get them situps right

i cannot say enough great things about community fitness. other than the obvious (walking distance, $6/class), i could go on for days about how wonderful this place is. why don't other gyms pursue a drop-in class schedule? it makes so much sense. i don't feel like an asshole if i miss a class or two during the week because i'm busy at work, and it's not hitting me in the wallet for not being there. also, the atmosphere at community fitness is so chill - and by that i mean that there are absolutely no personal trainers breathing down your throat, and that's a plus! i thought i was meeting peeps in my neighborhood, but some of the girls who come through come from all around the city.

i have been so motivated to work these classes into my schedule because i have a good time and i always leave feeling good about myself. you should try it sometime!


seattle magazine, chateau ste. michelle & germany's dr. loosen (simly's & my FAVORITE) are teaming up in late july for riesling rendezvous - i'm bout it

Riesling Rendezvous Grand Tasting
Sunday, July 27th – 5 to 8 PM
Chateau Ste. Michelle
Explore the magic of Riesling with the world’s greatest producers. Enjoy wines made with this versatile grape from the powerful dry wines of Austria, Alsace and Australia to the elegant German variations and the flavorful, spicy interpretations from the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Hosted by Chateau Ste. Michelle and Dr. Loosen of Germany.
Tickets are $50 per person*, click here to purchase or call 800-866-6276.

Riesling Rendezvous Restaurant Dine Around
Monday, July 28th
Area Restaurants
Celebrate the noble grape Riesling with 22 winemakers from Germany to Washington state and Austria to Australia with your favorite Northwest cuisine. Choose your restaurant or choose your winemaker—it’s sure to be a spectacular evening!
Reservations can be made at the participating restaurants: Yarrow Bay Grill, Waterfront Seafood Grill, Purple Cafe & Wine Bar (Woodinville), Barking Frog, Wild Ginger

*must be 21 years or older (duh)



my boyfriend and i were at madrona beach today, chillin and minding our own biznass when this lady calls out to a guy walking past her: "excuse me, are you taking pictures of these girls over here?"

then she turns to me and says, "i think that dude just took a picture of you with his phone!" she'd been watching him circle me and the girls surrounding us, then proceed to (not so) discreetly snap pics of us on his camera phone. fuckin skeeze!
if he's gonna snap pics of me, then i think it's only fair that i got one of him:

creepy ass motherfucker! what you can't see is another girl sitting directly in front of his line of sight, to the left of this picture and completely oblivious to what's going on right next to her.

as soon as he saw us snapping these pics he packed up and got up to leave - but not before my boyfriend politely went up to him and asked, "are you taking pictures of these women here on your phone?" of course he denies, but when boyfriend said, "show me the pics on your phone and prove it," he refused.

i'm not one to put people on blast on the internets, but he knew what he was doing and so did everybody else on the beach. thank you to the nice gal who tipped us off - she called him out in front of the whole beach! haha

consider this a public service announcement. creeps are alive and well - and they might be snapping pics of your girlfriend or teenage daughter!


my daily candy is delicious

have you had your daily candy yet?

pretty much every girl i know is up on the daily candy, but those who aren't, now you can be!

daily candy is a newsletter that features the latest in major metropolitan cities around the U.S. you can subscribe to any of a long list of cities, plus a weekly travel, deals, baby, and general edition. i think i subscribe to damn near every city - seattle of course, plus miami, NYC, L.A., atlanta, boston & chicago - to see what's up with local restaurants, boutiques, art shows, sample sales and indie designers...these i love!

rounds out the perfect "read with the morning coffee": cnn, seattle times, perez hilton, kanye's blog...daily candy!


everybody wins!


$5/pair - www.theforkchopstore.com


almost sold out, but in case you're interested...

YPN: Networking for Impact - tonight!

As young professionals, we are looking to grow our professional network and be looked at as resourceful professionals willing to make profitable connections. Join us to learn how to effectively make memorable first impressions and become genuinely interested in building stronger relationships. Holly Briscoe of Dale Carnegie brings us surefire ways to set yourself apart from others, utilize critical opportunities, and most importantly understand it isn't about "you".

You will learn how to:

  • understand consistent, on-purpose methods of networking
  • Maximize your opportunities
  • Realize the importance of being memorable
  • Tools for building immediate rapport

YPN: Networking for Impact
Date: Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
Time: 5:30 - 7:30p.m.
Place: Rainier Square Conference Center (1333 5th Ave. (inside Rainier Square next to Rock Bottom Brewery), Seattle 98101)
Cost: $15 ($20 after 6/23) Light appetizers & drink tickets included

Register online, or contact Larry Pike at larryp@seattlechamber.com or 206.389.7215.



damsalfly is a freaking gem. what can i say? it's a narrow little store on a ballard block full of hot little boutiques with similar little things to buy (clothes, houseware, baby stuff) - only much more affordably priced. my wallet is a big fan. the owner was there on my day off a couple of weeks ago when i sauntered in and came out with a dress, a necklace and a pair of tweed capris. why did i need that stuff? i don't really know, but i'll find the occasion to merit. but i told her that her buying was on point and to keep doing whatever it is she's doing. visit her sometime - i don't remember her name, sorry!

one note - i think it's time for a website, damsalfly! at least a blog!

damsalfly on yelp


YPIN (not YPN) brazilian dance party with JUICE - tomorrow night!

the Young Professionals International Network is the World Affairs Council's Seattle network of globally-minded young ones. they are a cool group of people who do a lot of interesting events, i.e. hablando en espanol, where a small group of YPs get together over dinner and practice their spanish. they also bring in international speakers to talk about world issues. tomorrow (friday) night, they are hosting a brazilian dance party at lo-fi to benefit bahia street and the Council's Global Classrooms Program.

if you register here rather than pay at the door, your full proceeds go to these worthy non-profits!

and so not to be confused with THE yp group in town...check out www.seattlechamber.com/ypn! :) you know i had to

hella jessie spano-like

remember the saved by the bell episode where jessie takes caffeine pills because she's stretched thin with being the H.B.I.C. in everything she does? zack finds her passed out in her room and she starts singing all crazy? yeah - that's how i feel, but without the caffeine pills and the maniacal singing.

this work week has been the week from hell and i'm not quite sure why. we have about seven events in eight business days, covering one event that's not ours (actually two) - but this has happened before. something about this week is just incredibly stressful. i've been staying late and bringing work home every night (something i'd gotten myself out of doing), emailing til 10pm, crossing a million things off of my list, and i still feel like i haven't made a dent in all the work i have to do.

i've fallen of the health wagon too. i'm missing or skipping workouts to sleep or work, eating horribly, drinking soda during the weekdays (sorry jake), and wake up from a full night of sleep completely tired. i hate this feeling! i feel like i'm taking crazy pills!

work/life balance is so important and i try to keep to that as much as possible. the nature of what i do can be incredibly demanding at times and i sometimes just have to deal with the consequences. i look to the positive though - the weekend, my YPN committee who i absolutely adore and love being around, and all of the members who get value from coming to our events. totally worth it for their satisfaction!

and just for fun...


damn esthero!


just in time for my summer soundtrack, i found esthero yesterday. where the hell have i been? she burst onto the scene in 1998 but apparently i've been sleepin the whole time. anywho, she recently lent her voice to mr. west as in kanye, for his "glow in the dark" spaceship goddess J.A.N.E. i am in love with her song "never gonna let you go" but everything else i've heard is pretty good too. she kinda sounds like bjork, or kylie minogue - and looks a little like kylie too, no? in either case...my favorite part about her is that hip-hop loves her. her myspace pic is of her and snoop, how awesome is that?


you know...

i don't really miss having cable television. i get all the news and stuff i need to know online, oftentimes faster than i would waiting for them on tv. i'm not hooked on many shows. i've been so much more productive around the house and outside of it, taking care of my fitness and my OCD about cleaning, without having a show to schedule around. but what i do miss most when i start to think of it...
yeah boy


more wine, with words though

kim ricketts is one of my heroes and has probably the coolest job ever - creating unique and innovative book events for seattle, san francisco and beyond. check out one of her latest endeavors, words & wine @ the W Hotel - Weds (tomorrow) night with Salman Rushdie's The Enchantress of Florence!

A dazzling, irreverent novel set in Renaissance Florence and the court of the great Mughal Empire, THE ENCHANTRESS OF FLORENCE opens with a young European traveler who calls himself “Mogor dell’Amore,” the Mughal of Love. He arrives at the court of the Emperor Akbar with a tale that captivates the imperial capital— a story about a mysterious woman, a great beauty believed to possess powers of enchantment and sorcery, and her impossible journey to the far off city of Florence. It is an amazing feat of storytelling that mixes political intrigue, romance and magic, and is also a profound reflection on how the brutal past still influences our present world.

Words & Wine with Salman Rushdie
Interviewed by Warren Etheridge
W Hotel (1112 4th Ave., Seattle 98101) - in a private suite!
$45/person - no-host bar, wine specials & apps
Reservations are required - (206) 632-2419 or info@kimricketts.com. (You will be asked to provide your name, contact info, number in your party and a credit card with expiration to reserve your spot).

i have an event tomorrow night, otherwise i'd definitely be there!


everybody and their moms thinks they're a wine connoisseur these days. now you can be legit, after taking Mastering the Art of Wine Tasting series, Monday nights at the Wine Outlet!

i have no idea how i got on their email list but i'm not complaining, i like to share...

This is the first wine class you should take if you are serious about understanding wines. This three-part series covers everything you need to know about how to taste wines including what you can learn from a wine by looking at its color, smelling its aromas and analyzing its components. We will also compare different varietals during each of the classes so you can become familiar with most of the major wine grapes while you hone your newfound skills.

Mastering the Art of Wine Tasting series
Mondays June 16, 23 and 30 7:00 p.m.
Elliott Wine Outlet
$175 for the series.

Classes are kept small, so register now!

Wine Outlet
Just south of the Magnolia bridge
946 Elliott Ave. West
Seattle, WA 98119
206 285-1129


for real


noise for the needy next week - very cool!

seattletimes.com: Nightclubs ready to crank up Noise for Needy

pagdiriwang - this weekend!

for those of you who are willing to venture outside in this novemberish weather, please go and check out the 21st annual pagdiriwang festival at seattle center, celebrating the filipino and native american cultural connections! pagdiriwang has been around longer than its seafair counterpart, pista sa nayon. tons of displays, booths and things to do, from art, history, demonstrations, workshops, dancing and of course, FOOD. the FYA drill team is amazing, make sure you check them out!


i want

after yoga and cooking dinner tonight, i started looking around online for bikes. i think i want one. naturally, by perusing some of my favorite sites, i fell upon the most fancypants, ridiculous and wonderful bike of them all:

the coco chanel city bike (valued at $12k):

i want!


as if i needed help shopping

ladies, none of us really need help shopping but dammit, help is here!

shop it to me is a newsletter that brings all the web deals on all of your favorite brands, in your size, to you! shop it to me scours the internets from endless, zappos, bluefly, nordstrom and everything in between for the hot deals and puts them into a neat little email that you can control to receive daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly (awesome)

i love that you can set your own preferences on when you want to receive it, what retailers you want to see in your email, and can change the brands or items you see whenever you feel like. i have a horrible newsletter habit and sign my email up for everything (i have separate folders for newsletters, and daily candy gets its own. sad i know) and this is just feeding the habit, but i have to share this resource. i am so lazy about online shopping - this is too valuable.

i love that we (nikki ross & i) found out about this from a dude!

happy shopping!

so tired...

but i love steady, so...

Steady Productions & Whisper Entertainment Seattle
bring you **FADE** Wednesdays @ SeeSound Lounge!

New ladies night in Seattle so never a cover for you!

TONIGHT we are having a SOFT OPENING and will have our GRAND OPENING Wednesday June 18th.

SeeSound Lounge (115 Blanchard St.)
Seattle, WA 98121
FREE party tonight for
so come out & have a drink or two.





damn that's a big footprint

i am so exhausted and in between major events with the house to myself. before i do some stretching and go to bed, i wanted to share my "guess your carbon footprint" quiz results. since everyone is on a green kick - which is awesome don't get me wrong - worrying about your carbon footprint is like the hot thing to do. this quiz was alright but a little out of wack as far as asking you to calculate miles per year. i don't think we can help the road trips to olympia and kent...but come on, there's no way i'm that close to the national average. i'm imagining a lot of processed food/cheeto-eating, SUV-driving rednecks who live hella far in the boonies and don't recycle...that ain't me!:

calculate your carbon footprint at www.redefiningprogress.org



i crave kicks

i have been seriously feenin for a new pair of kicks lately. ever since i left nike i don't think i've bought myself any sneaks at all - okay maybe one - and i've focused on building my wardrobe with "i got a real job now" gear. work jess and non-work jess are two completely different people and non-work jess has fallen off of her sneaker game!

i still love kicks so much. i love the sneakerhead culture even though i don't consider myself part of it. i can respect a hot pair when i see one, but honestly haven't been paying much attention these past couple of years. one of my many dreams is to own a boutique - not sure if i want it to be primarily sneakers but i will definitely be buying for women. there are not enough women's sneaker boutiques in the world and the stores in seattle sure as hell don't cater! except for you, goods :)

on my mission for my next pair, i went to the first spot i could think of: kendo in L.A. i swear, if i went down there solely to shop, kendo would be my first stop. i am so drooling over these, please get me them:

but these i think are my favorites:

saw these at goods today but wasn't super-crazy about them...i might get them if i can't find those 90s: