festivities



Casual Industrees' Ladies Longsleeve WA Brah Outline 2.0

rep your hood

bag lady like erykah badu

yesterday, seattle's city council approved a 20-cent fee for disposable (paper & plastic) grocery bags. i'm sure you all have at least one or two reusable shopping bags already, from either whole foods, fred meyer, trader joe's and even costco (they're not gigantic though. where am i supposed to put that pallet of toilet paper? :)) but ever the fashionista i am, i decided to do a little research on some flashier reusable bags...

via seattletimes.com/living: Trendy grocery totes tout eco-chic style

via nytimes.com: Never Mind What’s in Them, Bags Are the Fashion

a great general resource: www.reusablebags.com

nwsource.com forums: Reusable shopping bags -- which ones are best?

though i must say, this was my favorite find:

at nordstrom of course

just because the rules are changing doesn't mean your style has to suffer! aight


99cent teazers @ ben & jerry's - tomorrow

Try a NEW refreshing 20 oz Iced TeaZer on Tuesday, July 29th for .99¢ at participating scoop shops!

because i can't resist a deal


it's official...

southcenter is a beast of a mall.


soy clothing @ pista sa nayon

get your halo-halo tee, snag great deals on deadstock and other soy tees!

i love the soy boys, they have always been so good to me.

if you're not in the market for more t-shirts, come to pista anyway. i don't know anyone that can resist lumpia, pancit, chicken adobo and ice-cold, yummy halo-halo!

:) hope to see you there! -jess


sweet life birthday sale

sweet life is located in downtown olympia. they carry betsey johnson, juicy couture, tarina tarentino, and just about every possible cute thing on this planet - for ladies and kids! www.myspace.com/shopsweetlife

That's right! Sweet Life is having a birthday and we want you to celebrate with savings!

Print this coupon out and bring it into Sweet Life for our week long sale!

Come in early and pre-shop all the goodies before they're gone. We'll put it on hold for you, ring your card and your 20% off on Saturday.

Remember to print this out and bring it in!

See you soon!


got your tix?

seattle doesn't have many chances to show off its fashion skills...so this is worth checking out!

the 5th annual fashion first show
benefitting the starlight starbright foundation
august 7th
naval reserve building
tix: $40 - $1000



havana movie nights - summer tuesdays

i know there are a ton of movie nights around the city...but this lineup is sick:

taste of the nation - thursday july 31

Taste of the Nation - Seattle
Thursday, July 31, 2008 - 5-9pm
The Naval Reserve Building - South Lake Union Park (860 Terry Avenue N. Seattle, WA 98109)
Ticket Prices: VIP - $125 (5pm entrance) General - $75 (6pm entrance)

Enjoy delicious food and drink at Seattle's 21 annual Taste of the Nation, a benefit supporting the fight to end childhood hunger in our community. 100% of ticket sales help ensure no kid in America grows up hungry.

Some of (the million of the) exciting 2008 participants include:
0/8 Seafood Grill
35th Street Bistro
Caffe Vita
Chandler's Crabhouse
Dahlia Lounge
Georgetown Brewing Co.
Grand Central Bakery
Matt's In The Market
Ponti Seafood Grill
Portage Bay Cafe
Starbucks Coffee
Quinn's Pub and Restaurant
The Capital Grille
The Essential Baking Company
The Pike Brewery Co.

This year's local beneficiaries include - Food Lifeline, Solid Ground, Pike Place Market Foundation, Farestart and Children's Alliance.

Since its inception 20 years ago, Taste of the Nation has raised more than $70 million.

Questions? Please send an email to Renee Chow, Event Chair at reneechow@comcast.net

Share our Strength's Taste of the Nation website


much ado about this weekend

hi friends,

there's tons of stuff going on this weekend - hope you make the most of yours!

what i'm up to:
nordstrom's anniversary sale (2 pair, done)
the dark knight (awesome, done)
casual industrees garage sale
cleaning up the house (in progress)
unpacking from last weekend (in progress)
renting "the bank job"
UFC fight night
affliction fight card
lawrence's 21st bday bbq
fruit stand (see stuff white people like's "farmers' markets")
the bite!


i want these

i saw these on hypebeast and on the female sneaker fiends blogs. these were designed by (victoria's secret model?) marisa miller in collabo with vans. i'm feelin em!

there are high-tops too but i'm more of a low-top kinda girl. that and i'm lazy - if i can't pull them on we have a problem :)


casual industrees garage sale - this saturday!

i love casual industrees. they make seattle & washington state tees that don't suck! www.myspace.com/casualindustrees

stuff fresh jess likes: food and controversy

just six months out the gate with the insanely popular (and controversial) blog, "stuff white people like", christian lander and friends have released stuff white people like: the definitive guide to the unique taste of millions. LOL!

last night at the hideout, a few of my favorite people, some other random seattleites and i had the pleasure of having dinner with christian and friends, thanks to kim ricketts book events (i told you. get on her fun list now!) onepot provided a delicious english meal while we engaged in conversation and listened to a couple of short reads from the book. i was already a big fan of the blog, but after having met the humble and truly awesome author(s), i think "stuff white people like" might be tops on my list. i can't imagine having millions reading your blog every day and responding so passionately to it (both negatively and positively.) you haters know this is supposed to be funny right? even at dinner, i think we might have offended some of the folks having a drink at the bar who didn't have a clue about the blog. lighten up a bit, geez!

p.s. christian signed my book: "jess & jacob: according to #11, your children will be annoying." :)


classy vs. classless


not cool


dine with your doggie!

you know we totally would do this if we weren't out of town this monday!

three dog bakery presents dine with your dog
monday, july 14th
barking frog
details and reservation requests at 206.364.9999


christian louboutin
privatita platform slingbacks


hot hov

there is just something about a man in a perfectly tailored suit... jay-z in this month's issue of l'uomo vogue
thanks kanye

kevin calabro's #1

this article is just fantastic:

seattle p-i.com: 'Voice of the Sonics,' Calabro jumps off magic carpet ride

i've been reading lots of reader comments on news articles and blogs since news broke a week ago that our beloved sonics are leaving us. what i really like about this article is kc's true honesty - he holds nothing back about how he feels, and that's what makes him such a treasure. i know you hear "good golly miss molly, my oh my" in your head right now...just nod and smile :)

what i don't like is how the guise of the internet brings out the severely unclassy. this is not just about the anti-sonics haters, i mean haters in general. lots of them come out of the woodwork long enough to say "good riddance sonics, now take the M's and the seahawks with you" or "the sonics never meant anything anyway." everybody's got their own opinion, i understand that, but ignorance just gets to me sometimes. you know what, this situation sucks, yes. we lost a pro sports franchise and there are many options at which/who to point the blame to. but what makes some people so mad about the sonics that they're so happy to see them leave? what is it about this NBA franchise that's making your life so miserable it inspires you to leave nasty comments on the internets? i'm sorry, are you one of the many employees who now have to make the choice to move to the armpit of america (OKC), or look for another job? are you one of the children or part of one of the families who were helped out by one of the sonics/storm's many community outreach programs? what people don't stop to think about are the ramifications of a major employer leaving the city, the neighborhood effects of losing a major tenant at key arena, etc. - because it's so much easier to complain, bitch & moan about how much you hate something right?

you can hate all you want, but you can't deny that the sonics are a piece of the pie that makes seattle such a great place to live - and losing them will definitely have an effect. think about that!

p.s. thanks for keeping it classy calabro


grime city


travel buggin

my boyfriend calls me the queen of newsletters, and he is right! since it's a three-day weekend and lots of people are cutting back on the vacations, i thought i'd share a couple of travel newsletters i subscribe to. you can still travel, if you're smart about it!

farecast: this site helps you determine the right time to buy airline tix. it literally "forecasts fares" over 90 days, telling you when to buy, when to wait, and when to act fast. i've learned that many airlines put up deals on thursday nights - and sometimes waiting is worth it. holla!

travelzoo: this is a good one for weekly deals on airfare, plus hotels, cruises, and vacation packages around the world. it makes it real tempting to blow a paycheck or two on a quick vacay to rome! til i come to my senses of course.

farecast.com & travelzoo.com to sign up for these weekly newsletters

happy hour all day on the fourth @ iconGrill

get your ultimate mac & cheese on