hoh bra

i know there is a segment of the american population who could care less about "sex & the city" the movie. i am not one of them, i am taking my mom today LOL. BUT last night j and i went to the movies for another movie we'd been waiting to see...

bra boys is a documentary by sunny abberton and macario de silva. the movie follows sunny and his brothers along with their hometown fam (the bra boys duh) through their upbringings and some hard times. i'm a big fan of documentaries, fine gangster movies, surfer dudes, nice beaches and surfing in general - one of the things i must learn before i die!
this is a great movie - check it out!


six years!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

love you

the ultimate girly-girl party

Crave Party Spring Market Sample Sale

When: Sunday, June 1st, 2008, 12pm-4pm
Where: Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center

Seattle’s Largest Sample Sale for Savvy Shoppers. All in one day. All in one place. It’s the Farmers Market for Fabulousness!

Who would dig it?
Bring your girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters or work pals - or just bring yourself and grow a whole new network of friends. Either way, attend this girly getaway and you’ll be blooming brightly in glorious style just in time for the Seattle sunshine.

CRAVE is teaming up with Goodwill, stop by their booth to donate your last year’s party dresses and accessories!!

wing luke asian museum grand opening - tomorrow!

Wing Luke Asian Museum opens its new home Grand opening scheduled on May 31 and June 1; first day of business start June 3, 2008

Seattle, WA, May 23, 2008 — The Wing Luke Asian Museum opens its new permanent home at 719 South King Street in Seattle's Chinatown/International District after rehabilitating the historic East Kong Yick Building and transforming a community with its successful $23.2 million capital campaign. From its 60,000-square-foot building, the Wing Luke Asian Museum expands its role as an economic and community resource for a distinctly diverse neighborhood, as one of Seattle's historic and creative treasures, and as a cultural institution of national significance.

The Museum kicks off with a grand opening weekend celebration on May 31-June 1, beginning with a ribbon cutting ceremony and multicultural drumming performance at 10 a.m. on Saturday. The family-friendly event also features free museum admission, hiphop performance and workshops, children's activities, giveaways, and lion and dragon dances at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday.



citywide happy hour - weds 6/4

i'm not really a huge fan of any of these restaurants...but i'm a huge fan of extended happy hour!

*click on the pic

Wednesday, June 4
Where: All sorts of fun bars all over Seattle
No Cover / 21+ / 4pm – 10pm

sex & the city of seattle

okay - i know there are a million "sex & the city" parties going on around town in honor of the movie...but this one is my favorite:

Join Seattle Picks and the Hotel Monaco for a Sex and The City party to celebrate the most anticipated (at least by us) movie of the year. If you’re a dead ringer for Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha or Miranda, enter the look-alike contest; but everyone can enjoy drink specials (including Cosmopolitans, of course), and win big prizes including Kimpton Hotel stays, movie tickets, and gift certificates to The Bathery, Revival Home and Garden, The Local Vine, and Bag, Borrow or Steal. Mr. Big and Stanford lookalikes are welcome too!

What: Sex and the City Look-Alike Party
When: Thursday, May 29, 5:30–7:30 pm
Where: Sazerac Restaurant, inside the Hotel Monaco, 1101 4th Ave.
Call: 206.621.1770
Visit: www.monaco-seattle.com


CNN.com political ticker: Clinton: Obama more likely to lose


this is the worst sign ever

sunday nights in seattle are wack

in a hunt for good mexican food and a spot where we could read & watch the sunset, we learned a few things about the wackness that is seattle on memorial sunday:
  • rancho bravo is closed for the holiday (and was closed for plumbing repair earlier this week)
  • stanford's closes at 11pm, and also stopped serving lindeman's framboise - haters
  • coyote's on alki is no longer, but their website is still alive & kickin. i won't link it though, since they tricked us
  • cactus stops serving at 10pm
  • agua verde cafe closes at 6pm

yikes, no wonder nobody goes out on a sunday. it's okay though - nothing can bring down our fun day kayaking on montlake! that is a great way to spend a sunny day, enjoying beautiful water and scene while getting an awesome arm & back workout! definitely something we'll be doing more often :)

hope you've all been having a great memorial day weekend!


dream fight!

when bj asked the fans if we wanted to see him fight gsp, i think my heart burst of happiness. my dream fight!

GSP of course :) i'm sorry it's just how it is

hope you're all enjoying the sun! more on UFC 84 later



preset goodness

less than 48 hours after arriving back in the 206, my nearest and dearest, paula aio, took jacob and i to a show. "it's an electro duo named the presets. they're from sydney. it's at nectar. if it sucks we can go eat somewhere."

you say eat and jake and i are pretty much there LOL - but we went to give the presets a chance not knowing what we were getting into. and i'm so glad we did, because the presets are the shiz!

i am pretty much into anything and everything music, but i'm picky b/c i like stuff that hits hard. the more bass, the more percussion, the more sexy - the better. the presets make just good music you can dance to. and i like that!


and now off to continue playing in the sun! fuck weather reports!

p.s. TEAM PENN & TEAM SALAVERRY! UFC 84 tonight!


adopt a dog at maison luxe tomorrow!

this is so cute - saw this on daily candy's seattle weekend edition:

Maison Luxe Anniversary Party/Adopt-a-Dog Day
What: The classy interiors shop serves champagne and cupcakes and hosts homeless dogs from the King County Animal Shelter.
Why: You need a pet project.
When: Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (dogs, noon-4 p.m.).
Where: Maison Luxe, 1123 First Ave., at Seneca St. (206-405-2828).

what a classy way to meet some new friends (of the human and animal form), enjoy some cupcakes and bubbly (win-win) and possibly take a new addition to the family home with you that day - whether it's a doggy, or a chaise lounge... :)

find the cheapest gas in your hood

MSN.com: lowest price of gas in your zip code



this morning i went to a breakfast for women in business, focused on the generational differences in the workforce and featuring six women leaders, in the community and in their industries (moderated by jean enersen of king 5!) the flow of the conversation with the panel actually leaned a lot towards mentorship - the importance of finding great mentors and always being a mentor to other women. because of the cultural differences between the generations - technology, world issues, war, politics - we can all benefit from learning and teaching each other. i cannot tell you how inspiring it was to hear all of these businesswomen speak of their challenges and successes, tackling the gender stereotypes of being women in leadership while always keeping focused on what's most important to them, whether it's achievements, family or innovation.

my first mentor in business was my boss during my internship at DSA. he taught me so much about so many different things in business. to this day, i tell my interns about my favorite piece of advice he gave me.
"when you're ever in doubt, act as if"

i've been in countless situations - interviews, leading committee meetings, speaking in front of the audience at my events, negotiating, brainstorming sessions - scared out of my mind that i didn't know what i was doing. that single, simple piece of advice helped me project the confidence i needed to win over the trust of whoever i needed to. just because i didn't have the experience didn't mean i couldn't do it!

of course, my closest mentors are always my family, from my mom, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins to my amazing boyfriend. i learn worlds from them every day of my life, and they look to me for guidance and knowledge in return. when i was starting college and everyone was telling me to go be a lawyer, doctor, biophysicist...it was my mom who said:
"i don't care what you do...just make sure you don't need anyone but yourself to get by in life."
how genius is that?

i've only been out in the working world for a couple of years after college, but i've been able to accomplish so much and have had so many opportunities come to me thanks to the support of my many mentors. i am always open to being there for other women (and men!) as their mentor as well. i don't think anyone can get anywhere on their own and i am all about sharing knowledge and helping others!


out of office

sunny days out to play all weekend. life is beautiful :)



celebrate big ben - tonight at toi!

ben laumea was a member of the island boys security team, and more than likely your nights out at medusa, ohana, showbox, premier, 916, everywhere - have been safe thanks to him. he was on an off night hanging out at one of his old bouncing spots in burien, and was brutally gunned down by a crazy with a rifle and a grudge. please come celebrate his life tonight at toi - all proceeds will go to his memorial fund:


one of my favorite parties...

darnell sue is one of the greatest and most positive chicas in town - and it shows in the work she and samantha put into girl power hour!

May 15th, 2008 // 6:30pm-8:30pm // See Sound Lounge - 115 Blanchard St.

// $10 at the door // RSVP encouraged bring all your fab girlfriends!

Wear your favorite Red dress or accessory to support the American Heart Associations Go Red for Women Movement at See Sound Lounge with Upside-Downtown Aesthetics for all things RED!

Red Carpet, Red Pearl Vodka Cocktails, Red cupcakes, Red Door prizes, Red Swag Bags, Pole Dancing Showcase from Divine Movement and RED-HOT DJ Jeromy Nail! Generous Food and Drink specials. Complimentary Appetizers.

Swag bags on a first come, first serve basis and the chance to win hot door prizes

See you there!


this is so hot

lollipop remix - lil wayne and yeezy (via kanyeuniversecity.com)

in case you haven't noticed...i love me some kanye's blog!



"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power."
-- Maya Angelou


why do martial arts movies have to be so corny?

my bf and i spent a chill night at the movies, watching redbelt featuring randy couture and tim allen. yeah i know, i was wondering about the toolman too :) i was also wondering if any of the five people in the theatre with us would walk out before the movie was over LOL

why do martial arts movies have to be so campy and corny? is it impossible for movie makers to find a nice balance between the fine art of martial arts and cinematic beauty? and most importantly - in this day and age, how do such terrible movies make it all the way through funding, conception, production and release without anyone realizing how freakin bad the script is?

randy, not the classiest move to make after parting ways with the UFC.

at least i found a new favorite fighter, enson inoue :) meatball yamamoto


sole repair is the place to be

hot off the heels of girl power hour, BRAVO! Club (seattle opera's young professionals group) is hosting a Mad Wedding Party at sole repair shop this thursday, in honor of their new hit "I Puritani"...

BRAVO! Club's Mad Wedding Party / “I Puritani” Social Event
Thursday, May 8, 6:30 pm
Sole Repair - Located on Capitol Hill at 1001 E Pike
Free for BRAVO! Club members; Guests $10

BRAVO! Club members and guests are invited to celebrate “I Puritani” and the close of another stellar season at Seattle Opera! Join us for a mad wedding party in the theme of the final opera of the season, complete with an introduction to I Puritani by Seattle Opera Education Artistic Administrator Jonathan Dean, food and drinks, a DJ, and even a wedding cake – all in a swanky private event facility on Capitol Hill.

Jonathan Dean is an amazing speaker - he really gets you excited about the opera, even if you don't know a damn thing about it! and i'm curious to see what Sole Repair is all about...looks like a cool venue

this sucks

seattlest.com: See Sound Lounge Robbed Last Night


kanye vs. entertainment weekly - AWESOME


again and again, i like it!

last night jacob and i (along with our dear friend shumate and a gang of oly peeps) went to el corazon to see their friend's band, again and again. we both have really eclectic tastes in music but we are not easy to win over - but when we love something, we tell everyone. so naturally i have to tell you that again and again is amazing. they only have a few songs on their EP, but who cares, every single song is good! to me they're like a mix of new found glory and saves the day - two of my favorite bands. the guys were really together and their sound was awesome live - a tough feat to accomplish for their first live show as a band! check them out on myspace...


you know i love you

sorry blog, and blog readers, for my recent neglect and lack of updates. i'm horrible. i've missed so many random things and events to write about. i got caught up in birthday madness:) i promise i will start the writing back up tonight! heading to el corazon with jacob and shumate to see a friend of theirs whose band is playing tonight. i'm excited!

protests, why?

why during rush hour? making your point doesn't have to ruin everybody's night! damn