sweet JUSTICE (nikki ross is the best)

so i was telling my dear friend & coworker nikki ross that i'm going to have a tough time parting with M.I.A.'s "paper planes" remix on my myspace page. i have a hard time believing that there is a song out there that is better than paper planes. i said that whatever it is, it better be seriously b.a.

nikki happens to have fantastic tastes in music and proceeds to open my eyes to french house duo justice and the many remixes of their song, "DANCE."

not gonna lie, i was a little weirded out by the crosses all over their myspace page, but really it's all in good fun paying homage to their latest album, "†". i love this song...i don't know if it's on the same level as the "paper planes" remix (so sassy - that african dude), but i love it nonetheless. these french dudes are pretty awesome.

and a bonus for us concert freaks - justice will be at showbox sodo on march 24th!

and just so you know...this is why nikki ross is the best:

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Nikki said...

When you put it like that... I guess I am pretty BA. (gently... I brush the dirt off my shoudler)