get them situps right

i cannot say enough great things about community fitness. other than the obvious (walking distance, $6/class), i could go on for days about how wonderful this place is. why don't other gyms pursue a drop-in class schedule? it makes so much sense. i don't feel like an asshole if i miss a class or two during the week because i'm busy at work, and it's not hitting me in the wallet for not being there. also, the atmosphere at community fitness is so chill - and by that i mean that there are absolutely no personal trainers breathing down your throat, and that's a plus! i thought i was meeting peeps in my neighborhood, but some of the girls who come through come from all around the city.

i have been so motivated to work these classes into my schedule because i have a good time and i always leave feeling good about myself. you should try it sometime!



my boyfriend and i were at madrona beach today, chillin and minding our own biznass when this lady calls out to a guy walking past her: "excuse me, are you taking pictures of these girls over here?"

then she turns to me and says, "i think that dude just took a picture of you with his phone!" she'd been watching him circle me and the girls surrounding us, then proceed to (not so) discreetly snap pics of us on his camera phone. fuckin skeeze!
if he's gonna snap pics of me, then i think it's only fair that i got one of him:

creepy ass motherfucker! what you can't see is another girl sitting directly in front of his line of sight, to the left of this picture and completely oblivious to what's going on right next to her.

as soon as he saw us snapping these pics he packed up and got up to leave - but not before my boyfriend politely went up to him and asked, "are you taking pictures of these women here on your phone?" of course he denies, but when boyfriend said, "show me the pics on your phone and prove it," he refused.

i'm not one to put people on blast on the internets, but he knew what he was doing and so did everybody else on the beach. thank you to the nice gal who tipped us off - she called him out in front of the whole beach! haha

consider this a public service announcement. creeps are alive and well - and they might be snapping pics of your girlfriend or teenage daughter!


my daily candy is delicious

have you had your daily candy yet?

pretty much every girl i know is up on the daily candy, but those who aren't, now you can be!

daily candy is a newsletter that features the latest in major metropolitan cities around the U.S. you can subscribe to any of a long list of cities, plus a weekly travel, deals, baby, and general edition. i think i subscribe to damn near every city - seattle of course, plus miami, NYC, L.A., atlanta, boston & chicago - to see what's up with local restaurants, boutiques, art shows, sample sales and indie designers...these i love!

rounds out the perfect "read with the morning coffee": cnn, seattle times, perez hilton, kanye's blog...daily candy!



hella jessie spano-like

remember the saved by the bell episode where jessie takes caffeine pills because she's stretched thin with being the H.B.I.C. in everything she does? zack finds her passed out in her room and she starts singing all crazy? yeah - that's how i feel, but without the caffeine pills and the maniacal singing.

this work week has been the week from hell and i'm not quite sure why. we have about seven events in eight business days, covering one event that's not ours (actually two) - but this has happened before. something about this week is just incredibly stressful. i've been staying late and bringing work home every night (something i'd gotten myself out of doing), emailing til 10pm, crossing a million things off of my list, and i still feel like i haven't made a dent in all the work i have to do.

i've fallen of the health wagon too. i'm missing or skipping workouts to sleep or work, eating horribly, drinking soda during the weekdays (sorry jake), and wake up from a full night of sleep completely tired. i hate this feeling! i feel like i'm taking crazy pills!

work/life balance is so important and i try to keep to that as much as possible. the nature of what i do can be incredibly demanding at times and i sometimes just have to deal with the consequences. i look to the positive though - the weekend, my YPN committee who i absolutely adore and love being around, and all of the members who get value from coming to our events. totally worth it for their satisfaction!

and just for fun...


damn that's a big footprint

i am so exhausted and in between major events with the house to myself. before i do some stretching and go to bed, i wanted to share my "guess your carbon footprint" quiz results. since everyone is on a green kick - which is awesome don't get me wrong - worrying about your carbon footprint is like the hot thing to do. this quiz was alright but a little out of wack as far as asking you to calculate miles per year. i don't think we can help the road trips to olympia and kent...but come on, there's no way i'm that close to the national average. i'm imagining a lot of processed food/cheeto-eating, SUV-driving rednecks who live hella far in the boonies and don't recycle...that ain't me!:

calculate your carbon footprint at www.redefiningprogress.org



i crave kicks

i have been seriously feenin for a new pair of kicks lately. ever since i left nike i don't think i've bought myself any sneaks at all - okay maybe one - and i've focused on building my wardrobe with "i got a real job now" gear. work jess and non-work jess are two completely different people and non-work jess has fallen off of her sneaker game!

i still love kicks so much. i love the sneakerhead culture even though i don't consider myself part of it. i can respect a hot pair when i see one, but honestly haven't been paying much attention these past couple of years. one of my many dreams is to own a boutique - not sure if i want it to be primarily sneakers but i will definitely be buying for women. there are not enough women's sneaker boutiques in the world and the stores in seattle sure as hell don't cater! except for you, goods :)

on my mission for my next pair, i went to the first spot i could think of: kendo in L.A. i swear, if i went down there solely to shop, kendo would be my first stop. i am so drooling over these, please get me them:

but these i think are my favorites:

saw these at goods today but wasn't super-crazy about them...i might get them if i can't find those 90s: