hoh bra

i know there is a segment of the american population who could care less about "sex & the city" the movie. i am not one of them, i am taking my mom today LOL. BUT last night j and i went to the movies for another movie we'd been waiting to see...

bra boys is a documentary by sunny abberton and macario de silva. the movie follows sunny and his brothers along with their hometown fam (the bra boys duh) through their upbringings and some hard times. i'm a big fan of documentaries, fine gangster movies, surfer dudes, nice beaches and surfing in general - one of the things i must learn before i die!
this is a great movie - check it out!


six years!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

love you


sex & the city of seattle

okay - i know there are a million "sex & the city" parties going on around town in honor of the movie...but this one is my favorite:

Join Seattle Picks and the Hotel Monaco for a Sex and The City party to celebrate the most anticipated (at least by us) movie of the year. If you’re a dead ringer for Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha or Miranda, enter the look-alike contest; but everyone can enjoy drink specials (including Cosmopolitans, of course), and win big prizes including Kimpton Hotel stays, movie tickets, and gift certificates to The Bathery, Revival Home and Garden, The Local Vine, and Bag, Borrow or Steal. Mr. Big and Stanford lookalikes are welcome too!

What: Sex and the City Look-Alike Party
When: Thursday, May 29, 5:30–7:30 pm
Where: Sazerac Restaurant, inside the Hotel Monaco, 1101 4th Ave.
Call: 206.621.1770
Visit: www.monaco-seattle.com


this is the worst sign ever

sunday nights in seattle are wack

in a hunt for good mexican food and a spot where we could read & watch the sunset, we learned a few things about the wackness that is seattle on memorial sunday:
  • rancho bravo is closed for the holiday (and was closed for plumbing repair earlier this week)
  • stanford's closes at 11pm, and also stopped serving lindeman's framboise - haters
  • coyote's on alki is no longer, but their website is still alive & kickin. i won't link it though, since they tricked us
  • cactus stops serving at 10pm
  • agua verde cafe closes at 6pm

yikes, no wonder nobody goes out on a sunday. it's okay though - nothing can bring down our fun day kayaking on montlake! that is a great way to spend a sunny day, enjoying beautiful water and scene while getting an awesome arm & back workout! definitely something we'll be doing more often :)

hope you've all been having a great memorial day weekend!


dream fight!

when bj asked the fans if we wanted to see him fight gsp, i think my heart burst of happiness. my dream fight!

GSP of course :) i'm sorry it's just how it is

hope you're all enjoying the sun! more on UFC 84 later



why do martial arts movies have to be so corny?

my bf and i spent a chill night at the movies, watching redbelt featuring randy couture and tim allen. yeah i know, i was wondering about the toolman too :) i was also wondering if any of the five people in the theatre with us would walk out before the movie was over LOL

why do martial arts movies have to be so campy and corny? is it impossible for movie makers to find a nice balance between the fine art of martial arts and cinematic beauty? and most importantly - in this day and age, how do such terrible movies make it all the way through funding, conception, production and release without anyone realizing how freakin bad the script is?

randy, not the classiest move to make after parting ways with the UFC.

at least i found a new favorite fighter, enson inoue :) meatball yamamoto