cirque du soleil's corteo...WOW

just got back from opening night of corteo at marymoor park...i think this one is my new favorite cirque show. so beautiful and amazing colors, visuals, singing, choreography, music, acrobats, midgets, everything. if you're in seattle you have to see this show!




this might be a problem

Costco CEO says demand rises for rice and flour

Rice shortage hits home in Seattle

my favorite quote about this, from citizen rain: "This sounds very elitist given the situation around the world, but could you imagine if Seattle sushi places run out of rice? (Shudder.) "

LOL (but not if i can't have my rice)



courtesy globeandmail.com

georges st. pierre is not only fine, he also happens to be the new (and rightful) UFC welterweight champion and hands down one of the fittest athletes in the world. most UFC fighters are really good in one or two aspects of mixed martial arts. GSP is not the best at any particular thing, but he is pretty damn good at almost freakin everything. he is perfect what can i say? he was totally worth moving my birthday party up a week from my real birthday just so i could have a fight party :)

it feel like atlanta, it feel like L.A. - it feel like PERFECTION

after a week of birthday fun and being busy at work as usual - here it is. damn i'm so late on this! if you missed the kanye show last weds you seriously missed out. i've been to a lot of concerts over the years and this is probably the best one i've ever seen. yeezy is over-the-top and cocky, making no exceptions for the way he is and how he does things - which is why it's extra amazing that he more than delivers everything he's talked about. he calmed down a bit after his mother passed but you can tell he threw his heart and passion into designing this concert. that's what i love - seeing musicians get involved with their show beyond just showing up and playing music. this show's got spaceships, inflatable dolls, superscreens and a jim henson designed set that completely changes its look once different lights are imposed on it. freakin amazing. i was tryin to find fonzie and animal quite frankly. i am so impressed. he freakin tied (a whole lot of) his songs together and weaved a story out of them. ugh. what an experience.

lupe and N.E.R.D also killed it. lupe always does though. why did the neptunes rock the joint even with only one new song? ballers! i could have done without rihanna, but jake's friend is one of her backup dancers and i am happy he's got such a great job


compassion, can't get enough

i finished tuesdays with morrie today - gosh this book is amazing! the many messages in this book are so simple and yet so powerful. lessions on everything from love, courage, family, life, death - everything in this book centers around the simple satisfaction that can be found from humility and compassion. coupled with the dalai lama's visit to seattle this weekend - two different and equally strong events that can help anyone take a few minutes and slow down from their busy lives to really appreciate what matters to them most!


you already know...

two giant forces have made seattle the eye of its storm this weekend...downtown is going to suck

the green festival - the first ever extravaganza for everything you ever wanted to know about sustainability

seeds of compassion - dalai lama's 5-day visit to seattle. even though you have a snowball's chance in hell of scoring tickets to the qwest field event, there are a ton of (much smaller) workshops and seminars going on around the city through next wednesday. check out the website for more details!

plugged out

this is so funny and ghetto...

after almost a year of living here, we no longer have access to the wonderful world that is cable television. oh well! this is total flashback to the days when i lived in a shoebox of an apartment during freshman year, or the old casa de la paula y jess when all we'd do is watch movies and listen to music. i have a hard time remembering how we got by for years without cable tv, but i'm sure all that studying had something to do with it. hey i turned out alright, right? at first i was slightly panicking about not having tv, but really this is a blessing in disguise. we were watching too much tv anyways. now we have no choice but to read more, watch movies, eat, cook, go out, whatevs. tell you the truth, i think it'll be a nice break to not have tv for the next couple of months. until i start to miss the really stupid shit i hate to love, like keeping up with the kardashians LOL



get engaged!

Looking for a way to make your voice heard and have influence on public policy and city life?

Get Engaged!

The Mayor and the Metrocenter YMCA are seeking diverse young adults ages 18-29 to join the Get Engaged Program. Participants will serve on boards and commissions that advise city government on a variety of issues, including human rights, historical preservation, city planning and arts and culture. Select a commission/board that matches your interest and apply!

The application deadline is April 28, 2008 and all submissions must be e-mailed. For Get Engaged application and details, visit: http://www.seattle.gov/mayor/boards.htm.

Get Engaged is an innovative program that is a partnership between the City of Seattle and Metrocenter YMCA. The program’s goal is to cultivate the next generation of leaders by highlighting the importance and value of young adults in community affairs. As a participant, you join a cohort of thirteen inspiring individuals who are dedicated to making Seattle a better place to live through community building and leadership development.

Questions? Contact Mona Grife at mgrife@seattleymca.org or (206) 382-5005.


First Fridays: SAM Remix @ The Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Urban League Young Professionals group is teaming up with The Langston Hughes African American Film Festival and Delta Sigma Theta with the Seattle Art Museum for their First Friday: SAM Remix.

SAM presents award-winning KEXP DJ Kid Hops, dance to a bit of London with a sprinkle of Kingston. Immerse yourself in visual art, enjoy cocktails for TASTE bar and meet like minded professionals.

The first 30 people with SULYP will receive free admission to SAM.

Be sure to check out these two Special Exhibitions (once they’re gone, they will never be back in the Northwest again):
The Gates of Paradise: Lorenzo Ghiberti's Renaissance Masterpiece
January 26–April 6, 2008
SAM Third Floor Galleries

Roman Art from the Louvre
February 21–May 11, 2008
SAM Simonyi Special Exhibition Galleries

First Fridays: SAM Remix
April 4, 2008
6-9 p.m.
Brotman Forum

Seattle Art Museum
1300 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

things to do this weekend: the shoe show grand opening

Our dear friend Alex is opening his new store, The Shoe Show, this Saturday in Tacoma!

2614 B 6th Ave Tacoma 98406

10% of all proceeds during grand opening will be donated to The Human Society of Tacoma and Pierce County and Temple Beth El’s Hebrew school.

Raffle for a $100 shopping spree on Sunday, April 13th 2008. One ticket for each pair of shoes purchased will enter you into the drawing starting April 5th, 2008.

the shoe show on myspace