r.i.p. bella

everybody do the washing machine


comfort foods

we did not do a damn thing today! the only times we ventured outside was for doggy walks. normally on a day like this, one of us convinces the other that we need to go out and get comfort food that is neither part of a diet nor our budget. i mean, we go to costco and stock up on food then on days like this, we don't eat it. but anyway...i am not a certified foodie or a snob of any sort, if i'm hungry i will throw down on just about anything - so in my biased opinion i thought i would share some of jacob's and my favorite comfort foods in the area.

kona kitchen: the fried rice at kona is probably the best in the entire world. seriously. everything on their menu is muy delicioso - and it's my favorite restaurant in all of seattle purely b/c one of my best friends works there!

bai pai: i can walk there in my house slippers, aka, tsinelas - that's the first plus. there are about 2857485934 thai restaurants in this city but i really think bai pai takes the cake for the best while still reasonably priced. the noodles and sauces are greasy, yes, but light...this is not your cheap thai joint with drippy grease on your fingers. the chicken and beef they use are also always light - it's hard to explain but the food doesn't seem as unhealthy as some of the other hundreds of thai places out there

red fin happy hour: the best in town, and undercover! just the way i like it. red fin's HH menu is huge and everything is under $10. you can have a full meal off of this mug, the portions are not shafted just because it's happy hour. red fin also has my favorite wine in the whole world

whole foods salad bar: jacob can seriously put it down at the whole foods salad bar. he is so cute. who spends $20 on a salad? but when you see what they have there - and how much, and how healthy - you would too

honorable mention:
dim sum
arby's (the coupons are our favorite piece of mail LOL)
dick's drive-in
yamashiro (r.i.p.)


shameless plug

YPN: Grow Your Career, Grow Your Mind

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Join YPN and Dr. Skip Rowland, Executive Director of the Urban Enterprise Center, and learn to "Grow Your Career, Grow Your Mind." Learn what it takes to create a successful negotiation strategy by understanding and evaluating your situation, shaping your strategy and implementing the right tactics. Dr. Rowland will show how taking control of your professional development can lead to self-confidence and can create a positive buzz for you! Dr. Rowland will share many useful tips and keys to success for you in growing your career.

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Why get involved with YPN?

  • Exposure to what is going on in Seattle
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For additional information on YPN, visit www.seattlechamber.com/ypn


moment of truth

singer/up&comer nikki jean did the hook for lupe fiasco's "hip hop saved my life"...this is video of the moment she first heard her voice on the track!

go girl


i got love for the boy bands

really i do!

i always get made fun of but i am not gonna lie, i love me some boy bands. from new edition & jodeci to dru hill, jagged edge & 112, i am a sucker for the love songs and the soul and the swagger and the matching outfits LOL. and just for the record, i am a certified *nsync girl for life. i do not care, it never dies!

i am so excited for day 26's new album coming out on tuesday and so, SO happy there is finally a group who can bring it like the dudes from the 80s & 90s. there have been lots of wack wannabes but i think these guys are the truth! and of course, i am also all about the whiteboy solo artists too, justin timberlake, elliott yamin. let it be known i am also way excited for donnie j's album as well lol


posh spice, ginger spice...business spice

i finally finished the girl's guide to kicking your career into gear by caitlin freedman & kim yorio today. it's a pretty easy and quick read - but i went through it slowly and filled a notebook answering the many questions posed in this book. ladies, if you're looking for a great book on professional development, i highly recommend this one. there's a lot of good career books out there but not a lot of them are focused specifically on women.

this book is/will be so helpful to any stage of your career - whether you're fresh out of college and just starting out, or you're well into your career and looking for a change out of boredom or major lifestyle change (marriage, babies, MBA, etc.) i really liked how it helps you really think about what you want out of your job, how to sell yourself & your accomplishments, face your fears and to have the confidence to ask for what you deserve. for my boys reading this blog right now - you have no idea how different it is as women to keep moving forward with lots of confidence and the right words to get what we want.

caitlin and kim have presented at the chamber's author speaker series two years in a row now. last year they brought their book "the girl's guide to being a boss (without being a bitch)" and i was so happy when i asked them to come back with their new book and they said "absolutely!" the ladies are so inspiring and personable - you can tell they really love what they're doing and are able to have fun balancing work and life. they're my heroes :)

girl's guide to business

what the hell is this

i love hip-hop. and i love mixed martial arts. i do not love the idea of bringing the two together, but BET apparently does, because that's exactly what their new show "the iron ring" is all about.

from bet.com:
"IRON RING showcases mixed martial arts -- the fastest-growing new sports format in entertainment. The show pairs celebrity team owners, trainers and fighters to produce some of the most compelling match-ups on television.
Headlining the show is boxing champ Floyd Mayweather (with the assistance of hip-hop star Rick Ross) managing the Money Mayweather Boys, along with hip-hop heavyweights Ludacris and Nelly representing Team Luda and Team Nelly (respectively); T.I. with the help of Big Kuntry, Young Dro, DJ Drama and Alpha Omega leading Team Grand Hustle; Juelz Santana and Jim Jones heading Dipset; and Lil Jon with the Head Busters."

what the hell?
jacob & i were watching the premiere episode tonight. i'm not crazy knowledgeable about MMA but i know enough to know that this show is more damaging than anything to the art and essence of this sport. everything about it - from the primary focus on the rappers rather than the fighters from the get-go, to the tryouts on hardwood floors (the rappers didn't have enough to pay for proper facilities? or for mats?) - is just...wrong. i also have a serious problem with floyd mayweather having anything to do with anything MMA - don't talk about it if you can't be about it, especially after sean sherk put you up to the challenge and you declined! lame

worst show ever


going to the sonics (er, suns) game tonight?

make sure you stop by the MGD Mainstage tonight to check out my friend diony on the 1s & 2s! one of my favorite djs in town. ladies he is accepting numbers also...just sayin


equal opportunity

this one's not as funny as stuff white people like...but a good laugh nonetheless:

stuff asian people like

i think i need to make a "stuff filipino people like" blog. care to make any suggestions mangosac? :)



since today is her birthday, i thought i would blog about my FABULOUS stylist and her fantastic salon. i love me some jackie loyola! she (and most of the salon ciba staff) receive advanced training every year down at the TIGI Institute in Californiyay. funny story - my stylist at my previous salon got deported to japan - sad - and i didn't like the stylist they stuck me with. she gave me a really hot cut & style but having to sit in her chair for an hour dealing with her fake conversation and rudeness is not my steez. i ran into jackie after not seeing her for a hot minute - our bfs train at the same kickboxing gym - and found me a new stylist.

jackie is so great about interpreting what you want into a style that works for your face. more than ever, people ask where i get my hair did, and so far i've referred a handful of hot ladies to her. it's clear she loves what she does, and the staff at salon ciba is like a big family - which is so much nicer to walk into than a bunch of hotty toddy fake stylist/musician wannabes.

happy birthday girl!


this one is for angela manke, and all girly office geeks

i freakin love office supplies. i love em to death. i mean, i spend most of my waking hours in my office at work, so why shouldn't i fill it with the pretty things i love? only recently though have i realized that there are girls out there who have taken it one step further and created office stuff just for women. holla! i found these at Patina:

isola bella notes

ibiza boxed notes

deer heart blank notes

and these at see jane work:

notepad by bob's your uncle

gummy bear erasers by international arrivals

veneer file folders by international arrivals

seriously...love em


save our sonics!

the crazies in oklahoma city can have a team - they just can't have ours!

regardless of what you might think about the sonics and their new owners, i encourage you to think about what it's going to be like for the city if we lose them. the cost to the city in loss of revenue, loss of jobs, its effect on the local economy and sense of community - affects our future as Seattleites, not just Sonics fans! despite the current record, what's it going to be like when we don't have an NBA franchise in the city anymore? do you know how long and how expensive it will be to try and get another team here?

www.SaveOurSonics.org has a lot of resources to help you see beyond the current team's record and everything you think you know from print and tv outlets...don't believe the negative hype...

What: Facing an urgent legislative deadline, Save Our Sonics has declared next this week "The most critical time in Sonics History." SOS Urges Sonics fans to call 1.800.562.6000 before this legislative session ends Thursday, March 13, and leave the short message, "Legislators must approve the Seattle Center and Key Arena legislation during this legislative session. Action after this session could be too late."

When: Monday thru Thursday, March 13, 2008.

Why: Washington State legislators must pass the proposed Seattle Center funding package THIS legislative session to ensure the NBA Board of Governors has proper recourse to vote "No" on the SuperSonics relocation to Oklahoma City when it makes the decision in April.

Statement: "If people have felt powerless and want to do one simple thing they should call this hotline, 800.562.6000" said SOS co-founder Brian Robinson. "There is still time to act and these calls make a tremendous impact. We encourage people not only to call but to encourage their friends and family to do the same."Save Our Sonics is a fan based, volunteer organization committed to saving professional basketball for the citizens of the Pacific Northwest.

Please direct any media inquiries to Brian Robinson and Steven Pyeatt, co-founders of Save Our Sonics.

Brian Robinson

Steven Pyeatt



this really just made my blues go away...

Charlie Murphy
April 26, 2008
9:00 pm
The Moore Theatre

hahahahahaha...on my birthday!

bus pass blues

i lost my bus pass today - on the way to the bus stop i think, talkin on the phone and payin no mind to what i was pulling out of my pockets. who really loses their bus pass 11 days into the month? damn. really jess?

i am not a fan of spending money on bus tickets, when the bus pass bites into my paycheck before i even see it. i'm not a fan of buying tickets after i paid for all those unexpected vet bills last week. no price is too much to make meaty better, you know? i'm even less of a fan of driving downtown and paying for parking every day until the end of the month. mother- ugh!

can't a sista get a break???


world of dance - l.a. - this saturday!

passing along for my friend indo...

World of Dance Los Angeles
March 15, 2008 from 3pm to Midnight
Pomona Fairplex

world of dance on myspace

The “World of Dance” is the largest U.S. urban dance competition taking place Saturday, March 15th, 2008, at the Pomona Fairplex. With focus on the art of street dancing and today’s urban choreography, World of Dance will be the largest annual event embracing Urban Dance and Youth Lifestyle. Hundreds of participants, the country’s top Dance Troupes, and thousands of spectators will partake in a performance festival setting, awarding today’s top dancers with the most prestigious acknowledgments. The World of Dance promises to deliver an unparalleled experience to both participants and spectators in an effort to build a reputation as the nation’s authority in Urban Dance Culture.

Seattle's own Kontagious Movement & Massive Monkees will be representin! as will the ladies' perennial favorite, the jabbawockeez :)

and just because...the jabbawockeez' "P.Y.T." performance

Cabaret deals for young professionals

passing along for my friend keridwyn:

Special CABARET Events & Offers for Avenue Club!
For those 39 and under, here a few ways to see CABARET for over 40% off!

Special event: Friday, March 28th
Pre-show reception: 7-8pm in Producer’s Club Lounge (downstairs under the theatre) – light hors d’oeurves & 1 drink ticket for no-host bar
Mix & Mingle with other musical theatre young professional enthusiasts before the show and again at intermission!
Show begins at 8pm.
Note: The cost for this ticket is the same as the non-reception nights ($40 + service fee), but when ordering online, your purchase will appear as a $20 ticket + $24.50 ticket service fee rather than a $40 ticket and a $4.50 service fee.
To purchase, use the code: AVENUEEVENT when purchasing online at www.5thavenue.org or over the phone/in person at the box office.

You can also purchase a special $40 ticket for the following performances. There will be no preshow reception for these nights:
  • Tues 3/25 at 7:30pm
  • Wed 3/26 at 7:30pm
  • Sun 3/30 at 7pm

To purchase for these three nights, use the code: AVENUECLUB when purchasing online at www.5thavenue.org or over the phone/in person at the box office.

We’ll see you at the theatre – you won’t want to miss CABARET!

On Facebook? Join our Avenue Club group here.

If you have any questions, please email Keridwyn Deller, Promotions & Events Manager at kdeller@5thavenue.org


sweet JUSTICE (nikki ross is the best)

so i was telling my dear friend & coworker nikki ross that i'm going to have a tough time parting with M.I.A.'s "paper planes" remix on my myspace page. i have a hard time believing that there is a song out there that is better than paper planes. i said that whatever it is, it better be seriously b.a.

nikki happens to have fantastic tastes in music and proceeds to open my eyes to french house duo justice and the many remixes of their song, "DANCE."

not gonna lie, i was a little weirded out by the crosses all over their myspace page, but really it's all in good fun paying homage to their latest album, "†". i love this song...i don't know if it's on the same level as the "paper planes" remix (so sassy - that african dude), but i love it nonetheless. these french dudes are pretty awesome.

and a bonus for us concert freaks - justice will be at showbox sodo on march 24th!

and just so you know...this is why nikki ross is the best:


note to self...do not stuff your face with giant breakfast platters on your way to trophy cupcakes for some straight scrumptious cuppy delights!

i almost puked coming down those steps from all the food i'd just consumed....but for those cupcakes, totally worth it.

hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


LOL! the 10min dru hill reunion

thanks denny


shaolin posh on the runway

so...project runway last night was kind of a snoozefest. i was really hoping the judges would go for one of the underdogs, but christian siriano's collection was best for the runway and it showed. i liked the guy for most of the season but after the ten millionth "fierce" i kind of wanted to shake him a little bit. just stop it!

my favorite lady in the whole entire world, victoria beckham, was the not-so-secret guest judge for the finale. now she IS fierce, ALL the time. i love her. perfection from head to toe:

courtesy daily mail UK
LOL - love the side-by-side comparison to a shaolin monk. wu-tang clan ain't nuttin to fuck with!

this season of project runway was pretty boring all around. i just remember a whole lot of conversations with friends that went something like:

jess: did you see project runway last night?
friend: uh, no, i haven't seen any of it this season
jess: oh. (feeling real lame for watching so much tv)

haha! i still think last season with jeffery sebelia, michael knight and that crazy miami girl ulli was the best. but that's just me...

good day!


life gets in the way though

so i have a ton of different things that i want to write up on here, but for the past couple of days i've had a variation of whatever that flu-like thing is that everyone's getting. i had the sore throat, the body aches and tiredness and took monday off to rest. now i've got the sneezes and runny nose, but i'm not completely down and out for the count like it sounds like others have been. no fever or anything. i'm sippin on airborne and eating cutie oranges like nobody's business trying to fight this off, and i'm still working out almost every day also. i remember getting sick in high school and being out of it for so long and then getting all depressed b/c i was sick, tired and sick and tired of being sick.

pups is also really sick right now and something is lodged in his throat. he's walking around like the face of death with a fever and being total mama's boy right now. he's been giving me those big eyes at like 3 in the morning, and i get up because he got me like that, and take him outside and then feed him. oh the life of a dogmommy. he's going in overnight to the vet tomorrow...i'm going to be a hot mess without him close by me, knowing he's sick! it's so stressful being sick and trying to deal with taking care of a sick pup too...totally overemotional. sick me, sick pup, behind at work, lots of events coming up and so much to take care of!

i'm counting my blessings that i'm fortunate to have what i have and that i'm able to help take care of puppy. nothing but the best for him, and i'm already feeling like the worst parent in the world for overlooking the damn lumps in his throat for so long. i'm a horrible person. :(


the big leagues

welcome to my new blog home! i've been posting on my myspace blog for a minute now, and people must be reading that shiz because it averages 100 hits and that is not bad. after some prodding from my boyfriend, i've decided to make a real blog. one for myspacers & non-myspacers alike to enjoy. and for Google AdSense to reimburse me for. haha!

why blog? i like writing, that's why. i think it's an art to write in a way that gets people excited about reading your stuff - and that it can't be taught in a journalism class. in fact i think it's kind of funny and a little sad when people use big words and complex sentences to sound smart. fuck that. i write like i talk, and i talk like a sailor. fuck you and your thesaurus!

i also blog because i like to read. what? that's right, i like to read. books, newspapers, magazines, those overhead things on the bus, news websites, other blogs, everything. i also like to share knowledge - so when i read something, and i think you might benefit from reading it, i'll post it here. i'm so nice huh.

i'm blessed. i have the best life, i live in a fantastic city with my love and my pups. i have the biggest family ever and we all live in the puget sound area, so i see them more in one week than you might see yours in a lifetime. that's a lotta love. my friends are so freakin hilarious and witty, and so damn intelligent, and so damn stylish in everything in life from the clothes to the songs on their iPod, i only look awesome because they let me call them my friends. i love them. i have the greatest job which has opened my eyes to so many people, events, and countless other business-related things in this city, nation and world. this job and my past experiences have taught me so much about myself; i'm growing every day. this is my platform to share my world with all of you - from books, sports, fashion, shoes, events, music, restaurants, nightlife, getaways to news and personal development...LIFE.

word. and take a look at some of my good friends and inspirations to your left, in the links!