comfort foods

we did not do a damn thing today! the only times we ventured outside was for doggy walks. normally on a day like this, one of us convinces the other that we need to go out and get comfort food that is neither part of a diet nor our budget. i mean, we go to costco and stock up on food then on days like this, we don't eat it. but anyway...i am not a certified foodie or a snob of any sort, if i'm hungry i will throw down on just about anything - so in my biased opinion i thought i would share some of jacob's and my favorite comfort foods in the area.

kona kitchen: the fried rice at kona is probably the best in the entire world. seriously. everything on their menu is muy delicioso - and it's my favorite restaurant in all of seattle purely b/c one of my best friends works there!

bai pai: i can walk there in my house slippers, aka, tsinelas - that's the first plus. there are about 2857485934 thai restaurants in this city but i really think bai pai takes the cake for the best while still reasonably priced. the noodles and sauces are greasy, yes, but light...this is not your cheap thai joint with drippy grease on your fingers. the chicken and beef they use are also always light - it's hard to explain but the food doesn't seem as unhealthy as some of the other hundreds of thai places out there

red fin happy hour: the best in town, and undercover! just the way i like it. red fin's HH menu is huge and everything is under $10. you can have a full meal off of this mug, the portions are not shafted just because it's happy hour. red fin also has my favorite wine in the whole world

whole foods salad bar: jacob can seriously put it down at the whole foods salad bar. he is so cute. who spends $20 on a salad? but when you see what they have there - and how much, and how healthy - you would too

honorable mention:
dim sum
arby's (the coupons are our favorite piece of mail LOL)
dick's drive-in
yamashiro (r.i.p.)


Em said...

Jess! I like your blog! Yeah, I just started mine. I figured this would be a good way to document my adventures in a fun way; I'm horrible about writing in my journal. I don't write in my blog all that often, but just having it is a good way to find meaning and humor in little everday things. When life gets tedious or dull, you have to find things to laugh about. Plus, there I am definitely experiencing a lot of new things in the midwest! Scott and I went to Chicago and LOVED it! Your list of Seattle restaurants made me reminisce. I'll be home for the summer very soon!

Ange said...

Kona! You just pretend to like the fried rice so you can see me! Hahahaha. Miss you!