comfort foods

we did not do a damn thing today! the only times we ventured outside was for doggy walks. normally on a day like this, one of us convinces the other that we need to go out and get comfort food that is neither part of a diet nor our budget. i mean, we go to costco and stock up on food then on days like this, we don't eat it. but anyway...i am not a certified foodie or a snob of any sort, if i'm hungry i will throw down on just about anything - so in my biased opinion i thought i would share some of jacob's and my favorite comfort foods in the area.

kona kitchen: the fried rice at kona is probably the best in the entire world. seriously. everything on their menu is muy delicioso - and it's my favorite restaurant in all of seattle purely b/c one of my best friends works there!

bai pai: i can walk there in my house slippers, aka, tsinelas - that's the first plus. there are about 2857485934 thai restaurants in this city but i really think bai pai takes the cake for the best while still reasonably priced. the noodles and sauces are greasy, yes, but light...this is not your cheap thai joint with drippy grease on your fingers. the chicken and beef they use are also always light - it's hard to explain but the food doesn't seem as unhealthy as some of the other hundreds of thai places out there

red fin happy hour: the best in town, and undercover! just the way i like it. red fin's HH menu is huge and everything is under $10. you can have a full meal off of this mug, the portions are not shafted just because it's happy hour. red fin also has my favorite wine in the whole world

whole foods salad bar: jacob can seriously put it down at the whole foods salad bar. he is so cute. who spends $20 on a salad? but when you see what they have there - and how much, and how healthy - you would too

honorable mention:
dim sum
arby's (the coupons are our favorite piece of mail LOL)
dick's drive-in
yamashiro (r.i.p.)


posh spice, ginger spice...business spice

i finally finished the girl's guide to kicking your career into gear by caitlin freedman & kim yorio today. it's a pretty easy and quick read - but i went through it slowly and filled a notebook answering the many questions posed in this book. ladies, if you're looking for a great book on professional development, i highly recommend this one. there's a lot of good career books out there but not a lot of them are focused specifically on women.

this book is/will be so helpful to any stage of your career - whether you're fresh out of college and just starting out, or you're well into your career and looking for a change out of boredom or major lifestyle change (marriage, babies, MBA, etc.) i really liked how it helps you really think about what you want out of your job, how to sell yourself & your accomplishments, face your fears and to have the confidence to ask for what you deserve. for my boys reading this blog right now - you have no idea how different it is as women to keep moving forward with lots of confidence and the right words to get what we want.

caitlin and kim have presented at the chamber's author speaker series two years in a row now. last year they brought their book "the girl's guide to being a boss (without being a bitch)" and i was so happy when i asked them to come back with their new book and they said "absolutely!" the ladies are so inspiring and personable - you can tell they really love what they're doing and are able to have fun balancing work and life. they're my heroes :)

girl's guide to business


this one is for angela manke, and all girly office geeks

i freakin love office supplies. i love em to death. i mean, i spend most of my waking hours in my office at work, so why shouldn't i fill it with the pretty things i love? only recently though have i realized that there are girls out there who have taken it one step further and created office stuff just for women. holla! i found these at Patina:

isola bella notes

ibiza boxed notes

deer heart blank notes

and these at see jane work:

notepad by bob's your uncle

gummy bear erasers by international arrivals

veneer file folders by international arrivals

seriously...love em


save our sonics!

the crazies in oklahoma city can have a team - they just can't have ours!

regardless of what you might think about the sonics and their new owners, i encourage you to think about what it's going to be like for the city if we lose them. the cost to the city in loss of revenue, loss of jobs, its effect on the local economy and sense of community - affects our future as Seattleites, not just Sonics fans! despite the current record, what's it going to be like when we don't have an NBA franchise in the city anymore? do you know how long and how expensive it will be to try and get another team here?

www.SaveOurSonics.org has a lot of resources to help you see beyond the current team's record and everything you think you know from print and tv outlets...don't believe the negative hype...

What: Facing an urgent legislative deadline, Save Our Sonics has declared next this week "The most critical time in Sonics History." SOS Urges Sonics fans to call 1.800.562.6000 before this legislative session ends Thursday, March 13, and leave the short message, "Legislators must approve the Seattle Center and Key Arena legislation during this legislative session. Action after this session could be too late."

When: Monday thru Thursday, March 13, 2008.

Why: Washington State legislators must pass the proposed Seattle Center funding package THIS legislative session to ensure the NBA Board of Governors has proper recourse to vote "No" on the SuperSonics relocation to Oklahoma City when it makes the decision in April.

Statement: "If people have felt powerless and want to do one simple thing they should call this hotline, 800.562.6000" said SOS co-founder Brian Robinson. "There is still time to act and these calls make a tremendous impact. We encourage people not only to call but to encourage their friends and family to do the same."Save Our Sonics is a fan based, volunteer organization committed to saving professional basketball for the citizens of the Pacific Northwest.

Please direct any media inquiries to Brian Robinson and Steven Pyeatt, co-founders of Save Our Sonics.

Brian Robinson

Steven Pyeatt




note to self...do not stuff your face with giant breakfast platters on your way to trophy cupcakes for some straight scrumptious cuppy delights!

i almost puked coming down those steps from all the food i'd just consumed....but for those cupcakes, totally worth it.

hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


LOL! the 10min dru hill reunion

thanks denny


the big leagues

welcome to my new blog home! i've been posting on my myspace blog for a minute now, and people must be reading that shiz because it averages 100 hits and that is not bad. after some prodding from my boyfriend, i've decided to make a real blog. one for myspacers & non-myspacers alike to enjoy. and for Google AdSense to reimburse me for. haha!

why blog? i like writing, that's why. i think it's an art to write in a way that gets people excited about reading your stuff - and that it can't be taught in a journalism class. in fact i think it's kind of funny and a little sad when people use big words and complex sentences to sound smart. fuck that. i write like i talk, and i talk like a sailor. fuck you and your thesaurus!

i also blog because i like to read. what? that's right, i like to read. books, newspapers, magazines, those overhead things on the bus, news websites, other blogs, everything. i also like to share knowledge - so when i read something, and i think you might benefit from reading it, i'll post it here. i'm so nice huh.

i'm blessed. i have the best life, i live in a fantastic city with my love and my pups. i have the biggest family ever and we all live in the puget sound area, so i see them more in one week than you might see yours in a lifetime. that's a lotta love. my friends are so freakin hilarious and witty, and so damn intelligent, and so damn stylish in everything in life from the clothes to the songs on their iPod, i only look awesome because they let me call them my friends. i love them. i have the greatest job which has opened my eyes to so many people, events, and countless other business-related things in this city, nation and world. this job and my past experiences have taught me so much about myself; i'm growing every day. this is my platform to share my world with all of you - from books, sports, fashion, shoes, events, music, restaurants, nightlife, getaways to news and personal development...LIFE.

word. and take a look at some of my good friends and inspirations to your left, in the links!